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About Castanets

Learning the art of playing diverse musical instruments enhances your cognitive and physical aptitudes. Since the dexterity of music is recondite and deep, you should approach it with passion and delight. The castanets are one such instrument you can find in the market. These instruments not only enhance your coordination but also foster brain development and listening skills. Check out this guide below if you want to shop for the best castanet instruments online in a hassle-free manner. 

Let’s begin by defining the instrument. Castanets are musical instruments that comprise a pair of concave shells. These shells bind together on one edge by a string. For playing, you need to hold them in one hand and carry out rhythmic clicks. These flicks produce rhythmic accents. You can also use them to create rattling or ripping sounds accompanied by a series of clicks. Now, remember, just like any other instrument, these too have different variations. They might differ in terms of construction material, design, style, colour, and so on. Therefore, you should be well aware of at least a few types to be confident enough to shop for one. So, let’s check out their types next! 

The different types of castanets and their features 

Before we check out their types, let us dig into a bit of their history. Clicking together hand-held devices to accompany a certain dancing style was common among the Egyptians and Greeks in ancient times. In the modern era, the clicking of spoons and bones in the jug band music may be considered a form of playing the antique castanets. The discovery of wooden castanets is attributed to the Phoenicians who invented clicking sticks while dancing more than 3000 years ago. The Phoenicians considered castanets as sacred instruments that were mainly used for religious ceremonies. Owing to commercial relations among states, the knowledge and skill of playing the castanets has spread throughout the world. Now that you know their origin let’s explore their variation in detail. 

The classic or semi-professional Spanish castanets

Castanets have always been an integral part of Spanish folkloric dances such as the Sevillanas. Today, you’ll see them in Flamenco music and dance. Dancers play the Spanish castanets by resting one pair in each hand with the instrument string looped around the thumb. If you’re past the position of a beginner, then you really need to check out this semi-professional model from Jale. Beautifully carved out of mahogany, they’re an apt choice for semi-professional players. Apart from being sleek in style, they also guarantee higher quality and reliability. 

The Sanba or the Japanese castanets

Japanese Castanets, or as the Japanese call them – Sanba, is a percussion musical instrument from the Islands of Okinawa. The name itself indicates ‘three slabs’ or ‘three boards/planks’. This means the instrument features three shards of ebony or other woods held together with twine. Plucking the twines produces a variety of clicking sounds similar to that of the castanets. Professionally, you play them by placing the shards in between the fingers of one hand and using the other to flick the wooden pieces together. You can play them for both slow and fast rhythms. 

The best value wooden hand castanets

As mentioned earlier, wooden materials are an ideal choice of material when it comes to castanets. That’s because a wooden castanet promotes enhanced sounds with minimum effort. Well, if you’re in search of such a model, then try investing in a pair of handheld instruments from LP Aspire. This particular pair of castanets come in hardwood only. This preserves the classic sound of the musical instrument. Usually, the manufacturers keep the wooden material untouched, and only a layer of polish on it, to maintain an authentic look.                                                                 

A pair of 2 finger castanets for kids

All children love playing instruments, as they can make sounds with them, and it is fun to work with them. However, if you’re not sure which instrument to buy for your child and which one is the best to get started, then do get them these finger castanets. This set of castanets has been especially craved, keeping the children in mind. They come in wooden materials that tend to be safe and light at the same time. Besides, they aren’t treated for dyed. The surface of the instruments has a smooth finish, and the size tends to be ideal too. In short, your tots wouldn’t have any problems playing them. 

The black wood Cajon castanet

If you’re interested in buying castanets with a contemporary appearance and characteristics, then do give a try at Meinl percussion Cajon. Indeed, the manufacturers have carved them out of wood. However, the design adopted by them makes them transform into modern instruments. This castanet comes with a spring that’ll open as soon as you release it from your grip. Besides, you can stick them anywhere you want with the help of just adhesive tape. Well, this design tends to be very practical and convenient when you’re not using your instrument.

