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Sonos Stands for Sonos ONE, White Color
Sonos Stands for Sonos ONE, White Color
Place your Sonos One or PLAY:1 speakers near ear level with the pair of white or black Sonos Stan...
Sonos Stands for Sonos ONE, Black Color
Sonos Stands for Sonos ONE, Black Color
Place your Sonos One or PLAY:1 speakers near ear level with the pair of white or black Sonos Stan...
Sonos Wall Shelf for ONE, ONE SL and Play 1, White Color
Sonos Wall Shelf for ONE, ONE SL and Play 1, White Color
The custom-designed shelf for Sonos One and Play:1 Perfectly matched to your speaker. Featuring t...
Sonos Wall Shelf for ONE, ONE SL and Play 1, Black Color
Sonos Wall Shelf for ONE, ONE SL and Play 1, Black Color
The custom-designed shelf for Sonos One and Play:1 Perfectly matched to your speaker. Featuring t...

About Musical Instruments

You’re here – this means you’re a music lover! Of course, everyone loves music. However, each one of us has a different way of enjoying it. Either you listen to a song, hum tunes, or play musical instruments. There are some folks who’ve taken up this as a profession. Indeed, music can be a hobby or a career. Such is its versatility. Here in this article, we list the best musical instrument to learn or pursue as a career option. Plus, we also give you some tips on how to buy musical instruments online in UAE, in a smart way.

Choosing a musical instrument to play is a beginning of a long journey. One that’s exciting, but often filled with a bit of struggle and hard work. However, being able to play musical instruments come with many advantages. Science has shown us that musical training can change your brain functioning and structure for the better. It reduces stress and makes you inculcate patience and perseverance within yourself. Moreover, it also improves long-term memory and thus leads to better brain development. We can go on and on about their benefits, but we all know music as a whole and at its core is an art that cultivates creativity. Therefore, you must at least learn one musical instrument in your lifetime. That said, let’s see a few popular instruments that you can own and learn to play if ever you wish to begin your learning journey.

The five popular music instruments to buy and learn

It’s a common misconception that learning to play a musical instrument is difficult as an adult. In fact, it’s never too late to learn. But then, you should know which ones to pick to learn, particularly if you’re a beginner. Do you have a particular liking for the electric guitar? Or do you prefer settling in with the classic one? Which ones are easy to learn? Should you get music accessories to accompany your instruments? These questions often come to your mind if you’re a novice and just getting started to express your inner musician with the instruments.  Below we’ve laid out the best musical instrument for beginners that you can buy online and learn easily.

The piano

Invented in 1700, the piano is an unparalleled musical instrument for those seeking creative passion or simply fun and joy. The modern piano that you can buy online comes with 36 black and 52 white keys. This makes it a total of 88 keys that you typically play using a keyboard. Usually, you use this musical instrument for producing various music including jazz, traditional, and pop. Remember, playing the piano is a workout on its own. It not only offers physical benefits but also comes with many physiological pros to players of all ages. Indeed, you can call them the best keyboard musical instrument. 

The classical guitar

A classical guitar is a stringed instrument. It has strings anywhere from four to eighteen strings with normal ones having six. You strum the strings with one hand and fret it with the other to produce the sound that projects itself acoustically. Learning to play a classic guitar great for developing social skills.  As with other musical instruments, playing the instrument enhances your fine motor skills. Besides, practising them on regular basis greatly broadens and improves technique. By the way, guitars are a must-have music instrument for DJ. Indeed, you can include them with your other DJ equipment.

The violin

Similar to guitar, the violin is also a stringed instrument. However, it is the smallest and high-pitched musical instrument in this family. Their high-pitched nature makes them a vital part of many musical genres like jazz, country, folk, and metal. And thus, learning to play the instruments stays always at the top of many musicians bucket lists, of any musicians list. A typical violin has four strings and to play it, you ought to draw a bow across the strings. Practising and playing the violins comes with several benefits that include improving coordination, posture, concentration, and discipline.

The sitar

Another musical instrument from the string family – the sitar is one of the most well-known musical instruments in India. However, their unique nature has helped them gain popularity over the west in the past decades. The origin of the instrument is relatively unknown, it’s still regarded as an instrument that came from Central Asia. A typical sitar consists of a hemispherical base that’s constructed from a dried and hollowed gourd. Along with it comes a long-half and round wood frame (dandi). The number of strings on the frame range from 16 to 24.

The ukulele

Learning to play the ukulele is a very good option for beginners. Even if you haven’t played an instrument before, the ukulele can be a very simple introduction for novice musicians. Apart from being lightweight and affordable, they’re relatively gentle on your fingers too. Besides, you can easily learn the cords too. That’s because there are only four strings on the instrument. Hence, you do not have to learn complex chords. Above all, you’ll find several ukulele models and variations to buy online. You could easily pick one for AED 150.

