Electric Barbecues

About Electric Barbecues

Do you know that the idea of grilling food existed in pre-Colonial times? The Arawak people in South America used to roast meat on different styles of wooden structures known as barbacoa. Today they are known as barbecue grills, mainly of three types; electric, gas and charcoal-based.  

An electric barbecue grill is a modern cooking device used for cooking food by applying heat from below. These are different types of grill available in the market today and are part of many households. Most of these fall into three categories: gas-fueled, electric grills and charcoal grills. To date, there is a debate on which of these is better over the other and which one yield better results in terms of healthy cooking. Being specific to electric grills, the heat comes from power heating elements. The user tends to place food (meat or vegetables) on a grill using tongs and slow cook over some time before it is served for consumption.  

Benefits and uses of electric barbeques and grillers 

Some delicate grilled meat with the right spices is the best thing you can enjoy, no matter if it’s hot or chilly. People always crave this, no matter what spring, winter, fall, or summer offers. Besides keeping a unique taste of meat, science also claims several benefits of grilled meat like lesser fat consumption and more riboflavin and thiamine preservance. Indeed there is no question about the health benefits of grilled meat; there are still many advantages that most users don’t know about. Thus they tend to use an electric barbecue machine occasionally. Today we will share some benefits of these machines to convince you to use them daily.  

They are real money savers. 

No matter where you live, natural gas is an expensive proposition when it comes to slow cooking. Besides, you will contentiously need to change the gas tank or get a costly unlimited gas line supply for your outdoor barbeque setup. In such cases, natural gas expenses will continuously and considerably add up if you are more into grilling daily. But if you are working on an electric barbecue grill, all the mess will be gone in a snap. Here you will be able to grill for a fraction of the price and will not need to worry about hooking the gas line or exchanging the gas tanks at all.  

Electric barbecues with no fumes 

Have you ever imagined enjoying fine grilled steak, meat or grilled potatoes and carrots without dealing with those annoying and burring fumes? If not, you surely need to experience barbecue with an electric grill. Traditional propane grills are demands your constant attention to deal with fumes that can lead to any unpleasant situation. This is because these grills work by heating up through an electric source and helping you cook the food placed on the specific plates.  And without fumes, you can use these barbecue grills indoors and thus enjoy grilled foods in cold weather.  

The convenience of use  

Another reason why most people love using these grills is that they are unbelievably convenient to use. The latest designs of these machines are compact and allow taking very little space in the cooking area. For the same reason, they are extremely portable, and you can use them anywhere you have a power supply. Besides, they are easy to clean and store, making them an ideal choice for most men. Rather than a traditional grill cleaning mess, you can take a wet clean cloth or towel with a bit of dishwashing detergent to clean these grills and store them for later use.  

Avoid restrictions 

This is the most important point of people living in a shared space or a closed apartment. Mostly propane grills are banned in such living areas.  Likewise, you cannot have a propane grill on your back porch because of the risk of fire. But with an electric grill, you may be able to get around all such restrictions and enjoy your favourite grilled recipes anytime you wish for. And the entire taste filled venture will come with no fear of fumes or fires. Even your neighbours will not have the slightest feeling of smoke or smell when you make a barbecue on an electric stove. 

Tips on how to buy Electric Barbeque Grill online in the UAE

Electric grills are great for indoor cooking and a perfect option for smaller areas like closed apartments or shared spaces. With these grills, you can the chef special grilled look on the meat at home. They are powerful, convenient and extremely quick options that will not take much space in your small balcony or kitchen cabinet. However, to enjoy such perks of perfect taste and ease of use, you need to be smart while buying an option online. We know that many options from hundreds of brands online can make the buying process daunting for many of you. Therefore here are some points you need to consider while buying an electric griller.

  • Be mindful with wattage – Do some search on different brands and look for a grill that has a power wattage of at least 1000 to 1500 watts. Anything less than that will not get you any good meat or those most needed grill marks on your meat.
  • Look at spacing – The spacing between your grills lines really matters. You should look for ridges that cover all over the grill. Plus they should be closely spaced together. With such a construction you can enjoy must more even cooking.
  • The storage and size of grillers – These grilles are usually used on the countertop or in a small balcony – the size of the machine matters a lot. Likewise, size matters when it comes to storing these machines in the cupboard, before and after use. So consider your balcony and kitchen size and space while buying.
  • The preparation process – Drip pans are the messiest parts of these grills. So look for a model that comes with sufficiently larger drip pans to catch all the melted fats from the meat. Also while using try to set the grill on a big aluminium foil for quick cleaning.
  • The brand and price – These grills are a one-time investment and thus have bigger price tags. But if you are limited on budget, explore more than one brand for the size of the barbecue you are looking for. You will surely find varying prices and features. A bit of research gives you many better options to buy.

In the end, online shopping experts also recommend looking at the customer response on every product you wish to buy for your cooking needs. This is where you will find a real-time update about the pros, cons and performance of the product. Some customer also shares some suggestions and idea of how the product has helped them and made their life easier. All such comments can make your life easier and ensure the purchase of a reliable and useful option.

Question & Answer

Are electric BBQ grills good?

Yes, these grills are a comparatively good option for several reasons. At first, they are economical and cost less than the propane age-based grills when cooking. Secondly, they are portable due to their smaller size, and you can carry them anywhere you wish to. Besides, while barbecuing, these grills do not generate any smoke or fumes. This is why they are completely safe for indoor use. So if you have a small compact living space, these grills are a lifesaver, with an extreme environment-friendly approach.

How to clean an electric BBQ grill?

One main reason or the secret of the popularity of electric grills is that they are cheap and extremely convenient to use and clean. These grills do not have complicated construction and generally have two lined pans facing each other. With simple construction, it becomes easier to clean them. You can start by taking off all the food from the pans. Now unplug the grill machines and let it cool naturally. Now place a wet towel paper on the grill plates and close the plates until cool. After a while, open the grill and take away the wet paper. Use clean paper to wipe out the remains and pat dry with another clean towel paper.

Where to buy an electric BBQ grill online in the UAE?

If you wish to buy products from trusted brands likeExcelvan, Zojirushi, Tefal, Gourmia, Delonghi, Better Chef, and Farberware, explore A product search engine is the best place to explore all the possible options available across the globe. It gives you easy searching and comparison of price, features and other specification of an electric barbecue machine. So take some time out to compare products from the brands mentioned earlier with Russell Hobbs, Touchmate, Geepas, Kenwood, Korona, and Palson and make a wise and well-informed buying decision.

What is the best electric BBQ grill?

An ideal option may vary from one user to another. These grills are available in different sizes, shapes, weights and watts or power consumptions. Some options are expensive with advanced features, while others may have basic grilling and barbecue features and big price tags. So the idea of perfection depends on your needs and budget. However, some of the best-selling options that you can explore are Breville BGR820XL Smart Grill, George Foreman GGR50B, Cuisinart GR-150 Griddler Deluxe, Hamilton Beach Searing Grill, Weber Q 2,400, and Char-Broil 17,602,048 TRU Infrared.

Meanwhile, you can also explore to buy products from brands like Black Decker, Vonshef, and Breville.