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About Steam Cookers

Steam cookers or food steamers are an essential part of any modern household. They are small kitchen utensils. You can use them for cooking or preparing different food items. You can do that with help of steam holding food in a closed vessel. Such a manner of cooking is generally known as steaming.

These steamers have been in use for centuries. The ancient Chinese people used pottery steamers for cooking. The oldest Archaeological excavation uncovered was named “Yan” steamers. The Yan has two vessels; a zeng with a perforated floor surmounted on a pot or a boiler with a tri-pot base and a lid cover. The earliest yan steamer unearth was from 5000 BC. Today these cookers are an essential part of any commercial or domestic kitchen. Many recipes are incomplete without these steamers. Additionally, considering varying needs there are different types of steamer pots used for various food items.

Benefits and uses of the steam pressure cooker

A pressure cooker works by sealing food in an airtight container that looks more like a crockpot. Today we can also find electric steam cookers, but they are much different in working and results as compared to the one designed to cook on a stovetop. Usually, pressure cookers cook the food in liquid. The airtight container of the cooker creates steam and lock-in all the moisture and steam. This pressurized steam cooks the food in a shorter time. Estimated you can save about two-thirds of the normal cooking time by using a pressure cooker. Here are some benefits that you can earn from this steamed cooking process.

Saving your energy and time

Electric pressure cookers are extremely energy efficient kitchen appliances, besides only microwaving. And two main factors contribute to the energy efficiency of these instant pots. The cooking chamber has insulation in it. Hence, the cooker does not need to employ any energy to heat up until the food is ready. Secondly, these cookers lesser liquid than any traditional cooking method and will also boil faster. As compared to other cooking methods like baking, steaming, or boiling, pressurized cooking can reduce the cooking time and energy usage by up to 70%.

Retention of Nutrients and Vitamins

Both boiling and regular steaming can cause water-soluble vitamins to leave food. As a result, the nutritional value of the food decreases. Contradictory a pressure-cooking method cooks the food fast, evenly, and deeply. It may allow food to retain up to 90% of these essential water-soluble nutrients. It means you can enjoy the real sum of vitamins any food items have to offer, naturally. Besides securing the nutrients, pressure cooking also helps to reduce health-harming compounds in meat, vegetable, or fruits.

Preserving taste and look of the food

When we speak of traditional cooking in an open container the food has exposure to heat and oxygen. This exposure leads to dulled colours and almost diminished flavours of the food as it naturally has. On the other hand, pressure cooking saturates the food with pressurized heat and allow the retention of bright colours and phytochemicals. in the same way, the airtight mechanism enables faster and more profound development of flavours. And this is how it helps a cook to make tastier food.

Elimination of harmful microorganisms in food

By creating an environment that allows water to boil at a temperature higher than 100 Celsius, the pressure cookers are exceptional in their multi-faceted abilities. Thus, they can effectively destroy harmful bacteria. At times people always use it as a sterilization tool for jars and baby bottles and also for treating water. At other times, these cookers are ideal to neutral different naturally existing toxins. Ley’s say phytohaemagglutinin that is common in red beans. Hence, they are useful in killing these toxins when boiling alone cannot work.

Tips on how to buy Steam Cooker online in the UAE 

When it comes to buying cheap steam pressure cookers online, there are endless options to shop. However, the product comes with some serious features and technical specifications. Therefore, for first-time buyers, it is always a tricky job to deal with. And to secure your investment, you need to review the product thoroughly and understand it before picking it. This section of the article will share some tips on how you can make a wise buying decision.

  • Capacity – Start by deciding what capacity of the cooker you will need. Here you need to consider the number of family members you will be cooking for. You can read the product description section to know how much rice you can cook in one run.
  • Features – These cookers come with many features; however, not all features are available in the models you will see. So, if you are looking for any specific feature, you should search for the products that come with the needed features. Here consulting an expert is a good idea.
  • Cleaning instructions – These cookers are easier to clean. But if you are opting for any advanced version, you may need to check the additional care instruction for cleaning the products. For safety, look into the product description section to find cleaning instructions.
  • Brand – Look for reliable brands; this is how you can ensure the safety of money invested. An authentic brand also comes with a considerable amount of guarantee on its products. This is how you can secure your money and ensure the delivery of a lasting product for your home.
  • Price – The price of these cookers vary with the features, style, size, brand, and model. Therefore, if you have a limited budget, you need to do some market search to find what products are available within the given price limit.

Customer reviews and ratings of the product are also of great importance. They help the customers to know about the real performance of the product. Besides, this is where you can also find other suggestions from real-time customers and decide if the product is suitable as per your needs or you will need to do a second run of search. Once you have an idea of what type of rice cooker will suit your needs, use any retail search engine to find relevant options.

Question & Answer

How does the steam cooker work?

The cooker works by raising the temperature of boiling water, thereby speeding up the time it takes to boil, braise, or steam. The trapped steam increases the atmospheric pressure inside the cooker by 15 pounds per square inch (psi), or 15 pounds above normal sea-level pressure.

Where to buy a steam cooker online in the UAE?

You can explore any product search engine to find top-quality pressure cookers online in the UAE. This is where you can find the latest products from all top brands like Bosch, Black+Decker, Philips, Daewoo, Elekta, Nutricook, Russell Hobbs, Harmony, Tefal, Raj, Vinod, Prestige, WMF, KitchenCraft, and Silit. Moreover, at, you can also find price comparison tools to compare and buy rice cookers within your budget.

Which steam cooker is the best?

An ideal steam cooker depends on certain factors. These include the capacity or number of people you want to cook for if you will use it for a domestic or commercial kitchen, and what type of use it will majorly have. Keeping aside these specifications, some of the bestselling items that you can find and buy in the market are Steam Zone Food Steamer; the Digital Glass Steamer; the Digital Food Steamer; the Auto-IQ Multi/Slow Cooker; the Pot-Style Rice Cooker and Food Steamer; and the AVENT by Philips.

So, if you wish to be a pro chef and entertain your friends and family with the best, explore to buy products from top global shops.