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The sweltering hot weather calls for a cool and serene environment indoors. You want to make sure you stay comfortable throughout the day and sleep comfortably at night. Well, this starts with choosing the right air conditioning units. But where do you start? It's quite surprising to know that we know very little about them even when we use them every day. This also makes picking out the best air conditioners in UAE a daunting task. In this guide, we will help you navigate through the complex decision-making process. Besides, we also provide you with a few smart hacks, to help you select the right AC unit for yourself.

Air conditioners are a true marvel. So who invented these marvels? Well, that depends on your definition of air conditioning. For instance, early hunter-gatherers built under-ground burrows to escape the sun. Similarly, ancient Egyptians used evaporative cooling technique to beat the heat. But, the true electrical air cooling systems originated in Buffalo, New York, in 1902 when William Carrier patented the first-ever contemporary air conditioner. Since then, the conditioners have evolved to a large extent. Today, you can find a plethora of their types and models. Let's have a look at their significant types in the next section.

The various types of best air conditioning units to keep you comfortable all day long 

Indeed, there are a lot of air conditioning systems out there. However, before we analyze their types, we should preface their working principle. First, beware that, you cannot create cold – you can only remove the heat. The second and most important thing to know is Boyle's Law. It states that, as the gas compresses, it becomes hotter. Finally, remember, the heat always has to go somewhere. The air conditioner works with the help of three main components – the compressor, the condenser, and the evaporator. The compressor pressurizes the refrigerant, the refrigerant flows through condenser coils, and then evaporator releases cold air. Now, that you know how they work, let's have a look at their significant types.

The single portable air conditioner units

These mobile air conditioning systems offer you all kinds of flexibility bonuses. As the name implies, you can freely move them from one room to another when needed. But, the main caveat here is that you'll need to have a way of venting them directly outside in all locations you use them. This usually means to find a suitable window. Patio doors or even pet doors could technically work just well. Also, before you buy a portable air conditioner, beware that most portable air conditioners still aren't precisely movable. Most of them are extremely heavy, even if they have wheels. Besides, you might also need to manually empty the water regularly. Indeed, they're convenient for short-term fixes, but can only cool down a single room at a time. If you need an air conditioner for a wider area, check out the other options.

The ductless air conditioner

Yep – it's a no duct air conditioner. The ductless mini-split air conditioner in its most basic form includes one outdoor unit and an indoor unit. Both of these units are connected by refrigerant tubing and electrical wiring. You often wall-mount the indoor unit, that delivers hot or cool air directly to your living space. Typically, you call this kind of set up as a single-zone system. Besides, their design provides heating and cooling comfort to one specific area. Alternatively, a ductless multi-zone system combines one outdoor unit with up to five indoor units to provide comfort for an entire home. Besides, you'll find several styles of indoor ductless units. Moreover, their installation is easy as a breeze and requires only a hole in the wall. All this makes sure that the ductless HVAC systems the easiest and most versatile systems to install.

The split air conditioner

Very similar to the ductless air conditioning units, the split air conditioners, consists of an outdoor unit and an indoor unit. Usually, you install the outdoor unit on or near the exterior wall of the room that you wish to cool. This unit typically has the compressor, condenser coil and the expansion coil or capillary tubing. Further, this kind of unit has several benefits when compared to other AC systems. One obvious benefit is the quiet performance. Usually, compressors are the parts of the air conditioning systems that make the most noise. Unlike the window, you place the compressor or the fan outside the split system. This means you've removed a major source of the noise. Above all, this unit is one of the most energy-efficient and cost-effective ways to cool your home.

The mini air conditioner

What if we tell you that there's a solution to keep your cool while saving money? It comes in the form of mini-air conditioning systems. Even though they cannot keep your entire home cool, but they certainly do offer the required cool air for a small space. Moreover, they can be a great choice for home offices and small rooms where you spend a lot of time. What's more, they do not require any well-drilling or hose installation! Actually, a mini air conditioner is an evaporative air cooler. It pulls the warm air from your room and runs it through the cool water it has in its tank. This is how the device manages to decrease the overall heat in the room. Besides, these systems are a more affordable option. However, they aren't optimal for humid spaces.

