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About Loose Coins

Rare coins, art and stamps are some of the popular tangible assets when it comes to investment. In the past times, people have experimented with several items to denote value. However, loose coins are the most convenient option.  Let us explore which ones offer the most significant value.

People around the globe prefer investing in loose coins for a variety of reasons. They go for precious coins such as Silver or Gold to own an inflation hedge. In contrast, commemorative coins commemorate a special event, person, place or even institution. They do not come with some get-rich-quick scheme. People collect them as they have the desire to own these tiny pieces of historical significance. There are many more types of loose coins that collectors long for. Read about various coins that can add value to your collection.

Popular types of coins

Coins come in a wide assortment depending upon construction material, carving and imprinting. Not all of them are for regular circulation. Coinage can hold historical or material values. However, some people love collecting them, whether they generate monetary value or not. There is a love and fascination collectors have for these small portable items. For example, if you look at 1794 United States Large Cent, it is an actual piece of history. Gold, Silver, BU rolls, and commemorative are some of the most popular coins people purchase worldwide. Coins and currency need not be the same always. Let us explore more about them.

Commemorative coins

Commemorative coins are issued to commemorate a particular event, institution or even a person. They are designed specially as per the occasion. They are primarily collectors’ items. However, some countries are working towards issuing coinage that can be used for regular circulation. Various types of commemorative items include regular issue coinage and circulating and non-circulating ones. In ancient times, states used to issue this coinage to represent economic or political conditions. With time, they started including special occasions like the coronation of monarchs on them. Collectors love having them since this coinage has significant events of history carved on them.

Coins without mintmarks

Dates and mint marks are two of the most important factors when it comes to collecting coins. The presence or absence of a mint mark can make a significant difference. Collectors must spot mintmarks on both the coin description and the coin. For example, if your coin is a 1927-D coin, it is dated 1927 and has the mintmark ‘D’. You can find a mintmark on a coin near the date or the reverse at the bottom. Mintmarks let the bearer know where the coin was manufactured. Today, industrialised mints can bear huge coinage loads, so there is often only one mint per country. So, mintmarks are less necessary now. A lot of mints do not even use them.

Silver eagle coins

An American silver eagle coin uses a design the same as the Walking Liberty Half Dollar. It additionally includes the year of coin issuing and the inscriptions “In God We Trust” and “Liberty.” It is an official silver bullion coin of the United States. It has one troy ounce of 99.9% pure silver. Silver eagle coinage varies so much in value. Some of them can cost a few dollars, whereas some can be very expensive. It is possible to use the silver eagle coin as legal tender. However, Silver is a precious metal. Since the silver coin price exceeds the face value of the coin, hence experts do not recommend using it as legal tender.

Tips on how to buy Loose Coins in Dubai

If you are a passionate coin collector and want to have some exquisite pieces in your collection, then this is the right place for you. Though on, we educate our customers before heading them towards the shopping section. There is a wide variety of coinage available in the market. You have to be cautious about fake material. Let us explore in detail the things to look for while buying coins online in Dubai.

  • Understand coin types  Coinage come in a wide variety ranging from Gold, Silver and Commemorative to BU rolls and more. Before heading towards shopping, you have to understand various types so that you can conclude. People use precious coinage such as Gold and Silver as a hedge against inflation. You can use them in the worst financial scenarios. Most importantly, you do not have to pay gains tax until you sell them. Other types are purchased by collectors and hobbyists who just love having coins in their closets. Some coins offer monetary value; some do not.
  • Know your supplier  You cannot just go and buy coins from anywhere. You have to know your seller because when it comes to coinage, authenticity is an important consideration. When you choose an online store or local dealer, read about them as much as possible. Read online reviews and, if it’s possible, inquire about the quality and genuineness of products from their existing customers.
  • Consider material  Metals or alloys are the construction materials of coins. If you are interested in its monetary value, then know its material. Analyze whether the value is going to increase in future or not. Moreover, fake materials might degrade with time, so be cautious while selecting one.
  • The rarity of the coin  A coin’s value can increase with its rarity. The joy of holding a rare coin that you have always wanted is indescribable. If you love antique items, every coin you bring to your collection keeps you aware of our rich history. So, whenever you decide to purchase any coin, check its rarity and age so that you can make valuable additions to your collection.

Coins are valuable whether you collect them as your interest or investment. Consider the above tips and buy them from a reputable dealer. If you do not want to spend much time finding one, then log on to, where we have brought together more than 500 online stores offering genuine products. You can find an extensive collection under one roof and even compare prices. We have Gold, Silver, Commemorative and many other popular types of loose coins for sale. Also, find other jewellery accessories at reasonable prices. So, hurry up and have a happy shopping experience!

Question & Answer

Are coins magnetic?

The magnetism of a coin depends upon its construction material. For example, the primary constituent of most British coins is steel, alloy, iron and other metals. Iron is the most ferromagnetic material. So, these coins are magnetic. Steel and Nickle alloy coins are mostly magnetic. In the United States, 1943 steel cents were found magnetic while about Canadian cents, some of them can be magnetic, and some are not.

Why are coins significant?

Coins are important for various reasons, such as creating a hedge against inflation, having a historical piece of art, or enjoying no taxation. Investing in precious and rare coins is a part of most investment portfolios. If you have them, you can always use them in your hard times. Some of the passionate coin collectors do it just as a hobby. Their prime choice is commemorative coins which are issued to commemorate some special events.

Which coins are the most valuable?

World’s most valuable coins include 1794 Flowing Hair Silver Dollar, 1933 Saint-Gaudens Double Eagle, 1787 Brasher Doubloon EB on Breast, 723 Umayyad Gold Dinar, 1795 Gold Eagle, 1913, Liberty Head Nickel, 1804 Bust Dollar – Class I and 1792 Birch Cent. The value of a coin is not the measure of its face value. There are certain factors to evaluate the value of a coin, such as a rarity, construction material etc.

Which coins are made up of Silver?

All U.S. silver dimes, quarters and a half dollars that had been minted in 1964 or before having 90% silver. The half dollars minted after 1970 and Dimes and quarters minted after 1965 have clad. Clad in a combination of Nickel and Copper. The easiest way to identify if your coin is Silver or not is to view its edge. It is true most of the time. If the stripe is Silver, then be confident it’s Silver, and if it looks like copper, then it is clad.

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