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About Wine Coolers

Even a novice wine drinker would know that keeping the bottles at the right temperature can make all the difference in the aroma and flavour. And, your standard refrigerator can’t keep up with that. A one-time investment in a wine cooler is much better than throwing your expensive bottles. 

Wine coolers are one of the specially designed wine accessories to store your wine bottles. That means they have a special temperature zone, racks, sideways storage, compatible manufacturing materials, and technologies that go with it. Traditionally, they were homemade and distributed since the early 1980s. But slowly technology came into the picture, and we have a tech-driven version today. If you are looking for the right product, we suggest understanding the specifications first because many different technologies are going to bug you in the end.  

Wine storage basics 

Wine without its natural surroundings will taste like drinking vinegar. Thus, you need to protect your wine bottles from three big enemies. These are light, temperature, and vibrations.  Too much sunlight or artificial light can make your wine a cooked flavour wine, which you won’t appreciate at all. The all-around best temperature for wine is 55 degrees, and maintaining a steady temperature is crucial to let them age well. Also, if your bottles move too often, sediments inside them spread throughout the bottle and change the flavour. Keeping these enemies in mind, you need to choose the best wine coolers to buy. 

Dual-zone wine cooler 

Red wine, white wine, and sparkling wines all have their temperature needs, and thus the concept of temperature zones. In this context, you will get two zones: a single-zone cooler and a dual-zone cooler. As it is pretty much clear with the titles, the single zone maintains one temperature all over the fridge when you set it up. However, dual-zone can have different temperature inside one unit. That means you can store red wines on top at a mild 60 degrees and white wines, at 50 degrees down below. At our product search engine, you can search these and buy dual zone wine cooler online in UAE. There is another invention called multiple zone wine coolers, in which you can also store your champaigns at 40 degrees, port wines at 57 degrees, syrahs at 64 degrees, and many others.  

Thermoelectric wine cooler 

The technology behind your wine coolers can either be thermoelectric or compressor. Both have their pros and cons, but thermoelectric is prevalent nowadays because it is a silent worker as compared to the thuds of compressor systems. Also, these are environmentally safe as the components of a thermoelectric system are not dangerous to the environment, unlike the greenhouse emission of their counterparts. However, there are advantages to the other side as well as the compressor system reaches cold temperatures, and cool consistently in warm climates. They also provide more storage room. So, it is up to you to weigh the advantages and disadvantages before buying. We have some wine coolers for sale if you would like to see them. 

Built-in wine fridge 

The built-in model has the advantage that it gives you many options for placement and blends in your kitchen accent smoothly. However, there are models of MagicChef’s brand that provides the versatility of both the function: built-in and freestanding. That means you can place the unit under the counter or also as a standalone unit. The basic difference between the two is that built-in units have their vent in the front and standalone units have their vent in the back. We have some cheap built-in wine coolers if you would like to see them. You can explore lots more variants under our dedicated section: Home & Living

Tips on how to buy Wine coolers online

A wine enthusiast cannot go without a dedicated wine cooler. This product will maintain your wine’s freshness and flavour intact. However, a standard kitchen refrigerator is unable to maintain the temperature range for wine, and it can also shrink the corks resulting in seal breaks. There are more cons of using a kitchen fridge, but let just concentrate on buying a dedicated product for your wines. For that, we have compiled a few points for you to narrow down your search and grab the best deal.

  • Compressor versus thermoelectric system – The compressor system makes humming noises, and when the compressor is large, the noise gets loud. On the other hand, the thermoelectric system is silent, and with this, you also don’t have to worry about stirring up sediments in the bottles.
  • Wooden shelves or metal racks – The material doesn’t matter as long as these racks are holding bottles on their sides. This design keeps the cork moist, keep away the bacteria, maximises the surface area of wine, and thus you can age fine wines for years.
  • Keep up with energy efficiency – Thermoelectric cooling uses far less electricity than compressor systems. If you choose LED lighting to read wine labels quickly and give a good appearance to your product, make sure that you invest in low-temperature lights because hot bulbs make it hard to keep your fridge cold inside. Also, if you choose a glass door, make sure it has triple pane windows that will help your unit run efficiently.
  • Single versus dual cooling zone – If you want to keep red and white wines both into your cooler, you better go with dual zones. This way you can have two panels in the same product having two different temperatures. Although a compact collection of wines will love single-zone fridges, and they are also budget-friendly.
  • Built-in versus freestanding models – Standalone units, as the name suggests, can take their place on the countertop or on the floor. All they need is proper ventilation to let hot air escape from the area around their cooling coils. However, built-in models can snuggle in-between the kitchen cabinets as they are designed with an air escaping mechanism in the bottom.
  • Additional features to look for – UV protection, child locks, reversible doors, appearance, warranty, shipping, brand value are some things you need to see before you add the product to your cart. Some of these features add a few bucks more to your budget. So, choose accordingly.

We hope these tips would be helpful in your purchase. Here at, you will find yourself comparing the features, not the brands because all of the labels are authentic. Some of them include Koldfront, Danby, Ivation, Magic Chef, NutriChef, Wine Enthusiast, and many more. Well, the wine cooler is that one-time investment you don’t want to be dissatisfied about. Thus, we recommend exploring our retail search engine thoroughly before you add any item to your cart.

Question & Answer

What are the best wine coolers?

The best wine coolers have to be the ones capable of keeping all kinds of wine at the right temperatures. Product manufacturers call this feature “Dual Zone Design”. You can find this in many brands, such as Koldfront, Danby, Magic Chef, and more. Other than that, the capacity intake of wine bottles and the dimensions of the product are upon you to decide after contemplating your space. You can also add up some luxury specs like LED display, double door, sassy looks only if your budget is flexible enough. We can say the best product is the one that rests on your priorities.

How does one choose a wine cooler?

There is no other way than looking at the product specifications and contemplating what you want and what you don’t. Let’s divide these specifications into post-purchase and pre-purchase. While scrutinising pre-purchase specs, you should look for the dimensions, weight, number of shelves, manufacturing material, and temperature range. For post-purchase, we have two essential specs to look out for, and these are the warranty and after-sales services you get. So, that’s how you point out the best one for you.

What is the best brand of a wine cooler?

There are so many brands, and each one of them will put their best features upfront. For example, Koldfront’s wine coolers will provide a safety lock, and Koldfront has a programmable temperature range. Also, MagicChef’s coolers can function as a built-in or freestanding model both. And these are a few top-rated brands available at There are a few more like Nutrichef and Ivation, which you should explore and check out their specifications too.

Where to buy wine coolers online?

Buying online is way better than visiting different stores, talking to the salesperson, and still don’t get the right idea. If you are more of an online shopper, we suggest exploring You can read all the features online, zoom the pictures, take a 360 look, and decide what to bring home. Other than these basic features, we also have high-end comparison tools along with genuine reviews and advanced filters.

Also, remember that only buying the best product is not all, you have to maintain it well. Some things that can extend your wine fridge’s life are choosing the right location, checking the dip tray from time to time, and solving condensation problems. Also, keeping it clean inside out is one of the important ways to keep it running.  These are some basic things that every new product comes with. You treat it well; it will treat your wines right. We feel this the right time to explore the massive range of wine coolers available at