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Shaun Leane Arc triple cufflinks - STERLING SILVER
Shaun Leane Arc triple cufflinks - STERLING SILVER
Sterling silver Arc triple cufflinks from Shaun Leane featuring a T-bar fastening, a polished fin...
Chanel Pre-Owned cutout ribbon cuff - GOLD
Chanel Pre-Owned cutout ribbon cuff - GOLD
Boasting as much power as the women wearing them, Chanel’s jewellery line is composed of strong d...
Kasun London orb & pearl cufllinks - Metallic
Kasun London orb & pearl cufllinks - Metallic
Sterling silver orb & pearl cufllinks from KASUN LONDON.

About Cufflinks

When it comes to purchasing jewellery for men, we have limited options. Cufflinks are one of them! They are both classy and ornamental. If you have a wardrobe full of long-sleeved shirts, then you are missing a pair of cufflinks. Let us know how to purchase and style them. 

Cufflinks are fashionable tools that men use to fasten shirt cuffs. Men wear them with formal or semi-formal shirts. They are often associated with tuxedo ensembles, but they can perform a range of wardrobe roles for you due to their versatile nature. However, you will not find it on casual shirts. If it is there, then it must be custom designed or carried to break style rules. To wear cufflinks, you need to have either single or double cuffs on the sleeves of your shirt. Unlike sewn buttons, cufflinks are removable, so you can detach them whenever you feel like them. Common cuff ornaments include bullet back, whaleback, fixed back, ball return and chain link cufflinks. Read on to know more about them.

A detailed guide on cufflinks and studs

Cufflinks and studs are an excellent addition if you want to complete your formal look. Cufflinks are worn on cuffs, whereas studs are placed as buttons on the front of your shirt. It is simple to wear them. To wear cufflinks, you need to bring the opening of your sleeves together and hold the cufflink in a vertical position. After that, pierce it into the buttonhole and remember the decorative part faces outwards. When it comes out from the other side, release it into a horizontal position. Coming to their types, cufflinks for men come in a wide assortment ranging from common and inexpensive to uniquely crafted pieces. Here is the list of some must-have pieces.

Rose gold cufflinks

Most of the men carry really expensive cufflinks. Rose Gold is one of those types. We cannot deny the fact that rose gold has been cherished throughout the years. It is a sign of prosperity and wealth. If you own a pair of rose gold cuff pins, then you are clearly making a bold statement. It is stylish and can make you reach the ultimate peak of style. Rose gold cuff ornaments paired with studs make you stand out of the crowd every time you carry them. They mostly complement your black or navy tuxedos. If you want to wear gold but do not like the yellowish appearance, then rose gold is the way out. Rose gold jewellery is good at taking out warm tones so give it a try. You will love it!

Stainless steel cufflinks

Stainless steel is the next material on the list to consider. If you want to have variety and reach different levels of styling every day, then stainless steel cufflinks are best for you. They come in an array of shapes, sizes and colours to complement different outfits. Some of the common styles are cross, geometric, double layer, gold-tone and black plated ones. Stainless steel pieces can work pretty much as your everyday accessory. These are versatile, affordable and easy to wear. It is a plus point if you are good at pairing them with your various accessories like studs, watches and pocket squares.

Personalised cufflinks

When it comes to fashion, you are lucky if you can be personalised and classy at the same time. Well, that’s what personalised cufflinks have to offer! You can slay your professional looks with a cufflink and still stick to personalisation. If you buy cufflinks online, certain stores allow you to customise your product. For example, you can get the initials of your name or even the full name engraved on it. Besides, if you love any religious or generic symbol, you can have it on your ornament. It can also make a great gift due to its unlikeness.

Tips on how to buy Cufflinks

Cufflinks would be a great addition to your closet, complementing your shirts ranging from basic white to flamboyant ones. They add an accent to your suit-boot ensemble. You will see a lot of men with cuff ornaments at social or business events. You must be eager to add one to your collection by now. Before you head on to shopping, let us first know what to look for to buy cufflinks online in Dubai.

