About Anklets

Ears are adorned with earrings. A necklace is worn around the neck. Bracelets and watches are accessories for the wrist. If you want to accessorise your ankles, then anklets can do the trick. These are also known worldwide for various names like payel, chain, and string. By choosing the right design that works well for your outfit, an anklet can give your style an incredible upgrade.

This iconic accessory comes in an assortment of material constructions such as gold, silver, leather, nylon, plastic, beads, and shells. However, various myths are surrounding it. In some cultures, the groom gifts the bride, an anklet as a symbol of love. Whereas, a spinster wearing it on the right ankle is believed as a call girl. However, in Christian belief, wearing it on the left ankle alludes to the devil. So,  you can easily find whatever it is that suits your needs, preferences, and budget while you look for anklets online. But before you embark on a shopping spree, let’s first discover some exciting things about this jewellery accessory. So, read on.

Different types of ankle jewellery to spruce up your look

Incorporating an anklet into your daily outfit is the best way to look stylish. Whether you are aiming to slay a casual attire or want to look elegant in your office wear, this accessory is a great pick. Whatever the case may be, the charm of anklets is timeless. And if you are looking for cheap anklets online in Dubai, you can find them all here on Let’s explore below some of the types that you can select from.

The elegant precious metal anklet

This one is available in different metals like silver, gold, white gold, German silver, nickel, brass, and copper. It is quite popular among women and girls for its longevity and straightforward design. You can find it in an array of shapes, sizes, and designs. What’s more, you can select between a single thin or double-layered chain. And of course, the price range varies too depending on the metal of your choice. A gold ankle bracelet becomes a costly item when decorated with a diamond.

The beautiful birthstone anklet

Do you have an affinity with gemstones and birthstones? Then we are sure you would love wearing an anklet featuring them. However, keep in mind that the price varies according to the stone attached to it. A rose gold anklet is perfect for someone who wants to look sophisticated yet simple. However, if you want some fancy details, you can never go wrong with other gems like moonstone, pearls, turquoise, opal, emerald, and so much more.

The silver ankle bracelet

Are you looking for something with a universal charm? Sterling silver anklets are versatile enough to go with any style statement. They can be plain or embellished with other materials such as white crystal stones. Additionally, you can freely customise them with an array of ornaments, including sun, moon, butterflies, hearts, dolphins, and more. If you are seeking a delightful gift for someone close to your heart, then anklets for girls make a fantastic choice.

The graceful shell anklet

If you are a beach-lover, then the shell anklet is perfect just for you. This is usually crafted with alloy metal and seashells, which are designed to give you a laidback and summery look. Interestingly, it also signifies purity, love, and peace. So, when hunting for anklets and toe rings online, don’t forget to grab a shell anklet for your next beach getaway. They are offered at prices you’ll love, so they are a must-have in your accessory collection.

The classy beaded anklet

Do you love a pop of colour in your outfit? Then get yourself a vibrant beaded anklet. It is also available in different shapes like hearts, tubes, and stars. And that means to say it delightfully showcases your fun and quirky character. Wear it with your favourite casual outfit and pair it with high flip–flops or flat shoes, and you are going to steal the show! However, keep in mind that this anklet is not a good choice when it comes to formal wear.

Tips on how to buy Anklets online

When shopping for anklets online, there are gazillions of options to select from. Generally, gold, pearl, silver, diamond, brass, beaded, and brass varieties are the most in-demand among shoppers. However, what looks stunning for some may not suit you. Therefore, you need to determine your needs and preferences before you make a purchase. Well, online shopping for silver anklets doesn’t require much thought, as they work well for everyone. Here are some practical tricks that will help you choose the best anklet for your toes. Have a quick look!

Size matters – Before adding a toe chain to your shopping cart, make sure you know your size. So, get your most recent measurement. A loose or tight anklet chain can take a huge toll on your comfort.

Coordinate it with your attire – The main purpose of an anklet is to be visible. So, ensure that you have the proper ensembles to wear along with it. We recommend you check your wardrobe quickly before you indulge in a shopping spree.

Consider the occasion – Yes, apart from your outfit, the occasion is also something you need to take into account when choosing an anklet. Go for something simple and tiny for formal events. Meanwhile, you can wear flamboyant ones for parties.

Give heed to your footwear – An anklet is meant to be flaunted, so don’t go for footwear that will cover it entirely. In this case, we recommend you choose a pair of stylish sandals or low-cut shoes.

Pick something that is easy to clean – Many things in life are hard enough already; don’t let cleaning your favourite anklet be one of them. Silver, gold, and leather are a breeze to maintain. However, it’s a different story when it comes to anklets with intricate designs and patterns.

Pick an adjustable one – When shopping for anklets online, it is imperative to opt for something that will fit snuggly regardless of your size. Check the product description to ensure that you are getting your hands on the right one.

Shopping for an anklet online can sometimes be challenging because a lot of factors need to be taken into account. Well, you have discovered them all now. So, we are confident you will make an informed buying decision. Browse for some great finds from your favourite brands at the best market prices. It is the best shopping search engine which is allied with more than 500 brands and shops. Promise, you will love them!

Question & Answer

Where to buy anklets online in UAE?

Anklets are a hot fad. They can step up your style game on any occasion. And if you are searching for the best ones to add to our collection, you are in the right place. We are a superfast product search engine offering an array of anklets from some of the top online shops in the UAE. And we have more than 500 popular brands & shops allied with us. Thus, you can explore their collection today and compare prices to get the one that suits your taste and budget!

Are anklets out of style?

No, they are still as popular as they were before. In fact, celebs and artists are commonly seen sporting them in magazines and TV shows. And the best part is, they are not only popular among ladies. A lot of men also fancy anklets, as they give a touch of character to a rugged style statement. With a universal appeal for both sexes, anklets are a fantastic accessory that deserves a spot in your wardrobe.

Which anklets are best?

This will basically depend on your preferences and the occasion. Do you want to wear something with a tribal design? This anklet is a common choice for backpacking trips, beach getaways, and the like. However, if you want something stylish and versatile, silver and gold varieties are your best pick. They go well for both casual and formal wear, making them a favourite of men and women worldwide.

Where should Ankle sit?

Wearing an anklet for the first time? Ensure that it comfortably sits below the ankle bone. This accessory can also be worn on either of the legs or both, depending on your preference and tradition. Your comfort is of paramount importance, so we recommend you go for an anklet with an adjustable feature. This way, it will stay in place, and you’ll feel like you’re not wearing anything at all.

Do you always daydream about wearing a chic anklet? Here on, we will make that a reality. Whether you are on a hunt for anklets for men or women, you have 500+ brands to select from. These include Pandora, Fabula, Messika, Agatha, Swarovski, Tiffany & Co, Damas, Chanel, Aldo, Sasha, Alex and Ani, James Avery Artisan, Joanna Laura Constantine, and so much more. And the best part is, they are offered at amazing prices. What are you waiting for? Start your shopping spree today!

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