Strada Chain Bracelet in 14kt Gold Plating
Strada Chain Bracelet in 14kt Gold Plating
The Strada bracelet by American jeweller Laura Lombardi will be an elegant addition to your accessory collection. Sleek and fluid, its flattened chain links are crafted from 14kt gold-plated recycled brass for a rich glossy finish. Create a perfect matching set with the Strada necklace from the same collection.
Curb Chain Bracelet with 14kt Gold Plating
Curb Chain Bracelet with 14kt Gold Plating
Subtle and stylish, the Curb Chain Bracelet from Laura Lombardi brings a chic flash of gold to the wrist. Made in the United States, the bracelet is coated with gleaming 14kt gold, lending a luxurious touch. Wear it alone or stack with similar pieces.
Box Chain Bracelet in 14kt Gold Plating
Box Chain Bracelet in 14kt Gold Plating
Subtle and stylish, this box chain bracelet from Laura Lombardi brings a chic flash of gold to the wrist. Made in the United States, the bracelet is coated with gleaming 14kt gold, lending a luxurious touch. Wear it alone or stack it with similar pieces.
Carla Chain Bracelet in 14kt Gold Plating
Carla Chain Bracelet in 14kt Gold Plating
Put an extravagant finishing touch on your outfits with Laura Lombardi's handcrafted Carla bracelets. Forged from recycled brass and plated with 14kt gold, its chunky circular links and self-closing clasp result in a strong statement look. Showcase this piece with a sleeveless evening gown or sporty-luxe tank dress.
Presa Curb Chain Bracelet in 14kt Gold Plating
Presa Curb Chain Bracelet in 14kt Gold Plating
Laura Lombardi's Presa Bracelet makes a statement within the jewellery rotation. Crafted in 14kt gold-plated brass, the chunky chain closes with an original oval clasp closure. Wear layered with smaller bracelets to highlight a slender wrist.

About Bracelets

When shopping for something elegant for your wrist, you can never go wrong with sleek and stylish bracelets. It is flexible and has an adjustable clasp to get well-fitted on your wrist. When worn on the ankle, it is called an ankle bracelet. Whereas, while putting on the boot, it’s called boot bracelet.   

But, do you know from where bracelet term is derived? No! It derived from the Latin word called brachile which means of the arm. There are many sentiments and believes related to this ornament. In ancient times, Greek soldiers used to wear it on their armbands. And, the Sumerians of the Southern Mesopotamia also used to wear it. Although, we used it today for aesthetic purposes, in the old times this ornament used to serve spiritual purposes. What’s more, while looking for bracelets for women, prioritize your needs, preferences, and budget. But before that, let’s get some insight into the types of bracelets to look for.

Types of bracelets to enhance your look 

Nowadays, bracelets are surfing on the internet a lot. And surprisingly, both men and women wish to fit it on their lifestyles. Therefore, you need to choose your bracelet in such a way that reflects your personality and taste. Moreover, you can get it in an array of metals, beads, gemstones, and much more. There are so many beautiful bracelets online, how will you choose the right product that will suit your personality?  To aid you in your choice, we have compiled the kinds of bracelets to look for

Get sparking look with sterling silver bracelets 

Do you wish to put on an elegant piece of jewellery to spark up your look? Yes! Then, these sterling silver bracelets are perfect for you. It is the most lovable pieces of accessory among women. As they can choose to wear it for both office and party attire to look gorgeous. And they don’t have to think otherwise for different occasions. And sometimes, you might also see this accessory carrying with a single charm, small silver links or line chains. While shopping online, you need to check the top-notch brands. Some of them are Sasha, Van Cleef, Charms Day, Swarovski, Agatha, Tiffany & Co, Tateossian, Hermes, Bil Arabi, Dior, Gucci, Tory Burch, Title of work, Armani, Charriol, Monica Vinader, and so more.

Unleash your elegance with Gold charm bracelet 

If you have an affinity towards gold and wish to add on all your accessories, then this masterpiece is for you. You can choose to accompany it with a formal dress as well as traditional attire. It gives you a classic touch yet with a modern twist on your appearances. Depending on your choice, you can choose between modern heavy oblong or semi-solid oval-shaped links. But your options don’t get end here. To explore the fabulous collection, visit which is allied with the topmost brands and stores. And enjoy the incredible discounts all around the year.

Slay your funky look with charm bracelets 

Do you get bored with carrying one piece of jewellery every day? Then it’s a time to change your mood with charm bracelets. It has small trinkets or charms hanging from a chain or link, often called link bracelet. So, it doesn’t matter whether you have one or dozens of charms, you can customize it as per your choices. Are you seeking to buy bracelets in Dubai? Then, you need to look for popular online shops like It has 500+ brands & shops allied with it. And on every festive season, you get unbelievable offers & deals to brighten up your festival. 

