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About Wine Sets

Wine sets can do so much better than a bottle of wine by itself. You can even pick the accessories of wine sets and pair them along with a bottle of wine, which is an impressive and very thoughtful gifting idea. There are lots more pairing ideas, personalisations, and boxing ideas that you can explore and make your gift worth an outstanding appearance.  

Wine sets contain accessories, and these are not the ones to decorate your bottles and the table, but these are essential items to make serving and drinking both a smooth experience. So make sure you have the right supplies handy to open the bottle, aerate the drink, and serve it elegantly to your guests and to yourself. Then, some accessories can keep your alcohol or especially wine at the right temperature. And once you are done drinking, you will be again needing a stopper, another accessory to store the bottle. Therefore, these essential items make a great gifting idea, and when you take part in tiny details, your gift can be the best wine gifts to buy for her or him. 

Some fantastic wine gifting ideas 

You may want to gift a bottle of wine along with some essential items while balancing your budget. Here, we have compiled ideas to go with. First of all, if you have bought a red wine, a decanter would be a good option to pair. Also, you can give your gift a modern touch with a tumbler set. If you are not sure of the glasses, a shadow box to toss the cork will do the best pairing. Other than these accessories, you can move to the food items to pair like cheese basket or wine and chocolate gift set. These can be cheap wine gifts for friends or a luxurious corporate gift option. Explore more of this page to get more ideas for an innovative gift. 

Wine accessories set 

The Cooko and Case Elegance are two online stores on where you can go for a perfect wine set. At Cooko, you will find a beautiful and durable wooden box perfect for gifting or keeping your accessories in one place. This box contains metal accessories like a corkscrew, foil cutter, pourer, aerator, stopper, thermometer, and two extra screws. But if you want a box of wine accessories along with the wine bottle, Case Elegance has a real bamboo wood box for you. It has matching bamboo accessories and space for the wine bottle as well. It can securely and tightly wrap the bottle inside the case. Our product search engine also has some wine gifts sets for sale if you would like to explore. 

Wine box gift set 

A gift can be innovative not just with a beautiful wrap or ribbons, but there is more when what you need to wrap is the wine bottle. You can go to Demdaco’s online store and explore some amazing bags with a string. They are wooden, stylish, carved, and multi-functional pieces. The carvings could be your sentiments, which you can choose like ” Cheer to years” or friends are like wine”, and there are lots more to choose from. We said multi-functional because they are a piece of home decor as well. The LED lights inside, yelling your sentiments out can be put anywhere in your home as a remembrance. 

Wine gift sets with glasses 

When you decide to present glasses as a gift, don’t settle for the basic ones when you can personalise them and make the gift unique. Some decorating processes include hand cutting, sand etching, colour screening, laser etching, and rotary engraving. You can go to Susquehanna Glass to see the final look at all these processes. Our most favourite is hand cutting, wherein you can choose your fonts and patterns.  This freehand craftsmanship will not beautify the glass, but it makes them aesthetically strong yet very subtle to look at.  

Tips on how to buy Wine sets online

Looking for wine sets as a gift could be a perfect option. However, when you are hosting a party, you need some accessories to ease your work or some to flatter. Here, we suggest emphasising equally on wine and its accessories, including the box itself. For sure, they all can make an outstanding appearance as a gift set or at a host’s table. Well, we leave alcohol shopping to you, and here we have compiled some points related to sets that can help narrow down your purchase.

  • The best wine glass – How many do you know exists? Wide, narrow, stemmed, stemless, tapered, and flared are the different shapes of glasses available. For a gifting option, stemless or flared seems like a classy gift option because others are regular ones your host would have those, most probably.
  • A nice wine opener – Typically fancier wines are stoppered with extra-long corks meaning you need a double-hinged corkscrew for that. But if you have a crumblier cork, then two-prong cork pullers will be the best. If you are the host, you do not want your guests to be waiting while you are struggling with opening the bottle. So, you should know which bottle and what corkscrew.
  • Wine decanting or not – Not for every bottle of wine, but mainly for older vintage port wines or aged Bordeaux. Decanting means pouring wine from bottle to decanter that helps separate the wine from the sediment that collects over time. So, it makes your wine free from the astringent taste, aerate it more, and bring out its main flavours and aroma.
  • Yes to appetiser trays – This accessory is the smartest choice as a host. Your guests never have to hold the glass in one hand and snack in the other trying to mingle. They can walk freely and socialise without the worry of making a mess. The quantity and size are the features that you need to look up to. However, this one is not that difficult to choose.
  • Decanter or aerators – The only difference is the time wherein aerators are quick in opening the ideal flavour profile of a wine. Otherwise, you need to pull the cork out of the bottle an hour or so before you serve. The making of aerators is in a way that doesn’t affect the flavour and aroma. You can choose either of the three methods depending upon the time you have.
  • Wine bottle for travel – You cannot be brave enough to store your bottle in the glass when you are travelling. For that, invest in hydro flask containers with vacuum insulation. Make sure that the product is BPA and Phthalate-free so that it can retain the taste or smell or longer.
  • About gift box set – All the necessary item you purchase for a gift can fit into a box, or you can also buy a pre-fitted set available in the market. Another innovative method to go for is the combination of a gift box and home décor item. For example, a lantern wine bag with LED lights can be an exciting bag to gift.

There are other accessories like stoppers or pourers, but they cannot be separate gift item. You can only include them inside your gift set as one of the secondary tools. Our retail search engine can let you explore these sets, separate wine accessories, or even personalised gift items. Some brands that you will see at include Cooko, CASE ELEGANCE, Host, Susquehanna, Glass, DEMDACO, and Waterford.

Question & Answer

What are the best wine gifts?

If you do not want to gift a whole wine set with screws and everything, you can still stand out with a creative one like Host brand’s tumblers. It comes with a BPA free plastic and an insulated silicone band for comfortable handling. Its walls contain a cooling gel that works as a wine chiller when frozen. And this innovative gift is suitable for all kinds of wine. The owner can quickly put them in the freezer for white wines or cool them in the fridge to keep red wines at cellar temperature. As easy as it sounds!

Which wine sets to gift?

We think you will love the Cooko brand’s nine-piece gift set. It has a corkscrew bottle opener, foil cutter, pourer, aerator, collar, stopper, thermometer, and two extra screws, just in case. Not only the accessories are top class, but the box is also durable and luxurious. It is made of heavy-duty zinc alloy with bronze-plated grips, metal gears, and a Teflon-coated spiral. The whole set seems like a great gifting option for housewarming, anniversary, wedding reception, Christmas, and many other events.

Are wine gifts sets cheap?

Well, you do not determine the gifting budget by your affordability. There are so many other factors that every household counts. Combing everything, an elegant piece of wine set can cost you AED100 of a reputed brand. It can go up as you add more luxury to it, or you want to customise it. For instance, hand cutting, engraving, and colour screening are a few customisations that people go for after buying wine tumblers. So, it is up to you now.

Where to buy wine gift sets online?

You can just hop on to any store and buy a cool set of tumblers or a box of wine set. That’s also fine! But if you want to make it personalised and out of the box, a few considerations can save you a lot of time. Under one roof of, you can search accessories, budget range, different materials, and compare all of them to grab the best deal.

Gifting wine sets is a perfect deal when you can’t set your mind to something else. Especially if the receiver is an aficionado, these sets can make an amazing gift. is indeed a good start to buy a perfect gift because we have it all—wine options, accessories, or customisations: everything or more under our home & living section. You could not be mesmerised more with the lots of options you will see. So, commence your shopping journey now.