Tips on how to buy Castanets online

Due to the wide spectrum of castanets, there is a need to develop an effective standard for selecting the best and most reliable product in the market. By now, you must’ve figured out that each castanets differ in their sizes, designs, shapes, and construction materials. Nevertheless, the following aspects will help you assess the available products out there on the market and help you make appropriate purchasing decisions.

  • Pick the right size – The size of the musical instrument determines the quality of sound it will produce when playing. Our castanets are available in small, large, and medium sizes, and your choice will be based on your preference. Select castanets that align with the size of your hands to ease the finger action.
  • Keep an eye on the mode of operation – The ease of use of the musical instrument is based on its design and size. It would help if you considered purchasing castanets with appropriate sizes aligned with the length of your palms. This will help ease the finger action when using the device.
  • Buy an affordable model – The cost of each device is contingent on your selected brand. Diverse brands set the prices of their commodities based on their quality and size. However, select devices that fall within your set budget. You can also pick a higher quality castanet instrument for sale online in UAE.
  • Check out the ease of maintenance – Castanets are easy to play and maintain. The device should be cleaned regularly to avert the accumulation of dust and debris. Select a product with a design that enhances and poses no challenges to the cleaning and maintenance processes.
  • Consider the durability – The construction materials used in each device determine its durability. The majority of castanets in are made from hardwood, metals, and plastics. Select products manufactured with superior and hard-wearing materials.

Castanets are fun instruments, but only if you buy the best ones. While having numerous options is a boon, on the one hand, it also puts you in a dilemma when you have to buy the best one. We believe the above tips will help you make an informed and right choice when you have to buy castanet online in UAE. Just make sure you get your hands on something that’s of your liking and one that offers you durability and exemplary quality.

Question & Answer

How to play the castanets?

To learn the art of playing the castanets, you must first understand that each device produces its unique sound in which one may have a higher pitch than the other. In this regard, you should place the castanet with the sharper note on the right hand and the lower-pitched device on the left side. You should place the two musical devices on the thumbs of both hands. The Cajon castanet should be fixed appropriately to the thumbs while avoiding excessive force on the shells. When playing the instrument, the fingertips should be parallel, and the palms should lean towards the body. The device placed on the right hand should be supported by the ring and pink fingers while facing toward the heart. The castanet that is held by the left hand should be supported by the middle and pinkie fingers to produce the desired sound.

Where to buy castanet online in the UAE?

Acquiring a stylish and functional castanet isn’t difficult these days because of the emerging online shops. However, it’s always necessary to get them from authorised and reliable sites if you do not want to end up spending money on something that isn’t worth it. Well, if you’re vigorously searching for superior quality castanets, then do not skip the range of choices on Our product search engine brings you the best of the best instruments. We not only offer you castanets from popular brands like Meinl, Sonor, LP, Hohner, and Studio 49 but also bring you a contemporary range of models from your favourite online stores. And while you’re here, you can check out many other musical instruments from several other brands and online shops.

What are castanets made out of?

The current castanets are made from diverse raw materials, including ivory, bronze, crystal, wood, aluminium, gold, and marble. On the other hand, the antique instruments were made using hardwoods such as trunks from oak, pomegranate, and granadillo. The most durable hardwoods were obtained from equatorial forests. The majority of professional castanets are manufactured from laminated and synthetic materials, including Micarta which resembles the traditional ebony or granadillo. This material is made by applying pressure and heat on layers of cotton, paper or glass fibre cloths. The musical instruments encompass cotton strings that join together the two clappers. Some people may opt to use nylon strings but are considered too slippery when engaging in vigorous dancing. Our castanets consist of unique designs and are made from a wide variety of hard-wearing materials.

We hope you’re now well-educated about the castanets to buy the best one from the lot successfully. So, it’s now time to start shopping and make your castanet dream a reality. Begin your shopping spree here on and discover an affordable range of castanets from over 500 brands and shops.