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Prestige Rice Cooker 6.6 Litre 2500W, Non-stick coating inner pot with Stainless Steel lid, PR81508
Technical Details Brand Prestige Model Number PR81508 Color WHITE Package Dimensions 50.6 x 48.4 ...
AED 377.-
Impex 400W 1 Liter Automatic Electric Rice Cooker with Aluminum Inner Pot Safety Protection Heating Coil-(White)-(RC 2801)
Technical Details Brand Impex Model Number RC 2801 Color White Product Dimensions 27 x 22 x 21 cm...
AED 64.-
Impex 500 W Electric Rice Cooker With Steamer (1.5 Ltr)-(Multicolour)-(RC 2802)
Technical Details Brand IMPEX Model Number RC 2802 Color Multicolour Product Dimensions 25 x 25 x...
AED 74.-
Impex 700W 1.8 Litre Automatic Electric Rice Cooker with Aluminium Inner Pot Safety Protection heating Coil-(White)-(RC 2803)
Technical Details Brand Impex Model Number RC 2803 Color White Product Dimensions 32 x 32 x 35 cm...
AED 85.-
Impex 2.8 Liter Automatic Electric Drum Rice Cooker with Aluminum Inner Pot & Safety Protection Heating Coil-(White)-(RC 2804)
Technical Details Brand Impex Model Number 890612 Color White Product Dimensions 32.2 x 32.2 x 31...
AED 127.-
BLACK+DECKER Rice Cooker 1100W White 2.8 litres Rc2850-B5
Technical Details Brand Black & Decker Model Number RC2850 Color White Product Dimensions 30.48 x...
AED 201.-
Gratus 2 In 1 Electric Rice Cooker, Cook and Keep Warm, 1.5 L Capacity-(GRC15500GBC)
Gratus 2 In 1 Electric Rice Cooker, Cook and keep warm, 1.5 L capacity, Model- GRC15500GBC(White)...
AED 87.-
Geepas Electric Rice Cooker-(GRC1828)
Product Features Power (Watt) : 350W Capacity:O. 9L Cooking and keep warm function Toughened glas...
AED 66.-
Gratus 2 In 1 Multipurpose Electric Rice Cooker, Cooks and Keep Warm-(Pink)-(GRC18700GBC)
Gratus 2 In 1 Electric Rice Cooker, Cook and keep warm, 1.8 L capacity, Model- GRC18700GBC (Pink)...
AED 99.-
Geepas 1.5L Rice Cooker-(White)-(GRC35011)
Technical Details Brand Geepas Model Number GRC35011 Color White Product Dimensions 25 x 24 x 26 ...
AED 104.-
Geepas 10 L Electric Rice Cooker with Steamer, GRC4323
Technical Details Brand Geepas Model Number GRC4323 Color GRAY Package Dimensions 53.8 x 52.4 x 3...
AED 399.-
Geepas Electric Rice Cooker-(Multi)-(GRC4325)
Technical Details Brand Geepas Model Number GRC4325 Color Multi Package Dimensions 24.8 x 24.6 x ...
AED 78.-
Geepas 2.8 Liter Aluminium Rice Cooker-(Silver)-(GRC4327)
Technical Details Brand Geepas Model Number GRC4327 Color Silver Package Dimensions 37.8 x 36.8 x...
AED 143.-
Geepas Rice Cooker-(Red)-(GRC4328)
Technical Details Brand Geepas Model Number 6294010888015 Color Red Product Dimensions 29.6 x 30....
AED 113.-
Geepas 1.8L Rice Cooker-(Pink)-(GRC4329)
Technical Details Brand Geepas Model Number RIV001 Color Pink Package Dimensions 30.1 x 29.7 x 29...
AED 97.-
Geepas Stainless Steel Rice Cooker with Non-stick Innerpot, 1.8L, GRC4330
Technical Details Brand Geepas Model Number RIV001 Color Silver/Black Package Dimensions 31.4 x 3...
AED 139.-
Geepas 1.8 Liter Sealed Lid Rice Cooker, Blue, GRC4333
Technical Details Brand Geepas Model Number GRC4333 Color Blue Product Dimensions 29.8 x 30.2 x 2...
AED 165.-
Geepas 1.5 L Electric Rice Cooker with Steamer-(White)-(GRC4334)
Technical Details Brand Geepas Model Number 2724446328020 Color White Product Dimensions 26.6 x 2...
AED 92.-
Nikai Rice Cooker NR672N1 White
Highlights Features compact design which ensures optimum portability and storage. Profuse interna...
AED 93.-
Nikai Rice Cooker NR701A White
Description: Overview - Operating Frequency: 50-60 Hz, Operating Voltage: 210-230 V Features non-...
AED 74.-
Olsenmark 650 Watts Automatic Rice Cooker, 1.8 Litre Capacity-(White)-(OMRC2117)
Technical Details Brand Olsenmark Model Number OMRC2117 Color White Product Dimensions 25 x 25 x ...
AED 120.-
Olsenmark Rice Cooker 1.5 L-(White)-(OMRC2122)
Technical Details Brand Olsenmark Model Number OMRC2122 Color White Package Dimensions 27.2 x 27....
AED 105.-
Olsenmark Automatic Rice Cooker, 3 Litre Capacity-(White)-(OMRC2183)
Technical Details Brand Olsenmark Model Number OMRC2183 Color White Product Dimensions 30 x 30 x ...
AED 144.-
Olsenmark 1600W Rice Cooker with Steamer, 4.2 Liter Capacity-(Multicolor)-(OMRC2205)
Technical Details Brand Olsenmark Model Number OMRC2205 Color Multi Product Dimensions 16 x 16 x ...
AED 210.-
Olsenmark 3 In 1 Rice Cooker, 1.5 Litre Capacity-(White)-(OMRC2251)
Technical Details Brand Olsenmark Model Number OMRC2251 Color White Product Dimensions 30.6 x 30....
AED 117.-
Sonashi 0.6 Ltr Rice Cooker With Steamer (SRC-306)
AED 79.-
Sonashi 1.5 Ltr Rice Cooker With Steamer (SRC-515)
Cool Touch BodyRemovable Cooking Pot / Non-Stick Coating Inside Inner PotAuto Shut Off / Cook And...
AED 89.-
Impex RC 2802 500 Watts 1.5 Litre Automatic Electric Rice Cooker with Aluminium Inner pot Safety Protection heating Coil
Brand Impex Capacity 1.5 Liters Colour Multicolor Lid material Glass Power / Wattage 500 watts Ab...
AED 69.-
Black+Decker Rice Cooker,RC1850-B5-SP, 1.8 litre
Brand Black & Decker Capacity 1.8 Liters Product care instructions Hand Wash Colour White Materia...
AED 115.-
Black+Decker Rice Cooker Non-Stick with Steamer 2-in-1, 1.8 L, 700 W, RC1860-B5, White
Brand Black & Decker Capacity 1.8 Liters Product dimensions 11D x 11W x 11H centimeters Product c...
AED 119.-
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About Rice Cookers

