About Piercings

Piercing is a form of body art. Some have it to look fashionable, while others have different objectives. It is just like tattoo engraving. Many of you might want a tattoo as a sign of victory, passion, memory, or anything you want to remember for life. Or there could be many different reasons. So is the case for piercings. However, if you are doing it under peer pressure, we would say just don’t.

Women have been piercing their ears and nose for many years. It is now a part of their beauty. The process may have religious attachments in many parts of the world. But mostly, it is about showing your feminine side. Quite the opposite, when men choose to pierce, they sometimes want to get a rugged look in the form of eyebrow piercing. And in contrast, some men would like to show their feminine side with this art. Well! You can have any reason to go for it. However, the first & essential step is choosing the jewellery. You cannot go wrong with it. After all, the ornament must resonate with your personality. So, spend ample time exploring, researching, and scrolling the products list.

Different types of piercing to get a subtle look

Piercing isn’t as permanent as tattoos. And the fashionistas are carrying around this style with confidence. But, do you know it’s an age-old art? Surprised! It’s been practised all over the world since ancient times. Sometimes for aesthetic, religious, or sexual purposes. And in the Old and New Testaments, it has special mention as a symbol of devotion and ownership. In Africa, the stretched earlobes are a traditional cult. But you would be dumb stuck to know that Scotland has the highest number of piercings. And Elaine Davidson made to Guinness book record with 9000 pierces on her body. So, before looking for a cheap piercing online, check out below some of our curated picks that you can select from.

Septum Piercing Jewellery

Do you wish to get a striking yet minimalistic look? Then, this septum piercing is best for you. Both men and women are great fonds of this for two reasons. First, it alters the size of the nose and second, the size of the pierce gets unnoticed. And it makes you look bold and edgy, which attracts a lot of attention. Moreover, it is available in an array of designs like clickers, pinchers, tusks, and rings. So, while shopping for septum jewellery, choose the stores carefully and prefer to buy from the eminent shops. Especially the one which has an ample collection of septum accessories.

Ear Piercing Jewellery

It’s a simple way of piercing your ear lobes to wear fashionable earrings, which is common among women. But nowadays, men too indulge in this field to have a stylish look. However, double or triple pierce on a single ear is a new trend. It looks elegant and stunning as the earrings are getting smaller and sleeker. Moreover, you can customize the accessory in a way that reflects your real personality and taste. And the best part is you can accompany it with your daily as well as party look. Excited to buy? Look at to enjoy a myriad collection of 500 brands and shops.

Nose Piercing Jewellery

It is the most popular piercing of all. You might find it anywhere and everywhere. They come in an assortment of different shapes, sizes, and colours. Usually, people put a ring, wood, and thread after piercing. Moreover, you can choose to decorate with dainty studs to get a hypnotic and bold look. However, men mostly prefer rings over studs to get a rustic look. Do you wish to know the nose piercing price? Then, you need to check on We have an impeccable collection of accessories from popular brands. Some of them are Tiffany and co, BodyJ4You, Claires, Maria Tash, Swarovski, and so much more.

Stretch Piercing Jewellery

The stretched earlobe piercings are trending in the market. The piercing is done after pulling the earlobe wide open to fit the solid block of various shapes or circular rings. And it’s believed that these pierce are less painful than other body piercing. Moreover, the accessory comes in an array of styles, shapes, materials, and sizes. Thus, the large jewellery makes you look creative and a fashionista with any outfit you put on. Excited to buy one for yourself? Here on, we take pride in the collection from reputed brands and shops. And you can choose to compare the price and designs before purchasing.

Tips on how to buy Piercing

Piercing is the distinctive way of wearing ornaments and exchanging them on a daily basis. With the increase in its popularity, it became important to buy a high-quality ornament. Generally, gold, silver, gold alloy, copper, silver, and other metals are demanding among the shoppers. However, the vast array of options also made it hard to make the final choice. So, we have compiled below some tips and tricks that will help you in purchasing the piercings online in Dubai with ease.

  • Choose piercing type design – While shopping online, choose the design as per your piercing done. If you have done septum piercing, then choosing wedding nose rings wouldn’t look right.
  • Select the materials – Before making the final call, check on the jewellery material. It’s essential if you have allergic to some metals! And this jewellery comes in various materials with excellent designs.
  • Size and shape matter – While selecting the piercing accessory, make sure you check on its size and shape. It’s recommended to choose the right size and shape of ornament as per your facial shape.
  • Read the return policy – Before you move to the shopping cart, go through the return policy. Some shops don’t provide a return policy at the time of purchasing. Thus, they later don’t accept the product.
  • Check the warranty – Usually, all body jewellery has at least two months’ warranty. It’s important to know about the warranty. So, if you have a fitting issue, discoloured, or so on, you can change it.
  • Plan budget – Before getting into your shopping spree, decide on your budget. Try to shop economically rather than lavishly. Compare the shop’s design and price with other shops to make the right choice.

Shopping for piercing jewellery can be demanding as you need to keep certain factors in mind. Now, you have the tips and tricks section to follow while choosing the right product for yourself. Here on our product search engine, we give you a myriad collection of products from 500+ brands and shops. Thus, you can enjoy unbelievable deals and discounts all year round. So, what are you waiting for? Start with your shopping journey today!

Question & Answer

Can piercings bruise?

Yes! It is natural to experience bruise or redness after you did pierce. A swollen bump may also form around your piercing. Undoubtedly, it has become popular among the young generations, and some choose to pierce their whole body. But choosing the right piercer, keeping the piercer clean, not touching that part, and lots more, you can prevent from occurring bruise. However, it heals on its own, but sometimes you need to consult the doctor if it doesn’t recover after some time. Overall, piercing is fun and enjoyable.

Are piercings unattractive?

Yes! It depends on how you are carrying it and the accessory you are wearing. Some researchers say that the males with pierce reviews as unattractive. At the same time, women with multiple piercings are found attractive and intelligent. Moreover, some people choose to do stretching piercings on the nose, earlobe, and lips. It often looks scary, especially with big rings. Monroe or Septum piercing looks bold and minimalistic. Thus, you need to choose the accessory for your piercing wisely as it reflects your personality and taste.

How do piercings affect the body?

Piercings are done after puncturing a hole in your body with a needle to fit the jewellery. Like every beautiful thing has pros and cons, so does piercing. Thus, people with belly button piercing face chronic immune disorders, and women suffer from infertility or menstrual problems. Whereas, in the chin piercing, the body is unable to process the energy, which results in an indigestion problem. Moreover, both men and women might face hormonal burnout, stress in the mouth, infection in the mouth and salivation. A tongue piercing is a common piercing. And people with tongue pierce face chronic digestion problems, constipation, and increased acne.

What piercings should I get?

If you are thinking of piercing, then you should be aware and prepare yourself for the pain. But it’s also important to know which part of the body you should ignore entirely. And they are the genital and nipple parts. So, in case you wish to do ear piercing, decide on which part you want to do and the type. While on nose piercing, you need to decide whether the septum or nostril or single side of the nose pierce. But the trending piercing is Monroe and Septum piercing. Try to appoint a professional piercer for piercing.

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