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About Loose Medallions

Medallions have been around since ancient times but have recently attained a centre stage in premium jewellery collections. 2020’s jewellery is a bit more than motifs & gemstones. What’s new? Extra-large necklaces are finished with classic medallions! Let us explore how medallions have transformed from antique pieces to sought-after jewellery & decor accessory.

A medallion is a piece of metal that looks like a large coin. It comes in a range of options depending upon construction material, design, size and symbolism. It can be a coin, pendant or even some decorative item. Coin collectors love getting the medals imprinted with rare symbols or events in their collection. Speaking of medal pendants, they are designed so that when you carry them, you look like a warrior. People wear them to symbolise power, luck, guidance and even inner strength. However, if you are looking for loose medallions, you will find a diverse collection in the market. On this page, we will tell you about their various types and significance.

Explore the popular types of medallions

If you are not a frequent buyer, then you must know that it comes in various forms. You can get loose medals wholesale, as a pendant or even as a decoration accessory. They are classified based on many factors like material, rarity and age. A medallion made up of precious metal is costly. However, it can also be costly due to its rarity or any historical link. If you want to add one to your collection, you should be aware of its popular and useful forms. Read on to learn about them.

Medallion coin

It falls under the category of being commemorative. States design them to pay tribute to a special event. These coins are generally for collectors and hobbyists who like to build a collection of coins. The construction material of these coins doesn’t need to include any precious metal. If you are more of a collector than an investor, then medallion coins should be your choice. However, while passing them into your collection, be cautious about their authenticity. You will find a vast number of medallions that are nothing but replicas of officially minted coins. Look at the coin’s date and place of manufacturing to determine its real value. Also, see the material it is made up of. Because sometimes, even if you do not find an antique product, you can still invest in precious metal.

Gold medallion

Gold is one of the most precious materials for making medallions. It is an expensive affair to spend on it. While purchasing it, collectors or investors have to be careful about its authenticity. Winston Churchill’s commemorative medallion is an example of a Gold commemorative medallion. Medallions are not legal tenders in most cases. Gold medallions also come in the form of jewellery, specifically pendants and bracelets with various symbols. Some of the designs also feature symbols associated with different religions and traditions. Moreover, pendants with embedded diamonds or pearls can quickly transform your ensemble from bland to bling.

Decorative medallion

It is great at adding an eye-catching appeal to your home décor. They are accessible in a range of materials, colours and shapes complementing various backdrops. There are wall medallions, ceiling medallions and even portable pieces. Portable ones prove to be great showpieces for your accent table. Some versatile pieces are ideal for a variety of interior and exterior applications. While you go and purchase one, make sure it comes with an easy installation facility.

Tips on how to buy Medallions in Dubai

If you are looking forward to seeking trends this season, medallions can bring all charm. However, heading towards shopping at this point can be overwhelming for you. You will find a wide variety to choose from. In rare cases, you might also fall into the trap of fake suppliers. To stay on the safer side, you should know what exactly to look for while shopping. Here is a set of quick tips by our experts to let you grab an appropriate and best quality product.

  • Understand its types The first and foremost consideration is knowing various types of medallions. They are accessible in multiple forms such as coins, jewellery accessories, decorative items or even an art piece. So, a process in your mind what exactly you are looking for? If you are an eager collector of coins, then antique metal coins would work for you. In contrast, go for the accessories to lift your style.
  • Know its material Medallions can be Gold, Silver, Steel, Bronze, Wood or any other malleable material. You must know your medallion’s composition to determine its durability and cost. Gold, Silver and antique medals mostly cost more than the other types. So, be extra cautious about bringing a genuine thing to your home.
  • Research the source  You can consider physical stores or online shops to purchase a medallion. However, you might have to compromise on the number of options when you shop offline. Physical stores generally have few options, whereas you can find a humongous amount of products online. Well, whether you purchase online or offline, make sure that the supplier is genuine—research about the seller by reading reviews or interacting with their customers if possible.
  • Pick a good brand  Brands tend to provide a consistent and pleasant experience most of the time. Pick your product from a good brand if it is a huge spent for you. If you are unsure of the best-performing brands in the sphere, do not worry! Check out where we feature products from some of the most sought-after brands like Versace, Tiffany & Co and Message.

You can easily find some of the best medallions online. Always pay attention to product pictures and descriptions while making a purchase. You will find plenty of stores online to pick your product from. However, only a few of them would prove out to be genuine. If you think it is tedious, come to us in Shops. We have compiled more than 500 stores. You get to see their latest collection and even compare prices. When you buy medallions online in Dubai, make sure you have a clear list of Dos and Don’ts. This way, you will have the right product in your closet.

Question & Answer

Why are medallions so expensive?

The cost of a medallion depends upon its material composition and rarity. Gold or Silver medallions cost more than their bronze, copper and steel counterparts. Apart from metal, the age of the medals also keeps a magnificent significance. If it is antique and belongs to decades ago, then collectors find great value spending in them. These medallions might even have some of the very significant events of history carved on them. Rare and antique items might cost you a lot.

Where to buy medallions from?

Medallions are accessible through antique shops, jewellery shops or even décor stores. You can step into the market or choose to order online.  However, if you go to brick and mortar stores, you will have a limited number of options to choose from. Online stores have a range of styles, and they are not confined to one type. You can find many kinds of medallions, including antiques and accessories under one roof. One such store is We are home to hundreds of online stores having a trendy collection with amazing deals. You can even compare prices to get an item fitting your budget.

What are medallions made up of?

Medallions are commonly made up of Gold, Silver, Bronze, Copper, Steel or any other metal or alloy. Some medallions are more valuable than others due to their material composition. Speaking of accessories, they can contain Diamond, gemstones, pearls and other precious or semi-precious materials. You can find a wide range of medallions of different materials in the market. Some online shops also allow you to filter products based on material.

Why are medallions so popular?

Medallions have been popular since antiquity due to the commemorative and unique symbolism they carry. Over the years, medallions have taken an altogether new form. Along with being one of the most sought-after items among coin collectors, it now owns a special place in the hearts of fashionistas and décor experts. People love medallions as they make them stand out of the crowd and provide a look reflecting nobility and fearlessness.

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