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About Darbukas

For the past 100 years, Middle Eastern music has featured some of the greatest drummers worldwide. It is common to find traditional performances that only feature percussion instruments and mini darbukas. Percussion darbukas, whose origin dates back to Egypt, Armenia, and Turkey, are among the most popular instruments for such performances and several other genres. If you’re someone on the lookout to try on a new musical instrument as such, then you’re in the right place.

Darbukas was popular for global music genres. However, their introduction into the western music scene was in the 20th century by French music composer Hector Berlioz. Since then, various types have become prominent among musicians. For instance, the wooden type made its way to some of the most memorable orchestras of the 20th century. But, currently, many pros prefer using the Egyptian darbukas due to their intriguing sounds. In fact, in most parts of Brazil and South America, it is popular as the heart of belly dancing. That’s because belly dancing duets are of a player and a female dancer. You can use a darbuka on many music genres to produce a unique beat. Before you begin your online search for that perfect darbuka, read through our guide for an idea of what the best type should represent.

All you need to know about Darbukas

Now you know how this instrument made its way to modern music. However, this isn’t enough to make a wise buying online. There are several other things you need to know and understand about the darbukas. You ought to know their price, the size, the sounds that you can produce with them, different materials and more. In short, you’ll find numerous options when you’re out there searching online. Just to help you get through your online buying process easier, we’ve put together this guide below. It’ll guide you to your right, darbuka.

A detailed insight on the percussion Darbukas

This gets its name from the word “daraba,”. It means to strike in Arabic. Traditionally, darbukas were of wood or clay and are categorised under goblet drums because of their unique shape. Earlier, artisans fabricated goblet drum heads from goatskin or fish skin and stretched them over the rim. However, today the modern ones have a metal body that comes in aluminium, copper, brass, or cast iron materials. And the makers use plastic: glass or any other synthetic material for their heads. Darbukas play a crucial role in modern music because they create enriched tones. However, it would be best to go for a specific type depending on your music genre, price, and features.

Getting to know the popular types – Turkish, Clay, and Egyptian darbukas

The three most popular types of goblet drums are Turkish, Egyptian, and clay. The Turkish type has a body made of aluminium or iron and synthetic skin on its head. You can use a Turkish darbuka to produce more than 50 different sounds. These are common at weddings. The Tabla or Egyptian darbuka is popular and different from the Turkish darbuka. It has round edges that do not expose the tuning screws, and its body is ornamented or engraved with nacre. Belly dancing performers prefer it, but the playing technique depends on the environment and dancing styles. A clay darbuka has a body that is made of clay. Unlike the other two, the clay type does not have synthetic skin on its head. Instead, they have stretched goat, fish, or sheepskin.

Understand how to play the mini darbukas

While seated, you can play a mini darbuka by holding it under your arm, usually the non-dominant one, or by placing it upon your lap facing sideways with its head towards your knee for a comfortable tapping position. Some goblet drums are of straps that you can use to sling the drum over your shoulder. The sling is efficient for performers who play while standing or dancing. It is advisable to play darbukas lightly using your palm or fingers for low sustained resonant sounds. You can also move your palm around the head surface to change your tone. Placing your hand on the surface of the drum while playing will produce a muting effect. If you recently gained interest in this instrument, it is best to start with the best darbuka for beginners.

Glass darbukas, wooden darbukas, and more for beginners

Over the years, these instruments have been significantly developed to enhance usability. Cheap darbuka drums for beginners are made from copper, aluminium, and wood. These materials are durable and can provide a range of pleasing sounds when used on goblet drums. The wooden type provides high-quality tones that enable learners to flow smoothly. Similarly, darbukas made from copper and aluminium are lightweight and easy to play with. Glass types are the latest development for beginners because of their unique specifications. Glass types have chemical glass skin on the head. The body is made of crystal polyester, making them one of the best darbukas for beginners because of its design and lightweight.

The top-rated Darbuka brands to choose from

It is always advisable to purchase darbuka goblet drums from the best brands. This saves you from uncertainty. One of the most popular percussion darbuka brands on the market is the Meinl darbuka. Learners always fall in love with Meinl darbukas because of their moderate size, durability, and array of tones. Besides, they also provide rich music tones that pro players tend to enjoy. Apart from that, they’re also cheap and easy to maintain. Some other top brands you can check out include Remo, Thomann, Wambooka, and Power Beat. Remo offers accessories like a skin-head that you can replace if you do not prefer the one you have. Remo Skyndeep darbuka heads come with designs that can bear tension for enriched music. There are many other products you can check out on the market. Nonetheless, you must adopt a unique approach to identify the best darbuka prices and brands.

