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About Chimes

Chimes are one of the best percussion instruments that generate a soothing sound effect. However, there is a wide range of chimes to choose from. They may differ in rod material, strings, mounting supports, mounting point and more factors. Let us explore how to choose the best.  

Chimes comprise a wide range of instruments like bar chimes, wind chimes, hand chimes and more. A bar chime typically consists of chimes in small cylinders made up of hollow brass tubing or solid aluminium. They are of varying lengths, mounted hanging on a bar. Players often play it by sweeping a stick or finger through the length of strings or chimes. Windchime is another percussion instrument in which the rods suspend along with some weight. Different varieties may produce different sound effects based on the rod materials and the way you play. For example, wood gives an earthy and warm note, whereas metal may remain crisper. On this page, we will know much more about them so that you can find the best and cheap chime instrument to buy online.

Things you need to know about chimes

They come in an assortment of options ranging from bar to wind chime and hand chime instruments. However, they may differ in design and the kind of sound they produce. The bar chime produces unique harmony and soothing sounds to accompany a serene type of music. They may come in different mantle built, rod materials, mounted or unmounted options. Windchime, on the other hand, produces sound by natural air movement. However, many of their types are also in use in modern music. They are popular as percussion instruments. On the other hand, a hand chime is a musical instrument that rings by hand through some movements. Let us explore the popular varieties in detail.

Bar chimes

It is a popular percussion instrument that comprises several rods suspended from a bar. The length of the rod is different. The player plays them usually by sweeping the finger or a stick across its length. It produces a sound that is useful in a wide range of music pieces. The materials of the rods will dictate the sound and clarity this instrument will produce. Better the quality better will be the sound. Some instruments may have wooden rods, whereas others may have metal rods. Wood, as we know, produces earthy and warm notes, whereas metal adds a crispiness to the sound. Go for the high-quality wooden mantle; you do not damage its mount and mounting holes.

Wind chimes instrument

These are slightly different from what we have mentioned above. These are the decorative type that produces harmonious melodies when wind passes through them. It is an ornament you will usually find in homes. Many of their types have also been used in modern music. They are listed as percussion instruments. They come in many types, such as tubular, bell, decorative, and memorial chimes. Each may be different in design or tone. For example, tubular chimes have vertical tubes made up of bamboo or aluminium. Each tube may vary in length, and hence, they can produce several tones. Bell chimes, on the other hand, have one or more bells in place of vertical tubes.

Hand chimes

It is one of the popular musical instruments that is run by hand. These are basically tuned square tubes having an external clapper mechanism. It is light and easy; it becomes accessible for school groups, church youth choirs and senior citizens’ groups. It is an instrument that creates the purest and simplest tone. It is often a part of music class as with this; students can easily learn to ring and damp, ring note durations, scales, chords, and melodies. These are also frequently rung in conjunction with handbells. 

Tips on how to buy Chimes Instrument in Dubai

It may seem to be a quick pick, but if you get into technicalities, you will not be able to stop yourself from overwhelming. They come in a variety of constructions, materials, shapes, and brands. So, there is definitely a lot to choose from. Moreover, they may vary hugely based on quality and price. So, if you are in a dilemma, here are some tips that would help you buy chime instruments online in the UAE.

  • Explore the right category – Many instruments come under chimes, such as bar chimes, hand chimes etc. To purchase the right one, you need to explore the right category. So, this should be your first and foremost consideration.
  • Consider rod materials – In the case of a bar or wind chimes, the material of the rod affects the sound quality. For example, wood gives an earthy and warm note, whereas metal may remain crisper. Your choice depends on your requirements.
  • Consider mounting support – This makes an important consideration too. Since the player usually mounts the bar chimes on cymbal stands, you should choose the ones that take standard screw mounts. Also, ensure that the mounts and models you get are compatible.
  • Shop for it online – If you shop for it online, you will find a wide range of options. The chances are that you will find the exact model you are looking for. Moreover, there is comfort in getting the product delivered at home.

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Question & Answer

How do chimes produce sound?

In bar chime, the sound is produced when the player sweeps a finger or stick across the length of suspended rods. In wind chimes, the sound produces when the rods contact a suspended central clapper or with each other. Their sound depends upon the material of the rod. If they are wood, then the sound will be more earthy and warm. If those are of metal, then you will listen to a crisp and defined sound. The bar chime produces unique harmony and soothing sounds to accompany a serene type of music.

How do wind chimes work?

It produces harmonious melodies when wind passes through it. The same makes the rods come in contact with each other or with the central clapper. When it happens, this collision produces vibrations that travel the length of the tubes. The same produce sound at particular pitches. The sound depends upon the material and length of the tube. The rods can be of metal, glass, wood, or any other material. However, you should choose one as per the sound requirements.

Where to buy chimes online in the UAE?

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How to play bar chimes?

Players often play it by sweeping a stick or finger through the length of strings or chimes. It produces unique harmony and soothing sound to accompany a serene type of music. However, the sound depends upon a range of factors like rod material, string type and more. For example, wooden rods produce a warm tone, whereas metal rod brings a crisp effect. Different varieties may produce different sound effects based on the rod materials and the way you play.

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