Home cooks majorly fall into two camps. Some are inclined to self-contained, single kitchen appliances like rice cookers for the precision they bring; and some give away their larger salad spinners and rice makers for simplicity. Both have their pros and cons.  

Speaking of the rice cooker, these are specialized mechanical devices majorly used for cooking rice in any commercial setting of a common household. These cookers are automated and work with the press of a button. You can add rice with an appropriate amount of water in it and let it cook according to the defined settings. Luckily, these cookers work well with almost all types of rice including jasmine, healthy brown or basmati rice. Experts claim that once you prepare rice in a cooker, you will never of back to the old stovetop methods. Considering the varying needs of the users there are different types of ice makers available in the market. So, before you think of giving a try to the idea, know what type of cooker can match your needs the best.  

Different types of electric rice cooker 

These mini rice machines are special appliances used for easy and fast cooking of rice. Toshiba made the very first rice cooker in 1955. Since then, it has become an important part of people’s life – specifically, the one which has rice as a must-have item in their diet. Besides these cookers are also helpful for those who frequently cook rice. However, it is important to note that all types of cookers have their unique sets of advantages and disadvantages. Some of the common types that you can find in the market are.  

Microwave rice cooker 

These cookers have BPA free plastic containers. Such containers allow you to cook products like oatmeal, rice, and many other types of grains right in the microwave. Due to the smaller size, these cookers are ideal for smaller kitchens. Besides freeing a lot of space on shelves and in cabinets, they also help in reducing cooking time by 50% as compared to the standard rice cooker. Microwave rice makers are inexpensive items for any household as they generally cost around $40. Another perk of this cooker is that they are dishwasher safe and last longer due to their durable built. 

Standard rice cookers  

These models are appreciated in Asian countries and are used in the majority of households. These standard cookers have a lot of additional functions and features than microwave rice makers. You can use these cookers to stew beef, steam veggies and even bake cakes. These cookers come in different sizes and serve different purposes from a small 3 cups of raw rice to extra-large 20 cups of raw rice. So, if you are a fan of rice makers, and the cost is your priority, a standard model is definitely worth your consideration.  

