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Most of us iron clothes every day or at least once a week. Everyone expects quick, wrinkle-free, and spotless results in the end, but it isn’t easy most of the time as we still rely on our old irons. So, if you are thinking of an upgrade, you must get your hands on a steam iron with advanced and useful features. Read on to know more. 

In the olden days, we used to have dry irons, but to deal with heavy fabrics like denim, we had to sprinkle some water on them before ironing. Well, popular brands eliminated this pain point by introducing advanced steam presses. Steam irons come with a water tank through which they release steam while ironing to achieve better and quick results. So, you can easily remove stubborn wrinkles from almost all fabrics. So, a hot and steamy machine with the best soleplate can do wonders to any of your garments. Are you ready to explore more about them? If yes, then on this page, we will unveil everything you need to know about the steam press, its features, and its varieties. Towards the end, you can find tips and tricks to buy clothes iron online in the UAE. 

Popular types of cloth iron

They come in a wide assortment based on their type, weight, design, and build. You can find a variety of cloth iron for sale online in the UAE. The dry press is the most basic type that comes in a lightweight structure with basic controls. On the other hand, the steam press produces steam to moisten the clothes while ironing. You will find them in many user and fabric-friendly features like self-cleaning mechanisms, auto shut off, and overheat protection. You can even find them in the form of portable machines that are compact and effective. It is easy to carry them in bags or purses while you are travelling. Continue reading to explore details about popular types that are widely used. 

 Flat iron

Clothes iron, also referred to as flat iron, is a household appliance that helps us remove creases from garments. You can find it in dry and steam variations. Dry irons work with the help of their weight and heat, whereas a steam press releases steam after certain intervals to moisten the fabric while ironing for better results. Dry ones are good for fabrics like silk and other delicate stuff. However, it is generally not the best flat iron for heavy fabric like denim. Speaking of the steam type, you can use it on almost all materials. They produce quick and wrinkle-free results. However, they might cost more than dry irons. 

Garment steamer

A garment steamer is a device used to quickly remove the wrinkles from clothes with the help of high-temperature steam. You must have noticed this machine in malls where a massive collection of clothes are being sold. There are three basic sizes in which you can find the streamers. One is commercial floor models that can be found in large manufacturing plants or maybe at dry cleaners. Another one is the mid-sized style that you will find in small stores or tailors. Next up is a handheld device that is a household item. It is the best type of cloth iron to deal with delicate fabrics. 

Travel iron

This is an excellent innovation, especially for those who travel a lot for business meetings or trips. It comes in a compact structure and sometimes foldable patterns so that you can fit it in your bags. They are mostly dry irons, but you can also find them in steam versions. It is a helpful device if you want to save your pocket from expensive hotel charges. Do not judge these machines by their size, and there are really effective if you purchase high-quality models. The best lightweight steam iron or dry iron comes with exciting temperature settings, a no-stick plate, and anti-drip features. 

Popular irons like Black and Decker, Tefal & Philips steam iron

There are so many options available when it comes to purchasing press that you will definitely feel a dilemma while picking one. If you face a tough time deciding, you can leave it to popular brands or sellers like Philips, Tefal & Black and Decker. Philips is one of the incredible brands for its Philips steam iron, dry irons, portable models and more. On the other hand, Tefal steam irons are another popular device with great models like Tefal GV7466 Express Anti-Scale High-Pressure Steam Generator and budget picks like Tefal GV9071 Pro Express Care High-Pressure Steam Generator. You can even make one from a range of dry and steam Black and Decker irons for good results. 

Tips on how to buy Irons Online

Nowadays, customers often remain confused with a tremendous amount of options and smart technologies. Whether it’s about steam iron or any other household equipment, the dilemma is a part of the purchase. Steam irons may vary based on their type, water tank capacity, number of steam vents, sole plate type and many more factors. So, how to know which one is the best and most appropriate? If you are having a hard time deciding, then here are some tips that will help you.

  • Understand categories of steam iron – All the types of ironing machines work towards removing wrinkles. However, some of them glide easily, whereas others produce a huge amount of steam. There are three main types of iron systems- conventional steam iron, steam ironing system and cordless iron. The first one produces a small amount of hot steam, while the second one ensures a constant steam flow in high-pressure volumes. The best cordless clothes iron are apt for travelling.
  • Consider the amount of steam produced – It forms another essential consideration during purchasing steam iron. Every iron comes with different steam capacities, which is measured in grams per minute. Suppose some ironing machines may have 200 grams/minute, whereas others may stick to 35 grams/minute. Please choose the one with a high number, but it’s better to go for the one that allows you to control the steam amount. It helps you work on both delicate as well as heavy fabric.
  • Check water tank capacity – If you have an iron with a low water tank capacity, you might have to fill the tank again and again for continuous operation. On the other hand, steam irons with large water tank capacity need to be refilled fewer times. However, they may be a bit heavy to hold.
  • Understand the type of sole plates – Soleplates can vary in size as well as material type. The plates with a larger area allow you to iron the garment quickly. The pointed tips let you deal with difficult areas such as pleats, between buttons and collars. About the material, stainless steel, ceramic and aluminium are some of the common materials made. Stainless steel is the best to deal with natural fabrics like cotton, wool etc., whereas you can choose aluminium for its low cost and better heat distribution. The ceramic coated plate can be a choice for people who iron synthetic fabrics mostly.

Now that you know many things, are you eager to explore an extensive collection of steam iron? Well, you are in the right place. Explore a wide assortment of steam ironing machines here offered by hundreds of online stores. Moreover, get features like filters and sorting to quicken your search. Compare prices to find the things falling under your budget. So, what are you waiting for? Embark on your browsing journey now!

Question & Answer

How to steam iron a dress?

First, you need to prepare the streamer for use. Start with pouring the cold water into the water tank and then plug in the streamer. Wait till the streamer warms and starts forming steam. Now, hand the garment that you want to steam. Steam it by running the streamer in a downward motion. You do not have to press it hard to remove wrinkles. This method is for handheld garment streamers. If you are using a dry iron like a streamer, you might have to place the cloth on the iron board or a table to remove the crease.

Where to buy clothes ironing machines online in the UAE?

If you search for the best iron machine in the UAE, then you are in the correct place. is a product search engine where you can find over 500 stores that sell the best steam irons. Moreover, it is easy to compare prices to find the products that fit your budget. So, go ahead and browse the products while stock lasts. Moreover, get features like filters and sorting to quicken your search. There are many brands and sellers listed here. So, you will have a lot to choose from.

Can a cloth iron start a fire?

Yes, there are two common reasons for fire accidents related to cloth iron. One is overheating, and another is shorted chord which may result in an electric fire. However, popular brands have formulated their product to bring these accidents to a minimum or zero by introducing various features. Still, it is recommended to use the irons keeping all the safety measures in mind. It is better to remain prepared for such conditions. Also, it is suggested to go for good models only. Cheap quality can result in accidents.

Which steam iron is the best to buy?

If you are looking for the best ones, you must try your hands on Philips, Black+Decker, Kenwood, Panasonic, Braun, Tefal, or Brentwood. These are the best and most well-known brands for their high quality and tested devices. The best part is that you can find all these brands right here. On our retail search engine, you can find a wide range of good brands. Moreover, there are many sellers listed here. So, you will have much more to choose from. So, start exploring their latest collection before it’s too late.

Keep the above information in mind while you choose a cloth iron. If you are wondering where to find the best options, you are already at your destination. is a place where you can find a vast collection of steam irons and other domestic appliances offered by popular brands of the industry. So, look no further and embark on your browsing journey.

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