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The world of drums is huge! You can find a wide range of acoustic, hand, frame, and African drums out there in the market. However, they may differ in the designs and the kind of sound they produce. Let us explore the popular varieties in detail and provide a guide on how to choose the best.

The drum is a percussion musical instrument. Its body comprises one or more membranes stretched over a shell. Players play it by either striking the hands or a mallet on it to produce sound. Its underside usually consists of a resonance head that is tuned to a lower pitch than the drumhead. The basic design of this musical instrument has been the same for thousands of years. However, there are many varieties you can find, such as djembe, frame, acoustic varieties and more. On the other hand, a kit comprises multiple drums along with a set of cymbals and other equipment. The sound produced depends upon many factors like the type, its construction, shape and more. On this page, we will explore much more information so that you can choose the best drum for beginners or professionals.

Things you need to know about drums

If you would like to buy and learn this instrument, there is a whole world to explore. There are a lot of different types and subtypes to choose from. However, you should select as per the kind of music you play. Some of the popular types include the best snare, djembe, bass, taiko, and bodhran. Bodhran is a frame drum having Irish origin, whereas snare drum is another kind that is often a part of orchestras, concert bands etc. Djembe, on the other hand, is from West Africa. It is prevalent because it can produce a wide range of pitches. There is much more to choose from. Read on to explore some of the popular ones in detail. Towards the end, you will also find some tips to buy a drum set online in the UAE.

Electric drum set

They come in a wide variety to suit every type of player. You can choose from full sets or junior sets. Junior sets are generally stepping stones for the full-size set. The best electronic drum sets are best for quiet practice, live performances, and even recording. The brands such as Yamaha, Roland, and Alesis are known for their quality instruments. The sets comprise drum modules and pads. You can also choose from the type of kit, percussion set, or other musical sounds that you use. The volume can also be controlled. With the help of sensitivity settings, you will control the force required to trigger your sounds.

Snare drum, Taiko & Djembe

There are many more varieties to choose from, such as snare, taiko, and djembe. The snare type is a percussion instrument that gives a sharp staccato sound when the player strikes its top with a stick. This sound is the result of a series of stiff wires held under tension against the lower skin. It is often a part of machine bands, drumlines, orchestras and more. Taiko is another type of drum that has a Japanese origin. It includes a wide range of percussion instruments used in both Japanese folks and classical musical tradition. Djembe, on the other hand, is originally from West Africa. It has a body of hardwood and a drumhead of untreated rawhide, most commonly made from goatskin. 

Bass drum, Bodhran & Kettle drum

As the world of drums is huge, there are many more varieties you can choose from, like a bass drum, bodhran, and kettle drum. A Bass drum is a large instrument that can produce a low definite and indefinite pitch. Its diameter is much greater than its depth. You can find them in different sizes, and pitch and sound may vary according to that. Bodhran, on the other hand, is a frame drum that has Irish origin. A goatskin or synthetic head is there on one side. But the other side is open, where the player places a hand to control the pitch and timbre. Kettle drum is another popular kind that comes in the category of hemispherical drums. It is played with a timpani stick or mallet.

Tips on how to buy Drums online in Dubai

All the drums come with a straightforward functionality, but a wide range of options available in the market may confuse you. They may come in the form of acoustic, hand, frame, and African drums. There is much more to it! They may vary in the design and kind of sound produced. Moreover, many brands offer a single variety of drums. It can be a tiring and overwhelming experience for you to choose one. However, to make the most out of this excellent instrument, you should go for the right one as per the application. So, here are some tips.

  • Explore the right category – There are many types of drums you can find in the market, such as acoustic, hand, frame, and African drums. However, you need to bring one as per the music you play. So, before heading towards shopping, you need to explore the right category.
  • Consider your budget – Different manufacturers offer different grades of instruments at various price points. If you are tight on your budget, then you can go for value-priced kits. Choose one that has the best functions under your budget. You can also use price comparison tools to compare prices offered by various sellers to find the one as per your budget.
  • Consider the material – It makes an important consideration. You need to choose the drum size and shell material according to the place you are playing in. Whether it will remain in one place or travel with you makes a lot of difference in choice. If you travel with your drums, then go for easy to transport models. Also, maple shells are preferable as they are versatile.
  • Go for the right brand – One of the best ways to have a reliable instrument in hand is to go for a reliable brand. Some of the best drum brands include Pearl, Ludwig, Mapex, and Remo.

Use the above tips to shop for the drums online in the UAE. So now you have known a lot about them. Would you like to purchase one? If yes, then stay right here. offers you a website where you can find thousands of options offered by trusted sellers. It is quite easy to compare the features and prices of many products to find the one suiting your budget and requirements. So, grab the best ones at affordable prices.

Question & Answer

What drum heads should I buy?

If you want to improve the sound of your drum, then you must be searching for the best drum heads. They generally come in single- or two-ply construction. The acoustic and jazz players require increased resonance and hence, one-ply heads. On the other hand, the players playing louder rock or R&B go for the focused sound and the double-ply heads’ durability. The thickness also matters while selecting the head. For example, thicker ply has a higher tuning range and is more durable than thinner heads.

Where to buy drum sets online in the UAE?

If you are looking for the best sets online in the UAE, then look no further! You are already at your destination. On, you can find an assortment of options offered by over 500 trusted online stores in the industry. From basic varieties to electric sets, you can find almost everything here. Moreover, you can compare features and prices here to find the best drum sets under your budget. So, go ahead and grab the best!

Which drum brand is the best?

There is a range of brands that offer various kinds of drums. However, only a few will live up to your expectations. Some of the best brands include Yamaha, Roland, Alesis, Pearl, Ludwig, Mapex, and Remo. Each brand comes with its own special line of instruments. For example, Yamaha is known for its electronic drum kits, whereas Pearl is popular for drum sets, snares, marching drums, other percussions and many more varieties.

How much is an electric drum set?

A quality drum set may cost you somewhere between $250 to several hundred or thousand dollars depending upon the model and brand you go for. It can cost you cheap or very expensive as per the model. However, if you want to compare prices, you have arrived at the right place. Here, you can compare prices offered by different sellers to find the best under your budget. Here, you can find many sellers whose products you can compare. Also, you will be able to sort products based on your preferences.

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