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About Mini-Ovens

A mini-oven is not only about the small size, but it has got wholesome minimalistic features. It offers great assistance at small apartments, or even students’ shared places. On a practical note, families or individuals with fewer needs for the oven can thrive with this mini version.

At the point of purchase, you may find yourself in a dilemma to choose between mini-ovens and the conventional ones. Let us break it down for you, but it is your food preferences that matter in the end. Well, mini-ovens are portable and take up less space, meaning you can put them away when not in use. They are also energy efficient and do not burn a hole in your pocket. The downside is that they cannot prepare large meals and cannot work in power outages. They also do not have rack placements. In the end, you can go for mini versions if you do not prepare wholesome meals in the oven for the whole family. Just the toaster oven for pizza is a great deal.

Types of small ovens or toaster ovens

There are three types of mini-ovens that differentiate themselves in the usage of technology. These three are standard toaster oven, convection mini toaster, and infrared toaster. The standard one delivers perfectly toasted meals. Convection ovens have an in-built fan that spreads the air evenly inside the oven to cook food faster. The third one with infrared technology uses light energy to cook food. But the last ones are difficult to find in the market. Out of all the three, convection toasters are a more popular household item than others. If you are about to buy mini-oven online in the UAE, we suggest you explore all three versions.

Breville toaster oven

Breville brand provides versatile features and diverse products in one shot. You will find products with 8 to 13 cooking functions. There are additional features like air frying, reheating functions, and dehydrate. Other than that, you can even buy a specialised product for pizza. The name of this model is the crispy crust pizza maker. Well, buying a Breville toaster oven can be your best decision ever. Let us talk about one more product of this brand is The Smart Oven Air. This model can occupy the size of a 9-slice toaster or 13″ pizza. Also, 14lb turkey and a 12-cup muffin tray. It has got 13 preset functions with a downloadable recipe book.

Panasonic toaster oven

Panasonic is one of those brands having mini-ovens with infrared technology. One of their models is FlashExpress with double infrared heating of quartz and ceramic. They cook up to 40percent faster than other counterparts. In this model, you can see cooking modes for toast, waffle, rolls, pizza, hash browns, and quick reheat. Other than infrared, you can also see products like a Countertop oven with an indoor grill. The best part of this model is that the grill pan is dishwasher-safe. It conducts heat from the centre to the edges to cook foods that need different heating times. You can check out some best countertop toaster ovens and compare different brands.

Farberware toaster oven

Farberware mini-ovens offer cooking functions of Bake, Toast, Broil, Convection & Rotisserie. About capacity, you can put two 12″ pizzas at one time. Along with the product, you will get two baking trays, a crumb tray, a drip pan, and a rotisseries set. No doubt that this brand gives more functions than any other. And it is also one of the most reliable brands like Panasonic, Breville, Kenwood, and many others. You can check out some cheap mini-ovens for sale online in the UAE and see if you find your favourite brand.

Tips on how to buy Mini ovens online

You should not buy mini-ovens thinking you will get one or two cooking functions, and that is it. If you undermine the mini versions without exploring the diversity, you could be at a loss. Here, we have compiled a few that will also help to narrow down your purchase.

  • Accessories – You should see if the product is occupied with the cooking gears like a grill pan. If not, you should buy them along with the product itself. It is possible that you get a discount while buying combos. You can determine the accessories by looking at the cooking functions. If it says baking, a pan of appropriate size will be required.
  • Heating – The heating technology could be standard, convection, or infrared. Choosing one depends on your cooking preferences and budget. Out of all the three heating elements, infrared and convection provide quick-heat if that is what you are looking. You may also need different heating times at the same time. This is known as interactive heating, especially used in baking. You should look at the specifications list of the product to see what they have.
  • Display – A complex display in the front will take you longer to understand. You should always buy a product that is simple to understand and operate. Clear manuals and visible font size is something you should look for. Other than that, choosing between push-button and touch button is your personal preference.
  • Capacity – The mini-ovens will give you an idea of capacity by telling you how many slices of pizza a product can fit. For instance, Breville can fit nine slices and Panasonic four slices. With this, you can distinguish between the products. Some models also list the turkey size that can fit. You can check the specifications list for that.
  • Functions – Checking cooking features should be your priority because it is the food you are going to prepare in it. And checking what food a product can prepare is the first thing to make a decision. The usual functions of mini-ovens include convection, air fry, and dehydrate. You can also find a grill, roast, and rotisserie functions. You should also check the preset modes as these can save a lot of time. Along with these functions, timers and alerts can add lavishness.

We hope the tips will help in making the right decision. If you are to explore the products now, our retail search engine can be the best platform to look at diverse products. Here, you can find multiple brands under one roof so you can compare and shop. Some of the brands you can see right now include BLACK+DECKER, Sonashi, First1, Hitachi, and many more. Once you visit our platform, you can find all these and even more reputed brands.

Question & Answer

Can mini-ovens bake a cake?

If the cooking functions list baking as one of the features, you sure can bake cakes as well. But the size of the cakes will be smaller than usual. Also, the directions concerning temperature and time have to be different. Baking cakes will consume more time than usual in toaster ovens. You should make sure that you read the steps carefully to not end up with dissatisfying results. Usually, the cookbooks are available to download online, or you can watch YouTube tutorials as well.

Where to put a toaster oven in a small kitchen?

Mini-ovens are portable, so you can literally keep them anywhere. The usual placements include countertop, shelf, drawers, or even the appliance cart will be fine. You can fetch the oven from the cart to work and then keep it back. Your small kitchen will remain organised this way. But if you want to fix it somewhere, wall fittings can work. You can simply find a corner and affix the same. Mini-ovens are not that of trouble when it comes to placements.

What is a convection mini-oven?

Convection mini-ovens consist of an in-built fan to spread the air throughout the interior of the product. It is beneficial to cook food without cold spots and burned edges. This feature also helps to increases the temperature but keeps it consistent and accurate. Defrosting and browning can be perfectly carried out. And the food cooks faster as well. If you still haven’t used the convection feature of your oven, you should now.

Where to buy mini-ovens online in the UAE?

You can hop into Cuisinart’s shop to explore the diverse products. You will see air fryers, convections, pizza makers, and a lot of other functions. Another brand Veneti is also known for its compact and lightweight products. Likewise, Midea and Daewoo are some other names we would like to suggest. But before you go by the name of the brand, you should check out the features and read reviews about the products.

It is time that you start scrolling the products at One thing we would like you to consider is the kitchen placement and looks. You may have listed your preferences about cooking functions but what if it doesn’t fit where you want or do not match the aesthetics of the room. Keep everything in mind before you hit the buy button.