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About Disc Lamps

Disc lamps, disco lights or DJ lighting are different names used for stage lighting. These lights are specifically used by DJs and in nightclubs.  

DJs mainly use disco lighting (or disc lamps) during their outdoor or mobile performances. However, they are also an essential part of modern nightclubs, house parties and other special occasions. There are many different DJ lights, like scanners that use a mirror to reflect a beam of lights that move around. You can also find the twister style effect that project multiple beams of light that rotate in twisting style. And then there are strobe lightning that flashes intensely. This light can be controlled by internal sound activation. It contains a unit with built-in sound to light function. Whereas many models have control options like master-slave or DMX control.  

Different types of disco lights  

Lighting plays an important role in decorating and brightening up any space on special occasions. Decorative lights, disco ball lights, LED disco lights, Fairy lights, and many other types of disc lamps are used for this purpose. However, disco lights do not offer you brighter spaces but add value with their changing patterns or colours. So if you are arranging a simple or a cocktail party, DJ disco lights are something you will need to add to the list of your party theme accessories. Here are some common types of lights that you can choose from.  

A disco ball light 

It is also known as glitter or mirror ball. It is a spherical object that reflects the light directed at specific angles. This tailored emission of light rays product a complex display. The surface of this ball consists of hundreds or thousands of facets that are approximate of the same size and shape. Each of these tiny pieces has a mirrored surface. These lights are usually mounted on the ceiling with the help of a special device that helps the ball to rotate. With a rotation in the vertical axis, the ball emits spotlights and the viewers in the hall experience beams flashing over their heads. Today you can find these rotating disco balls in one or more than one colour emission setting.  

Laser disco light  

These lights are commonly used in larger areas where there is a crowd of hundreds to thousands of people. You can find these lights in stage decoration for special events, in dance clubs and private parties on the red carpet. These disc lamps are meant to project coloured beams in variable directions, lengths and angles for the sake of entertainment. Unlike disco balls, a laser light delivers a sleek beam that allows the use of optical scanning to draw patterns or images on ceilings, walls, or theatrical fog without refocusing for distance.  

LED disco light  

They are the most advanced alternative to traditional stage disc lamps like halogen bulbs or high-intensity discharge lamps. These lights deliver high light emissions with the lowest energy consumption; hence they are ideal for any large or small stage setup (indoor or outdoor). These lights come in different types, including strip lights, PAR cans, or moving heads. You can also find many LED fixtures made with a small number of high output diodes. They allow the users to focus the beam on a hard edge and achieve the full gobo effect.  

Tips on how to buy Disco Lights online in the UAE 

When it comes to making any part fun, all you need is the best sound system and the best laser disco lights (or disc lamps) according to the size of the space. Luckily the market offers a wide range of LED and laser disco lights for the different needs of the users. However, you can only find the best value disco lights from reliable sellers. Also, you need to know your needs well before you head to look for disco lights for sale online in the UAE. To help you make a smart purchase we are here to share some tips. The below-mentioned pointers can help you check for every important aspect of the light before you place an order online.

  • The area the light will cover – Always choose brands that provide you with models that can cover the whole of your party area. So it’s better to start by taking a measurement of your party area. Most of the brands mention the effective illumination area with every model of light they are selling. So read the product description carefully before making a purchase.
  • Check the number of light colours – Each model of disco lights eliminates different sets of lights to create a certain atmosphere in the party area. You can find models that will eliminate only two colours and then there will be the one that can eliminate 9 colours. Know your needs and look for the type or model of light accordingly.
  • Controlling modes – These lights come with different light control modules and methods. These varying settings help you change the colours they emit. Here you have four options to choose from: Automatic mode; sound-activated mode; rotating mode and flash mode. All these modes serve differently, so read and understand the types before picking one.
  • The type of light used – Here you will find two main options namely; lase light or LED light system. The price, functions and effect of both types vary significantly, so you will need to consider both budget and needs before picking any one of the said lighting systems for you.
  • Bluetooth connectivity – Many modern-day disco lights are coming with a Bluetooth feature. It lets you play music from the built-in Bluetooth speakers in your disco ball light. You just need to connect the streaming devices like a tablet or phone to the light using Bluetooth. So if you love comfort, technology and ease of doing things, this feature is ideal for you.
  • Remote control feature – If you are hosting a party, you will surely need to deal with several things like preparing snacks, serving cold drinks or attending the guests. And at such times you can drop down the guest services just to manage your disco light. Remote control will help you deal with the problem and keep a check on the lights with seamless guest service.
  • The price of lights – Fortunately, there is a long list of trusted brands that can offer disco lights at an affordable price. However, you will need to consider your need and ensure that the selected model gives you all the features you are looking for while staying within budget.

To find reliable lights, you can look for the best-selling disc lamps manufacturers or the ones with higher star ratings. To evaluate the performance of any specific item, you can consult the customer review section to know what existing users have to say about the beam, the durability, performance and other features of the product.

Question & Answer

Can Alexa play disco lights?

Yes, you can operate and manage your lights with the help of Alexa. However to do so, firstly you need to buy compatible models. Secondly, you need to integrate the settings in disc lamps, Bluetooth and Echo devices. You can look in the user manual to find details about the process. With proper settings, you can use Alexa to control, change or manage your disco lights. Therefore if you are wishing for a full voice automated home or office, you can opt for disco lights.

What disco lights to buy?

It depends on the type of feel you want in your surroundings. It also depends on where and in what setting you want to use these disc lamps (in-home or in a disco club). However some of the best-selling items that you can buy online include Luddite sound-activated disco ball party lights; Allness group disco ball party lights; Spooboola store tonk party and DJ disco light; the Katzco store plasma ball or the Allness group Bluetooth disco ball lights. For the stage, you can buy a light head rotating led crystal light or Aomees dance light disco ball for the party.

Are laser disco lights safe to use?

Not all types of laser lights are safe to use. Some disc lamps are more powerful and brighter than others and thus have a different level of impact on the users and people in their surroundings. At times the powerful beam can overwhelm the eyes and cause saturation of retinal pigment resulting in flash blindness (or temporary visual impairment). It generally lasts from a few seconds to a few minutes. Apart from such occasional issues, these lights are completely safe to use. However, it is always a great idea to read the user manual before using these devices.

Where to buy disco lights online in the UAE?

It is better to look at a retail search engine online to find all the possible options in disc lamps. For instance at you can find top brands like Ansell, Philips, Colmore, Speak, or American DJ. All these brands are known and trusted for high-quality musical instruments and party music accessories. Additionally, at you can also use the price comparison tool to compare and buy products at cheaper rates and higher quality.

It means you have endless options to search and buy from. Explore now to get the best musical instruments available in the market.