Buy Cooktops (Freestanding)

About Cooktops (Freestanding)

A freestanding cooktop is generally known as a kitchen stove, stove or cooker (and in some parts of the world it is also called a cooking range). These appliances are designed to assist in cooking food.  

The freestanding cookers or kitchen stoves rely on the application of direct heat during the cooking process. At times it is multipurpose equipment with a built-in oven. These ovens are generally used for baking and are heated by burning charcoal, wood. However contemporary cooktops are filled with gas and electricity. Such stoves come with built-in cooktops also known as the range. The freestanding cooktops are stand-alone devices that are portable and do not need any length of the installation process. Most people love these ranges for their multipurpose features and compact size. 

Types of freestanding cooktops available in market 

When you head to shop for a new cooking range there is a huge number of options that you can find in a market. You will have to face certain questions like which features should you consider? Would a dual fuel work best for you? Or should you go for a gas or an electric option? Speaking bluntly, options are endless and each of the available options has some pros and cons. before we start explaining the different possible types of products available for use, it is important to state that these ranges are a great addition to your kitchen and can suit any household. Here are some common types you can find and choose from in the market.  

Ceramic Range Cookers 

These are important and one of the most loved modern types of cooking ranges. They come with a fine ceramic hob finish. Mostly they are appreciated for they can boast a perfectly flat hob that is easier to clean and look really pretty. Not only do they look great but they have a brilliant performance quotient. They can easily and quickly pre-heat and off a wide range of cooking methods. So if you love to try new flavours and recipes in your kitchen this stove should be your choice. With so many control and heat management options, you can easily cook anything from meat and steaks to soft vegetables and puddings.  

Gas Range Cookers 

These are the most common types of freestanding cooktops used in almost all parts of the world. They are best for offering instant heat from a gas-powered flame. With such a flame the chefs can cook instantly on the hob. The high quality of heat also speeds the cooking process and thus reduced the time of cooking. The controlling systems offer a sufficient amount of control over the flame hence, temperature. According to many experts, the gas supply makes them an ideal option for superior cooking methods.  

Induction Range Cookers 

Induction range cookers have an induction hob in place of a gas or electric hob. The oven itself will still be powered by either gas or electricity. Induction hobs are as responsive as gas hobs but are faster, safer and more efficient. The hob of an induction range cooker heats the pan using electromagnetic energy. This means only the pan is heated – the surface of the hob itself will barely get warm. Your pan has to be made from a ferrous metal for this to work though. Once the pan is removed, the connection with the magnets is broken and no more heat is produced. 

Dual fuel ranges 

By far they are the most famous type of range cooker available on sale today. And this is sure because of the cooking speed and the even distribution of heat of a fan assisted oven. These ranges also offer swift control and quick heat of a gas knob. With such a popular choice and demand these ranges come with a wide selection of sizes, looks and features. Generally  70cm – 150cm, the standard being a 90cm dual fuel range cooker. They also offer many different cooking zones such as a wok burner, cast iron griddle, and much more!

Tips on how to buy Freestanding Ovens for sale online in the UAE   

When we speak of a freestanding oven, the benefits are literary endless. When you head to a product search engine you can find a wide range of freestanding cookers for sale. Some might have advanced features while others may serve you with the basic cooking amenities. But with so many brands online, buying can be a daunting process for many of us. So here are some tips on how you can make a smart choice for a freestanding oven.

  • Select fuel type – When you head for a market search, start with selecting a specific fuel type. Decide if gas or electric cooktop will suit your needs the most or not. It also depends on the type of cooking and how aggressive cook you are.
  • Power burners and seamless grates – Next consider how much minimum supply of cooking heat and how quickly you will need for cooking or searing foods. Also, the cooktop must allow you to slide heavy pots between burners without lifting any.
  • Controlling mechanism – It involves the style, type and position of the controlling panel and knobs. If it is a gas cooktop, prefer a cooktop with steel knobs that are good look and easy to clean and manage.
  • Considering brands – It is always better to opt for branded items. Some brands that you can consider for your home and commercial kitchen cooktop include Bosch, Whirlpool, Mile, Electrolux, Philips, Bajaj, Smeg, Usher and Maytag.

In the end, online shopping experts also recommend looking at the customer response on every product you wish to buy for your cooking needs. This is where you will find a real-time update about the pros, cons and performance of the product. Some customer also shares some suggestions and idea of how the product has helped them and made their life easier. All such comments can make your life easier and ensure the purchase of a reliable and useful option.

Question & Answer

Are freestanding ovens good for use?

Yes, high quality branded freestanding oven comes with many fancy features integrated into it. And if we consider all the features and how they can benefit a chef or home cook, the cost is relatively lower. Besides they are easy to install and are extremely portable with little effort. With such features, they are ideal for people who are living in rent and have to move around places often. Besides their versatile features help you cook a variety of meals to enjoy throughout the year.

What is the best freestanding cooker to buy

If you want to know our top pick in freestanding ovens for a home kitchen, we will not hesitate to recommend you buying Zanussi ZCI66050BA. If it does not match your taste or synchronize with the kitchen interiors, we will suggest you looking for a multi-purpose, quick to heat, large size oven. such options are ideally perfect for any family lifestyle. A plus will be a built-in oven just in case you or any of your guests crave some grilled meat or a fine juicy chicken.

Which freestanding cooker is best

Different types of freestanding cookers come with unique sets of pros and cons. For example, a ZANUSSI ZCI66050BA  is an electric induction cooker that is the best electric freestanding oven you can find in the market. it is perfect for any household and come with a large capacity for cooking and fast heating hobs. Other options you can explore are  Leisure Gourmet GRB6GVK Gas Cooker, the CANNON CH60DHKFS 60 cm Dual Fuel Cooker, the SMEG Symphony Electric Ceramic Cooker or the Indesit IT50C(W) S Electric Cooker.

Where to buy a freestanding cooker online in the UAE?

The idea of the best oven can only be satisfied if you are doing some deep market search before paying and installing any freestanding oven in your home kitchen. To help you with the best buying decision, an expert suggests looking at a product search engine. For instance, at you can find products from top brands like Smeg, Siemens,  Bosch, Hoover, Beko, Indesit, Ariston, Nobel, Aftron, and Elekta.

You can use the efficient price comparison tool to compare the price and product features from different brands and make a secure choice for your kitchen. At you can also find products from known and trusted brands like Nikai, Midea, Wolf, Super General, Electrolux, Akai, Veneto, and Daewoo.