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About Jewellery Boxes

Losing jewellery can be the worst nightmare for any woman. That’s why we have jewellery boxes to keep our expensive ornaments organized and protected. Thanks to skilled artisans, modern jewellery boxes have essential features like velvet liners, LED light, and even lockable cabinets. Are you excited to know more? Read on!

Ornaments are every woman’s most valuable possession. We keep them with utmost safety but let’s admit; we can be neglectful at times. Therefore, it makes sense to invest in a high-quality jewellery box. It keeps our earrings, bracelets, anklets and necklaces tangle-free. It also becomes effortless to find even the smallest item like a nose pin or tiny studs with a jewellery organiser. Gone are those days when jewellery boxes were considered a lavish thing meant for royal households. However, now it is easy to get excellent quality jewellery organizers at affordable prices. Whether you love gorgeous details or sleek designs, ornament boxes come in all possible forms. Let us explore the different types.

Explore popular types of girls jewellery boxes

They come in a wide assortment of shapes, sizes, construction materials, features and capacities. The most common forms of jewellery organizers include racks, boxes, armoires, and dresser valets. When we think about purchasing a new jewellery box, we imagine a good looking and delicate piece in our mind. In contrast, we should stick to something well-built, durable and secured. You will find a range of metal or enamel jewellery boxes online but search for a material that prevents moisture built-up and any damage. It should also blend with the place where you will keep it. Read on to see which one can work for you the best.

Versatile and durable wooden jewellery box

Wooden jewellery box is the choice of most women due to its versatility, durability and great looks. Wood is an original material used to make robust items. Wooden boxes are accessible in a range of patterns and layouts. They are lightweight and pretty much complement all sorts of dressers and wardrobes. Wood prevents moisture built up and provides insulation to your jewellery as well. Your wooden box can be handcrafted, mahogany, cherry, burlwood, walnut, white, black and even maple. Yes! That is the variety you can have your hands on. You can go for basic drawers or grand cascades depending upon the jewellery collection you have.

Incredible brilliance of designer jewellery box

We get super happy when we receive beautiful creations from trusted fashion houses. Designer jewellery boxes can be your choice if you are looking for incredible brilliance and uniqueness. They are accessible in a range of styles and construction materials. Go for rose gold, leather or ebonized maple if you want something contemporary and classy. These are lint-free and soft from the inside to not harm your jewellery. A gorgeously embellished designer jewellery box can also make an excellent gift for ladies. Are you wondering where to get the latest jewellery boxes designs from? Don’t worry; you don’t have to go anywhere else. On, we feature a vast collection of ornament boxes from famous fashion houses.

Jewellery box with a locker to secure expensive ornaments

Modern boxes boast a sturdy locking system to keep our valuable possessions safe from intruders and children. These boxes are not just safe but also beautiful in looks to suit your home décor. You become extra sensitive for your possessions when there is a wedding or any other gathering at your home. An ornament box with lockable cabinets comes to the rescue at this time. On, we feature a huge collection of lockable boxes that are both robust and beautifully designed.

Tips on how to buy Jewellery Boxes in Dubai

Buy now; you must have figured out a wide variety of ornament boxes out there. However, it isn’t beneficial to get each one in your closet. You should only get your hands on the one that best suits your requirements. Here are some fundamental tips that would help you wisely choose and buy jewellery boxes online in Dubai.

  • Choose as per your jewellery collection  Some people have a passionate love for jewellery, while some just purchase the must-haves. The storage space and compartments you need in your ornament box depend upon the amount of jewellery you have. So, whether you go for small boxes or whole armoires, make sure it suits. The dimensions of a medium jewellery box would be around 11″ to 15″ in length & 7″ to 9″ in width.
  • Pick something robust  When it comes to expensive stuff, do not forget to prioritize its safety. Pick something that has a robust locking system so that you can keep your jewellery safe from meddling hands. The bonus point is that some boxes have child locks, so even if you have little kids at home, your jewellery remains out of their reach.
  • Access a range of products  With so many options, it is challenging to find a reliable store to purchase jewellery boxes in Dubai. Therefore, on, we boast over 500 reliable online stores that have world-class branded products in their collection. The products coming out of these stores are tried and tested by thousands of people. To remain on the safer side, you can read online reviews of your narrowed down choices.
  • Look for a good material  Several materials are used to construct ornament boxes, for example, wood, metal, paper, leather, fabric, and even plastic. Wooden boxes are good looking and moisture resistant, whereas cardboard boxes are apt for temporary storage. Leather boxes are fashionable and durable. Glass boxes are delicate but complement your diamond and other sparkling jewellery the most. Different materials have different benefits, so choose as per your style and needs.

Now that you know what exactly to look for, commence your online shopping on We have a lot of designer products offered by hundreds of different stores. On our product search engine, you can narrow down your choices through filters and sorting options. Compare prices to make sure you pick the best and remain under your budget. Reading online reviews is a great way to understand the pros and cons of a product. So, go to our testimonial section and read reviews to make an informed decision. Go ahead and choose from jewellery boxes for sale before the amazing deals end.

Question & Answer

How to decorate a jewellery box?

If you have gotten free time, then customizing your jewellery box can be great fun. You need to have some paint, glitters, stencil and embellishments ready at your end—spot cleans your box and the inside liner with detergent, water or just a soft cloth. Apply primer and paint the entire surface of the box. Cover it with a glossy finish if you like it. Next, you can use wrapping papers, images, laces or even small, inexpensive gems or pearls on its surface, depending upon your choice. If you want to draw something on it, you can do it freehand or with the help of a stencil.

Can you recycle jewellery boxes?

It is not possible to recycle all sorts of boxes. Brands use a mixture of different materials to create these boxes, so it is hard to split them apart. In contrast, the boxes are made up of only paper; only wood or single metal can be easily recycled. Also, if a box is designed using such material that can be separated easily, then definitely that box is recyclable. Some of the brands are working towards manufacturing products that are 100% recyclable, which is a great thing.

Which jewellery box to buy?

Jewellery boxes come in a vast assortment of sizes, patterns and construction materials. The commonly used boxes come in the form of racks, boxes, armoires, and dresser valets. These can be made up of wood, metals, leather or any other relevant material. Whichever you go for, make sure that it is stackable, durable, mirrored and lockable. Go for the one that saves your ornaments from moisture. Cotton filled ornament boxes should be preferred for delicate jewellery.

How do stackers jewellery boxes work?

With general jewellery boxes, we have to compromise on the available storage. In contrast, if you have a stacker jewellery box, you can make the spaces as bigger as you want. You can also choose different styles of layers as per your ornaments collection. For the ladies who don’t like stacking on their dressers, you can even place these layers in your drawers with the help of provided trays and a lid.

We know that your jewellery is very close to your heart. Therefore, we have brought together top brands on offering robust and beautiful jewellery boxes. Some of the best brands we have onboard include Elite d’Art, AERIN, Adore, Pandora, Louis Vuitton, Tiffany and Co, Ikea, Kate Spade, Chanel, and Vlando. Hurry up and shop now to get your hands on the latest styles!