  • Know the material Modern jewellery can be made up of almost anything. Similar is the case with cufflinks! They come in various construction materials, including crystal, carbon fibre, glass, enamel, onyx, gunmetal, silk, rose gold, titanium, platinum and more. Gold and platinum are everyone’s favourite. Moving on to titanium, it is lightweight and durable. Carbon fibre is sleek and versatile, whereas crystal and enamel sets come in attractive looks. Different materials offer different benefits. Whichever you choose, always analyse its durability and cost.
  • See what is in trend  If you are looking to revamp your style with jewellery, you should keep trends in consideration. Bullet, skull, moustache, vintage and watch shaped cufflinks are some of the trending styles. Whether you want to impress a big date or flaunt your new position at work, these jewellery pieces can do a whole lot for you.
  • Consider your outfits  Many gentlemen own cufflinks but are unsure of how to pair them with outfits. So, when you purchase a pair, be sure it suits your shirts. You can carry any type of cufflink with your plain white shirt except silver or white. Choose diamonds for your non-white shirts but just for evening and night events. With the striped shirt, go for matching colours and avoid too much contrasting effects. For checked shirts, choose solid gold or silver cuff pins.
  • Pick from a good brand  If you are a rare buyer, you should pick your product from the best cufflinks brands. Good brands always provide a quality experience. Let us take a sneak peek at some of the good brands. Jovivi, Promotioneer, Cartier, Gucci, Hermes, Paul Smith, Tiffany and Co, Louis Vuitton, Versace, Armani and Pandora are the best players in the market, circulating classy and trendy products. You can find all these brands on

Now that you know where to pick a beautiful set of cufflinks from, you might want to commence your online shopping journey. Though you can come in a state of dilemma, looking at so many options. So, here is a way out. Log on, and choose from a vast collection of cufflinks offered by hundreds of popular online stores. You can also compare prices to find the right product under your budget on our product search engine. Go ahead and start your shopping before the amazing deals end.

Question & Answer

Can cufflinks be worn with any shirt?

No. Your shirt should be long-sleeved and have single or double cuffs. Besides, your shirt should be formal or semi-formal. Cufflinks do not complement casual shirts. Still, if you see someone carrying it with the casual ensemble, know that it is custom-made. So if you have a long-sleeved shirt and holes in the cuff, you can carry cufflinks. If you are in search of a good collection of cufflinks, then you can find them right here on our shopping search engine.

How should cufflinks be worn?

Your shirt should have single or French cuffs with holes on both sides of the opening to carry cufflinks. To wear them, pinch the cuff of your shirt in a way that the holes of one sleeve get pressed together. Insert the cufflink through both holes. Just remember that the decorative part of the cufflink should face outside. Then, secure it on your cuff’s backside depending upon the style of your cufflink. So, this is the right and perfect way of wearing cufflinks.

Are cufflinks in style in 2020?

Wearing cufflinks has always been a fashion choice for business and corporate professionals. A piece of elegant cuff pins paired with neckties and pocket squares can instantly take your style game up from 0 to 100. Some of the trendy and evergreen pieces include bullet, skull, moustache, vintage and watch cufflinks. If you want to add some ruggedness to your outfits, prefer bullet or skull-shaped pieces. On the other hand, moustache cuff pins are known to add a subtle touch of masculinity to your outfits. Watch shaped pieces are large and classy, whereas for an old school look, try vintage ones.

Where to buy cufflinks in Dubai?

Cufflinks come in a wide variety depending on shapes, sizes, patterns, brands and materials. We often land in a state of dilemma, looking at so many options. If you want to buy cufflinks online in Dubai, do not worry! We have brought together more than 500 online stores offering the latest pieces at competitive prices. You can find many good brands here. Moreover, it is easy to compare prices here to find cheap options. So, go ahead and buy now!

In all, cufflinks would be a lovely addition to your closet. Now, if you want to purchase trendy pieces, you do not have to step out of your home. Log on to, where we feature some of the top-class brands offering great products. Try advanced filters and sorting options to narrow down your choices. Go ahead and have a happy shopping experience!