Micom rice cooker  

Simply speaking a micom rice cooker is a standard cooker that includes built-in microchips. A major benefit of this microchip is that it can automatically adjust the cooking time and temperature. It results in perfect fluffy rice, every single time you cook it. They also have an abundance of cooking presets. These utensils help in cooking specific food items like brown rice, white rice, porridge, or sushi. This is why these rice cookers are more convenient than conventional rice makers. In simple words, these cookers are plug and play appliances that will get the job done while saving a lot of precious time to tend to other tasks in the kitchen. 

Induction heating rice cookers 

They are the most expensive models of rice makers you will find in the market. These cookers generally start with a price range of $200 to $500. Whereas standard cookers distribute heat from the bottom up, these fancy rice machines create an induction heating zone by employing the entire inner pot as a heat conductor. It means that they offer far more precise heat distribution. And this is how they deliver better-textured rice grains with lower energy consumption. Due to this unique feature, these cookers are also used at a commercial level in small size corporate kitchens.

Tips on how to buy Rice Cooker online in the UAE 

When it comes to buying cheap electric rice cookers online, there are endless options to shop from. However, the product comes with some serious features and technical specifications. Therefore, for a first-time buyer, it is always a tricky job to deal with. And to secure your investment, you need to review the product thoroughly and understand it before picking it. This section of the article will share some tips on how you can make a wise buying decision.

  • Capacity –  Start by deciding what capacity of the cooker you will need. Here you need to consider the number of family members you will be cooking for. You can read the product description section to know how much rice you can cook in one run.
  • Features – These cookers come with many features; however, not all features are available in the models you will see. So, if you are looking for any specific feature, you should search for the products that come with the needed features. Here you can consult experts or look for peer suggestions to start your search.
  • Cleaning instructions – These cookers are mechanical and do not come with standard cleaning procedures. However, some items do support the dishwasher facility. To ensure safety, you need to look into the product description section to find cleaning instructions and other care tips you may need to know.
  • Brand – Look for reliable brands; this is how you can ensure the safety of money invested. A reliable brand also comes with a considerable amount of guarantee on its products. This is how you can secure your money and ensure the delivery of a lasting product for your home.
  • Price – The price of these cookers varies according to the features, style, size, brand, and model. Therefore, if you have a limited budget, you need to do some market search to find what products are available within the given price limit.

Customer reviews and ratings of the product are also of great importance. They help the customers to know about the real performance of the product. Besides, this is where you can also find other suggestions from real-time customers and decide if the product is suitable as per your needs or you will need to do a second run of search. Once you have an idea of what type of cooker will suit your needs, use any retail search engine to find relevant options.

Question & Answer

Can a rice cooker be used as a slow cooker?

Sure, it is an easy way to make perfect rice, but it is also a convenient way to cook a wide range of foods. For instance, a rice maker works similarly in principle as the slow cooker; it is used to moist heat at a specific time to cook food or to trap the flavours in the pot. Many rice machines come with a slow cooking setting which means you can potentially replace your slow cooker with a rice maker. These cookers can also be used for making pasta, cakes, and other delicate items.

How does the rice cooker work?

A rice cooker always works in a step by step way. You can start by measuring the amount of rice you plan to cook. Now put the rice in the filter and rinse the rice you want to cook. Make sure you rinse and strain the rice carefully. Now transfer the rice into the inner pot. Now measure the amount of cool water needed and pour it into the pot. Remember the amount of water depends on the type of rice you are cooking. Now soak the rice for about 30 minutes to shorten the cooking time. Place the pot into the rice maker and make sure it is dry on the outside. Now cover the lid of the machine and switch it on. Open the lid when rice is cooked stir the content thoroughly.

Where to buy a rice cooker online in Dubai?

You can explore any product search engine to find top quality cookers online in the UAE. This is where you can find the latest products from all top brands like Philips, Black Decker, Russell Hobbs, Prestige, Frigidaire, Kenwood, Tefal, Touch Mate, Crownline, Panasonic, Click on, Daewoo, Cuckoo, Xiaomi, and Moulinex. Moreover, at, you can also find price comparison tools to compare and buy rice makers within your budget.

What rice cooker should I buy?

Your ideal cooker is the one that suffices all your cooking needs. Here the most important thing is to consider the size of the family you will be cooking for. Some of the bestselling items that you can find online are Instant Pot Duo, Zojirushi NS-TSC10, Tiger JNP-S10U-HU, Black+Decker RC503, and Aroma Housewares ARC-150SB. So if you wish to be a pro chef and entertain your friends and family with the best, explore to buy products from top global Shops.