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About DJ Sets

DJ sets or DJ mixers are types of audio mixing consoles that are mainly used by professional Disc Jockeys or DJs. This console is used to control and manipulate multiple audio signals.  

Many DJs also use these DJ sets to make a seamless transition from one some to another when they play a record at parties or dance clubs. Many turntables or Hip Hop Djs use these mixers to play record players like musical instruments and create unique sounds of their own. We can commonly see them in use for making house music, disco beats, electronic dance music and other types of dance-oriented genres. The common elements in full-fledged DJ sets include; record turntables, compact cassettes, CDJs or specialized DJ software on a laptop.  

DJ setups – A guide to different types of setups  

Today we can find an array of DJ setups in the market. In addition to turntables, we can now see CD decks, digital vinyl systems, apps, laptop software and much more to choose from. With that many options, even the most experienced jocks can suffer from serious analysis paralysis. But for a beginner, the situation can be even more confusing. Also when we speak of the DJ sets the price, some of the items in the basic DJ setup can be really expensive. Therefore it is always important to find exactly what kind of setup will suit the needs of any individual. Here we are going to talk about a few of the many options in basic DJ setups. 

The turntables and mixers  

Mixing with vinyl is a supreme experience that can’t be replicated with a CD deck or any modern controller. And if you get enough skill and experience to scratch, beat and juggle you can put on a show, hard to beat. These setups encourage developing strong fundamentals and creating beats without relying on the temperamental laptop. And old school purists claim that the only and genuine way to DJ is to use vinyl records. However, they do come with some setbacks. For instance, they are bulky which makes them difficult to move or the record boxes can be unwieldy or back-breaking.  Also, the industrial standard Technics SL-1200 has been discontinued hence you will have to opt for Stanton ST 150 or similar items.  

The CD decks and mixers 

CD decks (like the pioneer DJ sets or standard CDJ range) do not offer the same strengthening feedback as the turntables can. Also, when it comes to juggling and scratching, they do not behave the same way. However, a plus point is that they are smaller in size; lightweight and less prone to skip. As it is not impossible for the club decks to suffer from malfunctions, they do not depend on fragile needles. It makes them a reliable format to use. In a modern setting, they are a better option as compared to vinyl in terms of cost-effectiveness. It is also possible to buy a wide variety of digital music at a cheaper cost. However, it works with a highly laptop centric approach.  

Digital vinyl DJ setups  

Also called DVS, these are the most commonly used approach for dance music jocks. These systems enable to use of both CDs and Vinyl to play digital files from the laptop or computer device. For many DJs, these setups offer the benefits of both worlds. They can give tactile control of traditional DJ hardware in combination with the ability to play digital music files. These setups work by using time-coded records that tell a piece of the part that is currently playing. Hence the jockey can keep an easy track of the speed and track up and down. However, they are complex and need skills and knowledge to manage them like a pro.  

The laptop and controller 

With this setup, you completely step into the realm of new school DJing. Also, the lack of traditional hardware invites bitter old times to enjoy in the format of sobriety while claiming that the computer is doing the entire world. With these setups, you cannot only string together about 100 beats automatically but can also beat match manually. And by doing so it will work the same as the CDJ sets. Here an additional advantage is that you can keep all the music on your laptop, saving you from keeping hundreds of CDs. With that said, you can also enjoy a high level of portability as compared to vinyl or CD-based systems. However, to use them professionally, you will need to have a high level of organizational skills. 

Tips on how to buy DJ sets online in the UAE 

Getting started with a DJ profession is a daunting task, precisely when you have to buy equipment on your own. The market offers a lot of options with varying price points. However when you head to look for a DJ setup for sale online in the UAE, detailed market search be your top priority. As most of the beginner D’s don’t have unlimited cash they need to make sure that they are buying the right type of setup. To help such individuals deal with the buying process we are here to help.

  • Make a list of essentials – You should know what basic gear you will need to boost your DJing skills. These basic gear include a computer, DJ audio controller, DJ media player, turntables, audio interface, DJ software, stand along with DJ mixer, headphones, and a speaker system. Here you will also need to consider what functions of mixers, player and software control surface you will need.
  • About going digital – It is a widely accepted fact that the DJs are going digital for several reasons. So to be a suitable player, you will need to pick the most suitable digital DJ setup according to your needs and level of skills. Make sure you are picking a compatible set of controllers and sound system that is reliable, easy to transport and offer an easy music library management system.
  • About DJ software – When you head to buy a digital DJ setup, the software is one basic thing that you will need to make them functional. So while you are settling for any specific digital DJ setup, look for the supporting software. Make sure you can get all of them easily and at an economical price. For assistance, you can look into the customer review section to know where you can find such accessories.
  • Brand and Price – These DJ setups are of considerable price. However, there is a price difference from one brand to another. Once you are clear with what type of setup you want, look for the relevant models on more than one brand. It will help you compare the features as well as find the best price possible. Or you can use the price comparison tool to find any model at cheaper rates on different global brands.
  • The iOS connection – There is a growing number of DJ apps and compatible audio gear online and iOS has become a crucial option to have. If your setup offers you easy access to multiple devices at a time, you can actually enhance your DJ music experience. To know how many options your selected device holds, look into the product description section.

If you are not sure about what options to buy, you can look into the customer review section to know what users have to say about the specific model. Or you can visit the DJ community sites to find what items are recommended by DJs. Another way to choose the best possible option is to look for products with at least three out of five-star ratings. Likewise, you can look for top trusted brands to make a smart buying decision.

Question & Answer

What does it mean by DJ sets?

A DJ set is referred to as a set of built-in or remote equipment that is used by professional music players. These sets are used for mixing or creating new music beats for occasions like live parties, music performances, disco clubs etc. They are also used by music bands and artists during live music performances. These sets also allow an individual to perform solo while playing other people music rather than creating their own unique beats. With so many different types you can enjoy a versatile music creation experience using DJ sets.

How much is a DJ set?

On average a DJ set can cost around $1,400. It includes all the basic DJ equipment that you will need. Also, this cost can get higher depending on where you are buying it and what additional features you wish to get in the basic setup. In fact, DJ sets and accessories are quite expensive and you can never have an idea of when you will end up buying something that is not worth the price. So a great way to ensure that you are buying the best option is to do a detailed market search before making a purchase.

Where can I buy DJ sets online in the UAE?

As said earlier, buying DJ sets is a tricky task to deal with. So if you are willing to secure your money while buying musical instruments online, look for a reliable seller.  And when it comes best DJ Setup to buy online in the UAE, go no further than This is where you can find all the top brands offering the best DJ setup price online in the UAE. Some brands to name are JBL, Numark, Denon, Native Instruments, Rane, and Philips.

It means you have endless options to search and buy from. Explore our product search engine now to get the best musical instruments available in the market.