Tips on how to buy Musical Instruments online

Listening to music and playing musical instruments is fun and has several benefits. But, the point to note here is that getting the best musical instruments that’s suitable for your style might be a challenging task. Today, you’ll find different types of musical instruments to learn and play. This can confuse you and keep you wondering which one to choose and where to start. But, fret not we’re here to help you. Below are some tips to help you choose the best music instruments online.

  • Know your style – Indeed you want the most functional and sophisticated model. But, did you know that high-end instruments often have structural variations and endless pick combinations? Remember, all of these features drastically change the sound and feel of the instruments. Therefore, start basic and before buying make sure to know what you need.
  • Explore your options – Once you know what you need, next explore your various options available. Fortunately, you’ll find the musical instruments in different themes, colours and styles. Apart from that, you could also see added features in many of them. Therefore, try and check out those options first.
  • Don’t look past used gear – When it comes to music instruments like guitars, the items like effects pedals are often resold in mint or near-mint condition at a huge discount off the street price. In fact, in most cases, you can save around 30% off the street price on pedals and other gear. Therefore, it’s best to hold on for a bit and bargain a little to secure the best-quality instruments at the best price.
  • Bargain and make an offer – Just like buying a car, you can treat the “sticker price” as a place to begin the negotiation. Don’t be afraid to wheel and deal, and that includes new guitars and gear sold by traditional retailers. Research shows that users who make an offer end up saving around 15% off the sticker price.
  • Buy extra peace of mind – It’s normally extra to get insurance and require a signature on delivery, but it’s worth every penny to make sure that your piece of gear is covered. Many shippers offer automatic coverage at certain levels, so be sure to check their sites to know what you’re getting.
  • Use the feedback system –Buying from a private seller can sometimes feel risky, so make sure to ask for any feedback ratings that are available. Ask the seller to send you their feedback from reputable sites like eBay and/or to refer you to previous buyers.
  • Get lots of photos – Don’t settle for one or two grainy photos or none at all. Ask the seller to take the instrument outside and photograph it in natural light, without a flash. For vintage guitars, ask them to have the guitar disassembled so that all internal parts, date stamps, serial numbers, and any other relevant information can be photographed.
  • Get the story – Vintage guitars have lived a life of their own, and unless you ask you might never know that a guitar has travelled the world, been played on a famous record, or sat untouched in a closet for 30 years. Find out where the guitar has been. Was it used for gigging or mostly at-home use? Are there any cool stories about the instrument, such as famous owners?
  • Don’t settle for simple descriptions – Demand details about the condition of the guitar. Is the neck straight? How much wear is on the frets? Is there excessive buzzing or dead notes? Are the electronics quiet, or do they emit excessive or “scratchy” noise when adjusted? When was the last time the guitar was set up?
  • Know the return policy before you buy – It’s amazing how often returns come up, and more amazing how rarely they’re discussed before the transaction. Go the extra mile and get an e-mail from the seller agreeing to a return policy in writing.
  • Use a price guide – Buyers should always know ahead of time what they should be paying for a piece of gear. When shopping for a new guitar, check the going rate for a used one, and then use this information to negotiate. Check multiple sources like Gruhn’s, the Reverb Price Guide, and eBay’s Completed Listings.

There is an infinite range of musical instruments that you can learn to play online, however, some of them lend themselves more readily to self-teaching. Either way, you must be careful while selecting the ones for yourself. Stick to choosing the models that suit you the most are easy to learn if you’re a beginner. We hope the above tips and tricks guide you in the direction and help you choose the best among the lot.

Question & Answer

Which music instrument is easy to learn?

The good news is that you can learn to play almost any musical instrument if you practice enough. Some instruments listed here are closely linked to DJing and music production but others are not. For example, the piano is one of the best instruments to learn because you use the keyboard to program notes on a computer. A few others like Drums, ukulele, and harmonica, are easy to learn too.

Which music instrument is best?

The best musical instrument is something that allows you to express your emotions through the instrument in the best possible way. Apart from that, it should be the one that suits your style. Above all, the instruments you buy must be of the highest quality. One of the best ways to make sure that you have the best quality is to choose them from the reputed brands. Check out the brands like Yamaha, Fender, Roland, Martin, Casio, Gibson, and Korg for the best musical instruments to buy. You’ll also find cheap musical instrument brands out there. Resort to them if you’re an economiser.

Which musical instrument should I learn?

This is a matter of personal preference. You could learn any instrument that intrigues or invokes your inner musician. You could include instruments like guitar, piano, keyboard, drums, and ukulele in the earlier stages of your instrument learning journey. Apart from that, you can also check out other options too.

Where to buy musical instruments online in UAE?

Several online platforms offer you different music instruments to buy. Some even offer you cheap music instruments for sale online in UAE. Explore the splendid options in if you wish to secure a premium-quality musical instrument online. The product search engine allows you to compare and buy instruments from your favourite brands and online stores.

There are an infinite range of musical instruments that you can learn to play online, however, some of them lend themselves more readily to self-teaching. All in all, learning a musical instrument, is much like learning a language, it takes persistence, continuous consistent practice, and of course a good-quality musical instrument. Start your musical journey here on!