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About Guiros

Guiros are percussion musical instruments consisting of an open-ended, hollow gourd with parallel notches cut on one side. It is played by rubbing sticks or tined along the notches to produce a ratchet sound.  

This musical instrument plays a typical rhythm section of unique music genres. These include Trova, Salsa and Son. Playing the guiro required both short and long sounds. These sounds generate by scraping up and down in long and short strokes. Just like maracas, guiro is often a part of musical performances. This instrument is closely related to the Cuban guano, Haitian graj and Dominica guiro made of metal. Across America, this tool is used in various folk and traditional dance music – mostly in religious festivals. Likewise, it is also a part of many classical beats. 

Topmost popular guiro of all times 

It only does not matter what material or size of guiro you pick for playing; they all come with the same basics. You will see these guiros as notched hollow out gourds.  According to historical evidence, it was first used as an instrument in South America or Africa. And the Aztecs are the ones to produce the first type of guiro. Another name for guiro is omtizicahuastli. It comes from a small bone with serrated notches. The playing method, however, remained the same as we follow today. Here are some more types of guiros that you can buy and use for creating different kinds of music. 

Crocodile and croaking wood frog guiro 

The crocodile guiro is a craved underwood and works well as an ornament. Generally, it comes in natural wood and comes in brown or green shades. The frog guiro is best in acacia wood with hand cravings in northern Thailand. It is a popular option in traditional music. Here the frogmouth opening allows better resonance and creates a unique sound when struck with the stick. Many also use this open mouth to keep the stick secure when the guiro is not in use. Even today, no music studio is complete without a frog guiro. It is an ideal option for treating many types of unique sounds.  

Cricket – Bamboo Rasp  

A small cricket wooden guiro consists of a hand-painted block. It is an ideal option for children to play with. They are ideal for beginners who want to learn to play the guiro professionally because of their looks. Moreover, they offer enough practice for the novice before they move to the real thing. It is compact and ideal for use on the go. At the same time, the bamboo rasps are about 35 cm long. It features a simplistic hand-painted dot design on both ends. With the deep ridges, it allows for fantastic sound. Here the rasps and stick are always together. You can also hang them to save space in your instrument cabinet. It is a suitable option for professional musicians and anyone with a passion for music.  

The gourd shaker 

If you are looking for a core traditional music guiro, pick a gourd shaker. Besides traditional, it also works as a multipurpose instrument. You can use it as a shaker that will deliver you a rain stick type of sound.  It has a woven strap at the handle that usually comes in attractive colour combinations. Moreover, it is versatile and has several uses in music. Also if you want more bangs for your money, then his two in one instrument offer many options in the studio and will always be an all-rounder winner.  

The tone block and Kids’ guiros  

The stone blocks are commonly a part of music classes in kindergarten. By size, they are ideal for small hands whereas they are also available in medium-sized, suitable for beginners. It produces a pleasing sound that is groovy with a great tone. For kids, you can also find specially designed guiros with rainbow and multicolor provoking stripes. These guiros for kids’ have a special construction. The design considers the soft hands of kids. The purpose is so that they can enjoy a lighter weight with a soft touch. These features allow the kids to enjoy playing it without realizing it.

Tips on how to buy Guiros online in the UAE  

When it comes to buying musical instruments, going online is the best idea. With so many stores online, you can easily find the best guiros to buy. Luckily, dozens of brands offer a wide range of products for players from different age groups and skillsets. However, for picking a suitable option, you need to have a complete understanding of the product. Once you develop the familiarity, go online to buy guiros online in Dubai. Here are some pointers to help you decide about the best guiro for your needs.

  • Your skills – When it comes to buying a musical instrument, considering your skills is always important. To find your perfect tool, you should either consult the experts or look into the product description section to find which level of skill the particular tool works best for.
  • Brand – There are dozens of brands selling top quality products online in the UAE. These branded items are trusted and appreciated by professional players. These brands also ensure the safety of your invested money.
  • Price – With brands and higher quality comes with a bit big price range. It is worth investing in these products because they will last with you for years. If you have a limited budget, use the price comparison tool to compare products from different brands and pick a reasonable product.
  • Size and type – When you head to buy guiros, size is of great importance. They are mostly available according to the level of experience and the age group of the players. For instance, you can easily find them by looking for the best guiro for kids if your toddler wants to play.

For adults, there is a wide range of options in material, style, and size. Here it would help if you played a little more attention to the level of experience and the player’s skills. You will also need to consider what type of music you will like to play using these instruments. Also, it will be a great idea to look into the product review section. This is where the existing users or top players share their experience and reviews on the performance and the quality of an individual item you were about to add to your cart. This information might alter your buying decision.

Question & Answer

How to play the guiro?

Playing the guiro requires precise action with timings to produce constant, consistent and rhythmic sound. To do so, one must have enough knowledge about the intricate rhythms, timings, and different music genres to deliver the right groove. In generally thee variety of sounds can be produced with the back and forth movement of the brush or stick that comes with the guiro. However, for a single rhythm/sound, you will either need to move it forward or in a backward position. For better learning, you should connect with the music experts, take classes or get online tutorials.

Which guiro should I choose?

There is a wide range of guiro available in the market. As a rule of thumb, you should always pick a guideline according to the user’s age and the level of skills they currently have. You can either buy a compatible item or go a step up in the skills and pick the bestselling item in that league. Some of the best-selling things that you can consider buying include Abuff; is a metal Guiro Shaker with an estimated size of 12″ x 6″. Or you can consider the Eastar stainless steel guiro instruments Latin percussion instrument shaker musical instruments or the metal guiro stainless steel with scraper Latin percussion instrument by Vanggoa (its size is 12″x 5″).

How to choose a guiro?

If you are looking for a toy guiro for kids, you can easily pick an option that is soft to touch, lightweight and come in a colourful appearance. Such items will provoke the wish in kids to play with them. For adults and grown-ups looking forward to becoming a pro in guiro playing, focusing on technical features is more important. For instance, the guiro must be according to the type of music the player is interested in. Or it must match the skills of the player. Here, the guiro’s material and size will also be important to add comfort and perfection while playing.

Where to buy guiros online in the UAE?

When it comes to buying musical instruments, the best way is to do a detailed market search. There are a large number of musical instrument manufacturers and sellers in the market that offer guiros. Not all the sellers are offering the best quality. Meanwhile, there is an evident price fluctuation. So a bit of market search will lead you to better quality products and allow you to save some money. Additionally, with our amazing price comparison tool, you can do the comparison and searching job in just a few clicks. Some brands that you can shop on our product search engine include LP, Meinl, Sonor, Pearl, Thomann, and Millenium. So explore now to find the best possible options, and choose the best.