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About Microwave

Most of us have a habit of calling this kitchen appliance as just Microwave. However, Microwave is a technology used in the product named as an oven. Now, different types of ovens consist of different functions, which you can choose based on your needs. Overall, you will see four major types, and these are convection, conventional, solo, and grill products.

Different models of the Microwave consists of specs including reheating, grilling, defrosting, and baking. You can even cook full family meals in the Microwave considering you have the appropriate size and power. You will find no such difference in stovetop cooking and Microwave cooking. In fact, ovens are energy-efficient and cook faster than the stovetop. So, you can rely on microwave products and cook faster without worrying about the health quotient. You can even have separate Microwave for baking and grilling if that is what you want. We suggest a little research to get insights into the product and related operations.

Safe handling of the microwave ovens

Microwaves are safe to use when handled with precautions. In fact, every manufacturer has to go through the safety standards laid down by the relevant authorities. Despite, there are a few things you should know before buying the product. First and foremost, you should not use any utensils but microwave-safe containers. You should avoid water to boil beyond boiling temperature as it can give you severe skin burns. Another precaution is to check for leakage from time to time. Do not use the product if the door cannot close or you see any other damage, even the slightest one. Last but not least, you should not try to operate the oven with the door open. If you see any issues, report to the customer support without further delay.

Panasonic microwave oven

Panasonic brand has a diverse range of products along with some best countertop microwave if that is what you need. You can see solo microwave and convection products both with grilling and defrosting specifications. One of their products that are NN-CD997 is an all-in-one product with two-level convection and combination, grill, and Microwave. Also, the product consists of inverter technology. If you are not aware, this technology gives your food a consistent temperature as it gives you the flexibility to adjust the power levels. Having said that, you should forget about overcooked edges and cold spots in your food. You can explore more such products at

Samsung microwave oven

Under this brand, you can find 23L to 54L size microwave products. Some of the generic features include a ceramic cavity, healthy cooking, eco mode and smart sensor. Well, ceramic can make cleaning the product smooth and scratch-free. It is one of the best ways to clean the Microwave. Another feature of Eco Mode can let you save energy when the product is not in use. Coming to the cooking features, products can quick defrost, soft/melt, and reheat. However, the baking function is missing, which you can find in Contrbass model of Panasonic.

LG microwave oven

LG is one of the top microwave brands, which comprise of a diverse range of specifications. The various types of microwave products you will find here include charcoal convection products, just convection, grill/solo, and a Neo Chef smart inverter microwave. You must have noticed a charcoal feature that sounds new. Well, this feature maintains the natural flavours of the food and make the dish crunchy from outside. In addition, stewing, roasting, barbecuing, diet frying, are some more cooking functions you will find. It is possible that you will or will not find all these features in one product. You can list down the functions you need and see what product has them all.

Kenwood microwave oven

If you are looking for solo microwave products with reheat and defrost functions, Kenwood can be the brand for you. The product MWM100 with 800watts provides easy clean technology, 20L capacity, and 35min pre-set timer. If you want more capacity, you can move to the next product that is MWL210. It has 25L capacity and even eight number of pre-set programs. Likewise, you can compare the products putting your priorities at first to buy Microwave online in Dubai. You can discover the full range of products of this brand at

Tips on how to buy Microwave online

Microwave ovens can be a full-meal maker. These household appliances are capable of popping the popcorns or even preparing six plate dinner for the full family. The things to consider here is that you have the right product for your need. The types, size, and different features available in the market make the purchase a daunting task. For that matter, we have compiled a few logical points you should keep in mind before adding a product to your cart.

  • Conventional or convection microwave oven – Conventional ovens have a primary usage of baking as they have got a heating coil either on top or bottom or both. However, convection ovens can grill, roast, cook, defrost, reheat, and bake too. Thus, the convections are a little expensive with the multi-functions availability. Some of you will even have a solo microwave oven already that does not do baking. In that case, you can go for conventional ones.
  • Types of microwaves as per different placements – Countertop, above-range, and drawers are three kinds of installations for microwave ovens. The countertop can be your choice if you are looking for a portable product. The other two types get affixed in the kitchen assembly. Above-range goes above the stovetop, and the third one can fit inside the kitchen drawer. The choice will depend on the size you want to have.
  • Ponder upon the size and power based on foods – If you are going to cook full meals with the microwave oven, you need a large size. For your information, the Panasonic microwave offers a 2.2 cubic feet product. Full size often delivers 1000 to 1600 watts of power. If you go with mid-size products, you can get 800 to 1000 watts of power. More compact products that work well in offices and apartments yield 500-800 watts. They can hold one dinner plate and used to reheat tea and coffee, mostly.
  • Products’ features to enhance convenience – Having pre-programmed menu items offer great comfort, so you do not have to select the power level or timer. Other than that, a revolving plate inside can ensure even cooking. Interlocks and the backup locks when one fails prevent running the door when you open the door accidentally in between. Variable power control, child lock, and automatic sensors are some other features that enhance safety and convenience.

Hoping the tips are going to help, it is time that you start scrutinising the products by looking at the pictures and reading the specifications list. Our shopping search engine can let you do more than just scrolling. Here, you can compare different brands or products, read genuine reviews, and even grab the best deals. We would like to name a few brands for you to start with, and these include Sharp, Midea, Daewoo, Super General and many others. If you are not brand conscious, you can just hop on to and use our advance filters to narrow down your search.

Question & Answer

Are microwave ovens safe?

It is imperative for all manufacturers to adhere to safety measures during production. Even the products must have a label that meets safety standards. Also, the precautions to use must be written clearly on every product. According to a said protocol, the number of microwaves limit should not exceed more than 5milliwatts. It can also be microwave radiation per square centimetre at approximately 2 inches from the oven surface. This limitation is throughout the product’s lifetime and is far below the level known to harm people.

Can Microwave kill coronavirus?

You can reheat the food, not necessarily inside the Microwave to reassure you of any contamination. However, there is no evidence of food transmission yet. The coronavirus cannot even multiply in food as it requires an animal or human being to multiply. This is a respiratory illness that can cause by touching a contaminated surface. And this surface could be the food packaging as the virus can remain viable for up to 72 hours on plastic or stainless steel. So, something that you should worry about more is food packaging.

Which microwave oven is best for baking cakes?

LG, Panasonic, IFB are a few brands that manufacture microwave oven for baking purpose. We are assuming that you know the difference between a microwave oven and a conventional oven. You should only buy microwave ovens if multi-utility is what in your mind as these can reheat, cook, defrost, roast, and grill. If not, then the conventional oven is better and affordable for baking. You can explore the brands we mentioned or more at

What Microwave does to your food?

Inside the Microwave, the food cooks faster and does not get contaminated unless the inside walls are dirty. Overall, it works by producing waves, which then reflect within the metal interior and get absorbed by the food placed inside. The energy is changed to heat, after which the food starts to cook. The outer layers of the food cook first while the inside is cooked mainly by the conduction of heat from the outer layers. Thus, the science behind fully-cooked Microwave food lies in adjusting the right timer and power.

Every fact and research that you do make your purchase an informed decision. Thus, it is imperative that you invest some time in knowing the details of the product not to end up dissatisfied. For a fruitful explore, our retail search engine enlists a multitude of brands, online shops, genuine reviews, and what not to make your time a seamless experience.