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About Extractor Cookers

An extractor hood is also known as a kitchen hood, range hood or exhaust hood. It is a unique device that contains fans and hangs right above the cooktop or a kitchen stove.

These devices are equally important in domestic and commercial kitchens. It removes the airborne grease, fumes, heat, smoke, combustion products and steam from the air by evacuating and filtering the air. Commercially these hoods are used in combination with fire suppression devices.  This combination helps to remove fumes and helps the grease fire to vent out. Generally, the filtration system in these hoods is meant to remove grease and other irritating particles. Although most of the vents exhaust air to the outside, many recirculate the air to the kitchen. A recirculating system comes with filters to remove odour besides grease.

Typical benefits of cooker extractor fan and hoods

A cooker or extractor hood is a Faber chimney. It is an integral part of any kitchen for several reasons. But before we start appreciating the benefits it has to offer, we need to understand what a range hood is. Technically or by construction, it is a small to medium-sized fan enclosed in a canopy installed directly above the stove or a cooktop. Majorly they are responsible for removing all the odour, smoke, fumes, steam, heat and grease off the stove and kitchen – in the outer environment. The most basic type consists of parts like; a fan, ventilation hood, electric kitchen chimney, exhaust plume, and a fume extractor. Here is what benefits you can get from this unique set of machinery.

Keep the air clean

The most important benefit of a range hood is that it can remove toxic gasses and pollutants from the air in the kitchen. At times we also need to deal with a lot of smoke while preparing a meal. Additional elements like grease and steam are something you can never avoid. All these elements can have side effects if inhaled by those close to them. But you can avoid all such dangers with just a push of a button. An extractor hood will take all these harmful elements out of your home and loved ones. Not only does it reduce the amount of toxic air but also helps in decreasing the growth of germs, moulds and bacteria in your kitchen and surroundings.

Confiscating excessive heat

Another underlying reason why many people love to have an extractor hood in their kitchen is that it impressively takes out all the heat that results from cooking. This is also a reason that these hoods are a must-have kitchen accessory in cooking items when we go to warmer regions of the world. Whether the heat is coming from the food or it is from the cooktop, the vent will extract all the heat upwards rather than allowing it to hit your face. The same goes for excessive smoke while cooking. It makes cooking easier and hassle-free without any sweat on your arms face or neck.

Better lighting while cooking

All modern cooker hoods come with built-in lights. These are of great help in small and congested kitchen areas. These small lights are focused right on your cooking pot and help you enjoy a clear vision of the food you are working on. Besides, it also helps a lot in the cleaning of the cooktop. With dedicated lighting, you can see even the smallest food leftover on the cooktop and clean it before it ends up causing any fungus or bacteria in your cooking area. Besides removing all the grime and gunk will also leave your kitchen appliances to look newer for longer.

Improved property value

Today the real estate market is in its full bloom and gloom. And the buyers expect to see the range hood in every kitchen. So, if you still do not have one in your kitchen, the lack will hurt the resale value of the property. People now want this luxury, and not having one will deter them from buying your home no matter how uniquely constructed it is. Moreover, the device is coming up with new up-gradation now and then, so if you do not have the latest one, it will harm the value of the home. We would suggest upgrading such smaller items before proceeding to display.

Tips on how to buy Extractor Hood online in the UAE

No matter if you are installing a new hood or want to upgrade to an older version, the best place to buy an extractor hood online in the UAE is to explore any product search engine online. This way, you can find the most variety of material designs and features. But it will also bring you the overwhelming experience of choosing the right option as per your needs and kitchen space. Although any products from the best cooker hood brands are careful consideration, there are still some points you need to keep in mind while placing the order for your new cooker hood online.

  • Choose the hood type – There is two main design consideration you will find in the market. They are known as clearly visible and integrated hoods. The integrated ones are less visible. Other options that you can find are ceiling hoods and downdraft hoods. You can consult an expert for recommendations.
  • The width of the hood – Remember the hood should be wider than your stove. Generally, experts recommend a hood with 1.5x the actual diameter of the cooking area. At the same time, a free-hanging hood over an island must be twice more full on the side of the induction hob.
  • The height – We strongly suggest respecting the manufacturer’s recommended minimum height. Make sure that the hood is mounted considerably higher from the cooktop. It will allow plenty of room for the head while you are cooking, avoiding any types of discomfort to the neck and back.
  • The lights – The LED light sources are the best solutions for any kitchen. Here you will have different options to choose from. You can pick an adjustable light to try different angles or opt for a simple standard lighting hood.
  • The cleaning of the hood – The construction of such hoods play an important role in the ease of cleaning. We will suggest looking for a hood with easily accessible filters. A fine quality durable stainless-steel filter will be easier to clean and will last longer.

Besides these essential elements, these cooker hoods come with many other features that can add comfort to your cooking and kitchen times. These hoods are a must-have if you are living in hotter regions as the cooking will add up the higher temperature of your kitchen- eventually the entire household. By installing a hood, you can take push the heat and smoke out of the kitchen, leaving the temperature finely balanced.

Question & Answer

Which cooker hood is the best to buy?

Generally speaking, any hood made of high-quality stainless steel; have a size bigger than the cooktop; features light and easy access to the operating system, the best cooker hood you will need to buy. Some of the bestselling items you can consider buying include; Rangemaster classic 110 clahdc110bc; Siemens lb57574GB canopy cooker hood; and Smeg keiv90e 90cm island cooker hood.

Are extractor hoods necessary?

Yes, these hoods come with several benefits for your home. Firstly, it will extract and flush away all the heat and smell from your kitchen and home. It also will not disrupt sightlines across the room. These hoods are also of great importance if you live in an apartment where you can not alter the ceiling. Here you can adjust the height of the ceiling to install a hood extractor.

Where to buy extractor hood online in the UAE?

As said earlier, a product search engine is the best place to look for versatile products like extractor hoods. You can find endless household essentials in such stores to compare and make the best choice according to your needs and budget. At, you can find products from brands like Faber, Vent-a-Hood, Neff, Bosch, Elica, Zanussi, Smeg, AEG, Electrolux and many more. You can also use the price comparison tool to find the best price of advanced options available in the market.

What size extractor hood do I need?

No matter how careful you remain while cooking, the vapour spread differently depending on the hob style. An induction hob helps these vapours to travel sidewise and upward. So, you will need a hood wider than the size of the hob installed in the kitchen. So, if you have a 60 cm induction hob, choose a 90 cm extractor. Hence, we can set a standard rule that the hood should be bigger than the size of the hob.

And considering the varying needs of customers, there are endless options available online. At, you can find more than 500 brands, including Lamona, Bompani, Indesit, Midea, Super General, Ariston, Teka, and Siemens.