Hot Drawers

About Warming Drawers

Modern warming drawers do a lot than just keeping the food at serving temperature. They can cook food, defrost, or even prepare yoghurt for you. You will see different variants available in the market, and it becomes a daunting task to pick one. So, the trick is to research, understand the basic functionalities, compare, and shop for the best-suited hot drawer.

The product is called a warming drawer because it fits in your kitchen drawer, usually stacked up with the oven. Also, it comes as a standalone unit. Talking about the technology, these warmers keep the moisture of the food intact without compromising with the flavour. You can even place them outside the kitchen in your dining area to get more time with your guests. Overall, it is your convenience that matters because an appliance is obliged to make things easy. So, if you are up for buying a warming drawer online in the UAE, we suggest prioritising your list first.

Control elements of a hot drawer

Let’s segregate the elements as automatic and manual. Once you switch ON the drawer, you can either select a suitable program or choose the manual operation. Automatic programs include heating plates, cups, keeping food warm, yoghurt preparation, and defrosting. Manual operation controls are the setting of temperature and time. The maximum load of variants of drawers is usually 30kg. If you are serving six plates, you can invest in a 26cm product. You can check out the warming drawer for sale online in the UAE and see if you find something worth the purchase.

Warming drawer oven

It is possible that your oven already has a warming drawer beneath it. If you see warming options, or humidity control buttons on the panel, that means you have an oven equipped with a hot drawer. In that case, you do not have to invest in another product. If not, you can buy the product separately and place it under the oven, so whenever you are done cooking, you can quickly put the dish inside the warmer till it is served. Once you know your preferences, you can then jump to exploring brands. If you visit our product search engine, you can see a flexible budget range of cheapest warming drawer to a higher range, so you can compare and shop.

Wolf warming drawer

Wolf is one of the premium brands you should explore if you require something with more than basic features. This brand has worked on both looks and features. It has four pre-set temperature, auto shut-off, removable rack, and ample capacity. One feature that makes this brand stand out is that it is approved for warming towels. So, this is one versatile product in which you should invest only when you are going to utilise the features. Otherwise, that would be one waste of time and money. Other than features, the convenience of this product is superior with three ball-bearings making the glides smooth along with full extension that allows easier placement of food inside. You can check out the warming drawer for sale online in the UAE and discover some unique products.

Viking warming drawer

Viking is one brand used for commercial purpose as it has designed with appropriate size and styling. It can accommodate all types of food and different setting for bread proofing, plate warming, and piping hot sauce. The moisture selector can let you regulate the moisture to make food crispy or moist. Its removable hardware components include stainless steel low racks and moisture cup. The low racks cover the entire bottom out of which you can remove one section or half coverage. The moisture cup holds water for interior humidity, and this is also removable. You can also check out the best electric range with a warming drawer for commercial purpose.

Tips on how to buy Warming drawers online

Taking an informed decision while buying a household appliance is a necessity, not a choice. Yet we miss noticing some features while buying and repent afterwards. It becomes imperative that we spend some time in research and understanding our needs. At this point in time, you might know a hot drawer as something that keeps food at serving temperature. But lesser do you know of upgraded models with added features. Here, we have briefed this product in informative points for you to segregate your needs and wants.

  • Size matters – The hot drawers’ range in height could be 14cm to around 29cm. The first thing to decide upon the size is thinking about the placement. It could be an oven stack or kitchen island. Once decided, you can take the measurement and double-check it online during purchase to make sure it fits. The functionalities you require will also decide the size only if you have decided your requirements yet.
  • Cooking functions – The basic products will be able to preheat the crockery and hence the hot food to keep it in the serving temperature. If you go to newer models, they can even prove a bread or cook food at low temperature. Some are even capable of defrosting frozen food, which is an amazing feature. Now, what you need to decide is what functions you require and invest only in them. There is no need to spend money on defrosting feature when you require less.
  • Product features – After deciding the size and functions, you should start exploring the products. While at it, you will see a lot written underneath the specifications list. Some of the core features could be a fan, temperature range, and timer. Also, the defrost property if you require. Some products incorporate a fan to circulate the heat evenly, otherwise preheating the crockery can do the work. The temperature range could be 30degree Celsius to 40degree Celsius.
  • Look and safety – Look wise, the product must complement the interior of the kitchen or the other appliances. For instance, you can choose between touch controls or big knobs. For safety, you can invest in a product with an automatic shut-off feature. It can help prevent burns when removing dishes. Also, having removable racks can provide you with convenience and safety.

It is time that you should start checking out the products visibly. Our retail search engine can be an excellent platform, enlisting diverse products for you to compare and shop. Some of the brands that you would see here include Smeg, New World, DCS, Hatco, and many more. We recommend visiting any of the shops to commence your shopping drive.

Question & Answer

How to use a warming drawer?

The first thing you need to do before putting the food inside is set the temperature and moisture. The temperature could be high, low, or between low and high. Then, moisture selection can be moist wherein vents are closed and dry where vents are open. Open vents keep the food crisp if that is what you want. Once the correct temperature and moisture are set, it is time to preheat the drawer with a rack or empty serving dish. Then, add the cooked hot food, and it will remain at the serving temperature.

Where to install a warming drawer?

Choosing the place for the installation of a warming drawer is a little tricky. Let’s talk about two of the common placements. The first is in the stack. You can have a microwave, warming drawer, and oven stack in the bottom. It is a good way to make this drawer super-useful. You can also keep it on the top or bottom, which is up to you. The second kind of placement is at the kitchen island. This way, you prepare dishes on the cooktop or in the oven, turn around, and put your dish in the hot drawer. All you need to do is place them near the cooking area to make them useful enough.

Can you use a warming drawer to proof bread?

There is a dilemma between using hot drawers to proof the bread or not. While some people feel the outcome of hot drawers’ bread is inferior to the ones made with conventional methods. On the other hand, some people have no such issues with this kind of bread. So, we leave the decision up to you, or you can experiment with both kind of bread and see which one you like the most. One thing worth mentioning here is hot fermentation that can occur in hot drawers followed by producing off-flavours in the bread. But once you master the technique, we think there is no going back with these warm drawers.

Which warming drawer is best?

Neff is the brand that has the option to fit with your 60cm or 45cm compact oven. This is one basic model with stepless temperature control and a sleek design. However, you can explore Miele’s products if you want an upgraded version. This brand has another feature of low-temperature cooking of your food. Preheating crockery, keeping food at serving temperature, and low-temperature cooking are the prime features of Miele’s brands. Well, you will find these three features in Bosch products as well. Now, it depends on your preferences and budget to choose the basic or upgraded versions.

There are more brands, more features, and more unique products to watch on our shopping search engine. All you need to remember is to read the specifications thoroughly, compare the brands, invest in what is required, and checkout with the best deal.