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Everyone wants a comfortable home for Christmas and the electric heaters are just the right climate control systems for boosting the heat levels of your home. Offering a no-fuss, no-frill heating these heaters allows you to instantly warm the draughty areas of your home. But, note, not all heaters are created equally. Hence, picking out the best type of electric heater might often seem like a daunting task. In this guide, we help you navigate through the various types of top electric heaters for homes. Besides, you can also catch up on a few quick tips that’ll help you effortlessly buy an electric heater online in UAE.

First things first. Let’s get to know the electric heaters. Electric is a device that helps you to convert electrical energy into heat. And how does it do that? Well, there’s a heating element inside the device. This heating element is an electrical resistor that works on the principle of Joule heating. This means an electric current passing through a resistor will convert that electrical energy into heat energy. That said, today with the help of advanced technology, you can find several variations of these heaters. Let’s go through a few popular ones below in our next section.

The various types of electric heaters to keep you toasty warm this winter

Indeed, there are many versions of these heaters. But, all of them are equally efficient, except the heat pumps. They convert all of the electrical energy received into useful heat. Therefore, we recommend not to believe on the false claims of one being more efficient than the other. Having said that, remember, choosing the right heater is more important than getting the full benefit of the heater you’re paying for. To make things understandable for you, we’ve compiled below the major types of electric heaters that you can consider buying.

The electric wall heaters

If you’re in search of devices that offer you supplemental heat in small rooms, then look no further than these wall heaters. Generally, recessed in the wall between two wall studs, these heaters are the most convention styled heaters. They come with a unique design that features a motorised fan. Although, several models use silent radiant heat with electrical coils and reflective back panels. Furthermore, most of these heaters have built-in thermostats and are self-contained. Remember, you mustn’t install them on the exterior walls. That’s because of their conflict with the exterior insulation and condensation problems you’ll have.

The baseboard room heaters

These heaters are one of the simplest and economical forms of electric heaters. The product usually comes hardwired to an electrical circuit. While the baseboard element in the appliance generates, which in turn warms the air around it. This natural convection process circulates the warm air around the room. Apart from that, these types of heaters are one of the least expensive devices to install. But, they take a long time to warm the room, which means higher power bills. Besides, they also take up a lot of space. In fact, for them to function properly you need to leave out at least a foot in front of them.

The cove or panel heater

The cove or panel heater unlike the other model, use direct radiant heat for maximum comfort. Besides, this radiant heat does not warm up the air and warms up the objects like your tile work, tub, etc. The radiant heat allows you to place the pane anywhere. This makes the heaters user-friendly and allows you to place them on the wall just below the ceiling. Indeed, it’s out of the way, but still, it’s the best location to offer you maximum warmth and comfort. And yes, like another electric heater, the panel heaters work with a remote line-voltage thermostat. Indeed, they’re different from the other models and offer you different features.

The toe-tick or kick- small space heaters

Toe-kick heaters are good for limited space applications. Moreover, they come in designs that help them to be on a very low profile, about 3.5″. This allows them to fit nicely in a 4″ toe space under cabinets and vanities. Furthermore, their proportions allow the use of a motorized forced air fan to distribute warm air. For best performance, you should use them as a supplemental source of heat. Also, these heaters come with a remote line-voltage thermostat. But, most models also have the option of a built-in thermostat. In short, they’re one of the best models to choose if you have limited space to warm up.

Tips on how to buy Electric Heaters online

Now that you know their types, you must be finally ready to buy the best electric heaters out there. But, we bet you’re stuck with a dilemma on which one to choose, isn’t it? We get it, it’s understandable. With so much tech jargon, you’re bound to get confused on which ones to choose. Here are a few quick tips that’ll come in handy when you’re searching for the best electric heaters for your rooms.