Be timeless with sterling silver necklace and bracelets 

Did you have a love for matching jewellery? Yes! Then this sterling silver necklace and bracelet along with anklets with complete your look. Whether you wish to accompany it on your office meeting or party, flaunt it and elegantly and confidently. You can embellish with charms or plain chain along with lobster clasp. Before you move to online shopping, set your preferences and choices. If you are seeking for a delightful gift to someone close to your heart, then bracelets for couples make a fantastic choice. Want everything in one roof? Visit to explore the unlimited collection of ornaments.

Tips for buying Bracelets for women

Bracelets are known as treasure pieces because it is believed to pass down in the family. For those who prefer a sleek and stylish yet less noticeable part of jewellery, bracelets work for them. Whether you have a chubby or thin wrist, adjustable clasps will help you in fitting correctly. This accessory comes in an assortment of materials like gold, silver, crystal, and bead. What’s more, it’s available in different shapes and design. We understand the pain you face while shopping online. There are many kinds of stuff to consider when buying the right bracelet, keeping in mind the purposes you will be using it. It’s a good idea to have a variety of bracelets on your ornamental box for different occasions.

  • Prioritise your design – Before moving shopping online, decide the design you want for yourself. As bracelets design varies from a chain, pearl or bangle, so you need to decide beforehand.
  • Choose the metal – When shopping online for this ornament, you need first to choose the metal you want to buy. Whether it’s a gold, diamond or silver bracelet you wish to have for yourself.
  • Cuff or clasp – There are many bracelets which are available in cuff or clasp So, it would be best if you decided how to wear it. The choice always depends on your wrist size and the purposes to be used.
  • Attachable or detachable charms – If you choose a charm bracelet, then decide whether you want attachable or detachable charms. Well, the detachable charm has certain advantages of wearing it differently.
  • Budget matters – While shopping for bracelets, go through the price tags carefully. Try to compare the prices with other brands and make the final call. It would help if you shopped economically rather than lavishly
  • Choose the stores carefully – It is important to choose the stores carefully, which stands with their words. Here on we offer you the convenience of choosing the right products. Thus, you will explore myriads collection from eminent brands and shops.

So, are you excited to flaunt your sleek and elegant bracelet? Commence your shopping journey along with us! Here you will get an excellent collection of jewellery like bracelets or anklets with the best price deals. However, it is the best Dubai search engine, which is allied with 500 brands and shops. And provides incredible discounts and offers throughout the year. Are you excited? Go and start shopping today!

Questions & Answers

Can bracelets be shortened?

Yes! You can choose to get the bracelet cut down or attach additional links. It entirely depends on the design of bracelets you want. If you select chain, then you can put the clasp on the right place to adjust.  Many people don’t realize that they can alter the size if it doesn’t fit correctly. Jewellers can help you in this scenario as they do for rings, with the equipment. While shopping for bracelets, consider buying from popular brands. Some of those are Some of them are Sasha, Van Cleef, Charms Day, Swarovski, Agatha, Tiffany & Co, Tateossian, Hermes, Bil Arabi, Dior, Gucci, Tory Burch, Title of work, Armani, Charriol, Monica Vinader, and so more.

Are bracelets in style 2019?

Yes! Bracelets were extremely in fashion in 2019. They can never go out of style as you can wear it differently with different materials. You get to explore an array of options in size, design, shape, and types. There is also an option of customizing the looks with charms. The price varies with metal you choose. Suppose you select a gold or diamond bracelet. Then the price will be high. If you are seeking to buy an elegant piece of bracelet for yourself, then shop at It has an unlimited collection of items with incredible discounts all year round.

Why are Pandora bracelets so popular?

Pandora Bracelet is popular for style and beauty. You can customize them as per your choice with charms. Moreover, this accessory is made up of silver, gold, wood or multicoloured materials. Apart from that, Pandora has a vast collection of jewellery for necks, hands, and fingers, which are unique and beautiful. If you wish to add one such bracelet on your wardrobe, then shop at We have a vast collection of items under one roof, which allow you to compare the prices among the brands.

Where to buy bracelets in Dubai?

Bracelets are a popular piece of jewellery in the market. It can never go out of fashion, as women can carry them with every attire. The most exciting thing about it, even men, love this accessory, to enhance their look. So, while buying bracelets in Dubai, you might come across plenty of brands and shops. But try to choose the best shops which will provide you with excellent deals.

So, what are you waiting? Start shopping with Shops. ae. And explore the mind-blowing collection of jewellery accessories with the best price in the market. Embark your quest for the perfect brand, here! Hurry!