Tips on how to buy Darbukas online

Several shops offer you cheap darbuka for sale online in the UAE. Some have incredible offers that you will find attractive, especially if you are trying to save some cash. The significant issue with most shops is their credibility. As some top brands strive to develop cutting-edge goblet drums for efficiency, others are in the business for money because of the increased demand for darbukas. Please consider these quality guidelines for a satisfactory purchase before you buy a darbuka online in UAE.

  • Check out the available types – Different darbuka types come with varying sounds and noise. You should be able to differentiate your darbuka type from others according to its origin and design. The sound and notes of an Egyptian darbuka or glass darbuka are different from notes from drums made in Turkey and other parts of the globe. Knowing the specific type of percussion darbuka, you are going for will help you avoid complications. As a drummer, you should research intensively and pay keen attention when looking for any sort.
  • Keep an eye on the head and skin design – The most crucial aspect of a percussion darbuka is the type of head skin they come with. About 90% of Egyptian darbukas come with regular transparent Egyptian skin. They are designed using plastic and are easy to install. Goatskin and fish skin are used widely used in clay and wooden darbukas. They are preferred because of their ability to control sound perfectly. Darbuka glass is a recommended option if you are searching for something unique. If you want a head skin replacement, you can check out the Remo Skyndeep darbuka head skins.
  • Look at the construction materials – Modern mini darbukas are advanced and enhanced for versatility. Unlike ancient goblet drums made from wood and clay, modern percussion darbukas are constructed using materials like brass, aluminium, and copper. Glass darbukas have a sturdy body and a head made from flexible glass. Darbuka glass is presumed to produce clear and high-quality tunes. The type of material you choose should be durable to last you for years of playing and training.
  • Consider the Darbuka price – Some of the best darbuka brands have very costly products. Some products may not be within your budget because of their complicated construction process and materials’ quality. Nonetheless, the cost of a product does not always determine its quality. You can easily find cheap darbuka for sale online in UAE. All you need to know is the best place to buy darbuka. Luckily, with our online product finder , you are on the right track.

Goblet drums are associated with a Middle Eastern atmosphere and classic rhythmic tones with rich texture. Although you might be discouraged by the darbuka price, it is advisable to go for a high-quality product that will serve you extensively. You can use these tips to find a reliable darbuka for beginners and several cheap darbuka drums that you can own for general use.

Question & Answer

How do you tune a darbuka?

Many people buy reliable darbukas, but they have challenges with tuning, leading to undesirable tones. Issues with tuning your percussion darbuka can cause discomfort while playing due to twangs and echoed sounds. Some goblet drums have high dry sounds, while others have a kind of ringing depending on the skin-head density and the construction materials. To properly tune your mini darbuka, first ensure that it has consistent teks (rim strikes) on all its sides. Clay and wooden darbukas are adjusted using an internal roping system which often requires a professional. However, you can easily tune metal darbukas using a 5mm alley key. If your darbuka sounds too low or gloomy, you should tighten the tuning bolts to raise its pitch. If your sounds are unstable, you should confirm to ensure that the skin-head is in place.

What does a darbuka sound like?

Percussion darbukas produce three essential tones, i.e., Tek, Ka, and Doum. The Tek sound on a goblet drum is a high ringing sound played using the right hand. You can produce this sound by striking the end of the drum at the point where the edge and the drum skin meet. The Ka sound is similar to Tek, but you should play this using your left hand. Darbukas also produce a bass tone known as Doum. You can play the Doum tone by striking the drum at its centre with your right hand. You can use these three sounds to produce thousands of rich rhythms. Consequently, you can create thousands of sounds using the three essential tones to come up with beautiful music. Attending darbuka classes for beginners can significantly improve your skills.

Where can you buy Darbukas online in UAE?

Several online stores offer you a variety of darbukas. However, you cannot go around buying products from any shops because of credibility issues. The best place to buy darbukas should provide security and total convenience. If you are searching for a cheap wooden darbuka, Egyptian darbuka, Turkish darbuka, and other darbuka types, you can get them all in All you have to do is specify your preferences and receive several offers from top-rated brands. We always ensure that our shops and brands are certified and verified to offer quality products. You can never go wrong with It is the most reliable platform to buy percussion darbukas online in the UAE.

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