  • Consider the features and characteristics of your future heater – Even before you start shopping for your perfect heater, you should first spend some time understanding them. Try to know more about their technical features. Also, get to know their top manufacturers and retailers. Furthermore, study about their specs. The more you know about their types, the easier it will be for you to choose one.
  • Go for the type that offers you good heating capacity – Heating capacity is an important factor to consider before buying the heaters. Make sure you evaluate the amount of power you need to warm up your house. In short, the higher the power the better the heater will be. They’ll heat up large rooms in minutes. So, if you want heaters for small rooms, then go for the ones with less than 2KW power.
  • Select an energy-efficient model – Usually, most electric heaters are energy efficient. That’s because they convert all the electricity to heat. However, you can always boost the efficiency of your heater through insulation and even by using fans. Furthermore, you can also enhance their efficiency by using a thermostat too. Besides, this feature also helps you to cut down on unnecessary use of the heater.
  • Choose a model that has adequate safety measures – Normally, the heaters are safe to use, provided you use them properly. But, many a time few heaters overheat. These tend to pose safety issues, especially around pets and children. Make sure you do not leave them on for too long. There are other general rules to follow. For example, you shouldn’t place anything on the heaters when it’s in use.
  • Pick a heater that you can afford – You can get the basic electric heaters within AED200-300. However, you might have to shed up to AED 1500 for a more advanced and model. So, if you’re on a budget, then it’s best to for smaller models that come with the added advantage of portability. The best portable electric heaters cost you much less than the others. If you’re willing to spend more, then you can confidently go for heaters with advanced features.

That said, know that the heaters come equipped with features that make them convenient for use. So as you shop around for your perfect model keep an eye out for the ones that fulfil your demands. Also, keep the above tips handy. They’ll guide you in the right direction and help you pick the best model out there.

Question & Answer

Are electric heaters expensive to run?

Indeed, the cost of running the heaters is one of the most important factors to consider when you’re buying them. Usually, smaller portable heaters have low running costs. Whereas, the large electric heaters cost more to run. Hence, if you choose the larger ones, then you’ll end up with heaters that obviously incur high running costs. By the way, a simple way of cutting down your heater running cost is to pick a model that comes with thermostatic control.

Can an electric heater cause carbon monoxide poisoning?

No. Only the heaters that burn combustible fuel to produce heat cause carbon-monoxide build-up at your home. The electric heaters have electricity flowing through metal or ceramic heating elements to create heat. In short, the device burns nothing to produce heat. Therefore, carbon monoxide poisoning isn’t an issue when it comes to electric heaters. However, you should select the heaters carefully and go for reliable brands so that it may cause no harm to you.

What electric heater is the most energy-efficient?

Energy-efficient heaters are those that give maximum performance for the money you pay. Several popular brands offer energy-efficient heaters. If you’re in search of one, then consider investing in Duraflame 9HM8101-O142, Heat Storm Phoenix, Honeywell Slim Tower Heater, Comfort Zone Heater, and Pro Breeze Mini Heater. If you for trusted brands, you will rest assured of the quality. If you are in search of such brands, you can find them here on our website.

Which electric heater is the best?

The definition of ‘best’ depends on what kind of heaters best suit your space. Apart from that, the best heaters are also the ones that give you high efficiency and performance. Brands like Crownline, Lasko, Baseus, Xiami, Benross, De’Longhi, Dimplex, Honeywell, Kingavon, and Warmlite offer you some of the finest collections of electric heaters online. You also get to check out several cheap oscillating electric heaters and cheap wall mounted electric heaters from these brands.

Where to buy an electric heater online in UAE?

With many different online stores offering several types of electric heaters, it’s quite easy to find the one you want for your home. However, if you wish to have a hassle-free and smart shopping experience, then look no further than This shopping search engine brings to you some of the best electric heaters from the most popular online stores and brands. And while you’re here, let’s check out several other household products from over 500+ online stores right here!

We hope you’re now completely ready to own the best electric heaters online. But, once you do find the one, make sure you still double-check all the features and characteristics of the model before you make the final call.

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