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About Cymbals

Cymbals play a crucial role in a drummer’s set-up. Investing in a good set of cymbals is as important as investing in a good set of drums. They come in an assortment of options like the ride, hi-hats, splash, crash drums and many more. Let us explore how to choose the best as per the application.

It is one of the popular percussion instruments. It comes in the form of thin round plates made up of various alloys. You can find its use in many places ranging from orchestra to jazz bands and even marching groups. A drum kit will generally comprise a crash or ride and a pair of hi-hat cymbals. This musical instrument has been exciting since ancient times. Its representations may be perceived in reliefs and paintings from Larsa, Babylon, Assyria, and more. Orchestral, crash, hi-hats, and suspended cymbals are some common types. If you have been playing the drums for a long time, you must know what difference they make in the sound. Read on to know more about them to find the best cymbals for drums.

Things you need to know about cymbals

They come in many types, and they are not created equally. For example, a crash cymbal excites faster than ride type when struck on edge, whereas stack type comprises two or more cymbals placed together to produce a new sound when they touch each other on striking. Its anatomy comprises four parts: surface, bell, profile, and edge. They also vary in thickness and weight. The thinner type produces slower vibrations and a lower tone than the thick ones. Its weight and thickness have an impact on its output level. You will also find options differing in diameter, finishes, materials and other factors. They may range from cheap cymbal set to expensive options. Here are some crucial things you need to know about them before purchasing one.

Popular cymbal types like ride and crash cymbals

This instrument has many types like orchestral, crash, hi-hats, ride, and suspended cymbals. They may differ in structure and the kind of sound they produce on striking. For example, the crash type is one of the popular types that accent particular parts in the drum pattern. On the other hand, the Ride type is the widest variety that produces a shimmering and sustaining sound. However, its sound varies depending upon where you hit it. Hi-hats are another type that comes in pairs and sits together on the stand. There is a pedal to open and close them.

Pitch and tonal factors of drum cymbals

Many factors affect the pitch and tones coming out of a cymbal. Thickness is one of the major contributing factors among them. If your instrument is thinner, it will produce slow vibrations that result in a lower tone. However, thick cymbals produce a higher tone through fast vibrations. Diameter is another crucial factor affecting its output. The larger it is, the lower its pitch will be. In simple words, a 12″ splash may sound deeper than a 10″ cymbal of some kind. You can also choose from brilliant and traditional finishes. It is thought that the shiny one has a smoother sound. Hammering also affects the output. If it has been hammered well and consistent, then the tone will be better.

Popular cymbal makers like Paiste and TRX cymbals

There is a wide range of cymbals you can find out there in the market. However, some has been winning the hearts of players for a long. One of those is Paiste. Paiste is a swiss based musical instrument manufacturing company. It is popular for cymbals, gongs, and metal percussion. It makes several cymbal liens from various alloys. TRX cymbals are also popular in the world of musical instruments. They are available in a wide range of models in different series. Due to the requirement of tonal diversity in modern drumming, TRX has extended its products from a core of dark, medium, and bright varieties to create a spectrum of sounds.

Tips on how to buy Cymbals online in Dubai

This instrument may appear to be a straightforward purchase due to its simple design and construction. However, if you get into little details, you will be confused looking at so many options. To not regret any of your purchasing decision later, you should perform good research. You must keep some factors in mind to bring the appropriate and best variety for yourself. Below are some of the tricks and tips that would help you buy cymbals online in the UAE.

  • Know the sound requirements – The most important thing is to know what kind of sound you require. Listen to different types of cymbals and determine which will complement that music style you play. You need to also pay attention to the tone, whether dark, bright, washy, or dry.
  • Consider thickness – They also vary in thickness and weight. The thinner type produces slower vibrations and hence, lower tone than thick ones. Its weight and thickness have an impact on its output level. Thick ones, on the other hand, produce a higher tone through fast vibrations.
  • Consider diameter – Another important factor that may affect the output sound is the diameter. The larger it is, the lower its pitch will be. In simple words, a 12″ splash may sound deeper than a 10″ cymbal of some kind.
  • Go for trusted brands – if you want to have a quality and reliable cymbal in your hand, you should go for trusted brands. The best part is that you can find some of the best cymbal brands right here, such as Roland, Alesis, Yamaha, Pearl, Tama and more.

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Question & Answer

What cymbals do I need?

Choosing the right type for your drum kit can be quite confusing due to the wide range of options available in the market. However, you will find the right one by keeping certain factors in mind, such as your requirements and brand preferences. For example, the ride is one of the important instruments for jazz music, whereas crash type is the large variety used for accents. Its diameter and size also make a difference in the sound output. So, you have to know what kind of sound you expect out of cymbals to choose the best.

Why do cymbals crack?

They may crack due to different reasons. Like, if you hit them too hard many times in a row, they may build up tension, and as a result, they may crack. However, a few things to protect these circumstances include learning the proper hitting technique, not over-tightening the wing nuts, and picking the right type of instrument as per the application. You should not expect something else from a certain type. If you want a certain variety, you can find many options right here.

Are cymbals made of brass?

Cymbals are made up of four main alloys- bell bronze, malleable bronze, brass, and nickel silver. All of them are copper-based. Some of the finest china-type cymbals and traditional gongs are brass. You can find them in a range of materials, thickness, and diameter as per your requirements. However, these factors may have an impact on the kind of sound coming out. So, not all the cymbals are of brass. But yes, you can find them in brass materials in a range of varieties.

Where to buy cymbals online in the UAE?

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