Tips on how to buy Air Conditioning units online

A good air conditioning system offers a great respite from the summer heat. Besides, it also gives you the benefit of air purification all year round. But, with numerous air conditioner models flooding the market these days, picking out the ideal one becomes a bit difficult. Here are a few quick tips to consider to help you make an informed and easy decision.
  • Pick the right types of AC for your needs– There are several kinds of air conditioning systems out there. The three common ones that you can utilize for any setting include window AC, split AC, and portable AC. Even though the basic working principle of the AC's remain the same, their construction and features largely differ. Therefore, pick one as per your home's layout and budget.
  • Keep an eye on the cooling capacity– In general, you measure the cooling capacity of any air conditioning units in thermal units. This simply means how much heat the AC eliminates from the air in a set period. Besides, the cooling capacity of the conditioning unit is directly proportional to its number. Getting the right capacity is crucial for your room. While, too less will not cool your room properly, whereas too high may cool the room quickly without dehumidification.
  • Check out the benefits of an Inverter AC– When compared to the regular air conditioner, the inverter AC offer more consistent and better cooling experience. This type is more energy-efficient and quieter too. How? A non-inverter AC switches on and off several times in a day, resulting in power spike every time the compressor switches on and off. However, the inverter AC remains on until it reaches the desired temperature. Once, it reaches the desired temperature, the compressor keeps running at low speed and saves more energy.
  • Look for the energy-efficient model– Picking out an energy-efficient model has become imperative in today's world, mainly when the power tariffs are on the rise. Usually, the BEE (Bureau of Energy Efficiency) gives standardized Energy Efficiency Ratings in the form of stars. Pick a model with five stars. That's because such an AC will offer you tremendous savings on your electricity bill.
  • Look out for other essential features– Several other vital features come into play while selecting the air conditioners. Some of them include checking out if the unit has an anti-bacterial filter, dust filter, dehumidifier, heater, and auto cleaning services. All these features add up to the quality and performance of any systems.
  • Check out the style and design– Indeed, all the technical features are critical to consider. However, you must also keep an eye on the style and design of the model. That's because most of the time, you tend to place these units where you can see them every single day. Therefore, make sure that you pick one that suits your interiors. Consider the colour, shape and design.
  • Set aside a budget– Even though we place them on the fag end, there's nothing as important as the price. Today, you can find air conditioning units in all the price ranges. You'll find the expensive ones, as well as more affordable ones. Set aside a budget before you pick a model. This way, you can purchase a system that sits well within your price range. And for those of you who're on the miser side, you can buy air conditioners for sale in Dubai from various brands.
Now that you how to select the right air conditioners, you can shop for the best ones right here on We offer you a plethora of them from several brands and online stores. But, make it a point to consider the above tips to make your buying process a breeze.

Question & Answer

What air conditioner temperature is the best?

Setting your air conditioner at a particular set temperature can indeed cut down your utility bills to a large extent. Typically, it's best to set your air conditioner temperatures somewhere between 23 degree Celsius to 25 degree Celsius. However, a lot of variables come into play while setting this temperature. For instance, 78 F, is perfect if the outside temperature is above 90F. In short, your main aim must be to set a temperature that doesn't shut on or off the conditioner too many times during the day. Besides, it must make you feel comfortable.

What air conditioner is the quietest?

Having conditioning units that cause less noise is the best way to achieve a comfortable night's sleep. Ductless mini-split systems like the Mitsubishi air conditioners are some of the quietest air conditioners for an apartment. The systems have an average noise level of 32 decibels and offer some of the highest SEER ratings and are one of the quietest air conditioners on the market today.

What are the air conditioner brands made in china?

Brands like Haier, Midea, Gree, and Chigo, are some of the leading air conditioning unit brands of Chinese origin. However, note among the above four, only Gree and Chigo are companies dedicated to producing top-quality air conditioners. Whereas, the other two – Haier and Midea offer several other household products.

Can air conditioner cause sore throat?

Yes, but only if you set a temperature that's too cold for you. Usually, during the conditioning process, the unit pulls out the moisture from the air. Since it takes place in a closed room, they can excessively become dry. Hence, this might result in sore throat issues like dryness. Therefore, it's best to keep yourself hydrated when you're spending long hours in air-conditioned rooms.

Which air conditioner is best for a home?

Any air conditioners that saves you energy and offers you noiseless comfort are the best choice for the home. Moreover, they should display high performance and efficiency. Consider the top air conditioner brands like Samsung, LG, Hitachi, AKAI, Super General, Westpoint, Panasonic, Frigidaire Crownline, and Electrolux to get the best air conditioners for your home. Besides, the brands also bring you several other HVAC systems.

Where can I buy air conditioning units?

With a high demand for air conditioning units these days, you can easily find them both online and in-store. However, if you want to experience a smooth purchase, then check out Our product search engine offers you the convenience of navigating through several types of air conditioning systems from popular brands and online stores like Menakart and many others. What's more, you can check out several other climate control devices and discover cheap air conditioner for sale. While the core mechanics of any air conditioning units remains the same, the many makes and models of the air conditioners available to buy, make them a different device to own. We hope this article has provided you with adequate information you need to buy air conditioners online in UAE effortlessly.

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