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With summer just around the corner, it’s time you set those party supplies for your next backyard pool party—one of the most crucial items: a proper ice bucket. Ice buckets, indeed are some of the most important tools that every party host should own. However, their sheer variety makes purchasing the best one a little tricky. Well, you can always turn around this scenario, if you have ample information about the product you’re going to buy. Fortunately for you, this article has all that you need to buy the best ice tubs to keep your beer chilling for long. So, read on.

People like their wines cold and ready to be served, and that’s certainly not possible if you only have a refrigerator at home. Of course, it does serve the purpose of keeping your beer or wine chilled for hours, but who would want to constantly make trips to the freezer back and forth from the backyard for just a bottle of wine? Well, no one! And that’s where these buckets serve to be a smart gadget. So, one thing is for sure that these buckets are a great addition to your kitchen. So what’s next? Of course, you need to purchase one. But how? Where do you start? Which one do you buy? First let’s take a look at their various types and then head further to check out the smart hacks to have a hassle-free buying process.

The various kinds of Ice buckets to keep your beverages cool.

With rising demands and popularity, manufacturers have scaled up their production of ice buckets. Today you can find a plethora of these buckets in all sorts of designs, shapes, sizes, and materials. Some hold just the ice, while some others can hold a few bottles too. You can also find a few that come along with a pair of tongs, an ice scooper, and even garnish trays for lemons and other fresh fruits to go with your beverages. Besides, you’ll find them in different materials too, which includes glass, plastic, and stainless. And out of all types of ice buckets available on the market, the one with stainless material is the best. However, there are many others too. Let’s have a look at the popular types below.

The stainless steel ice bucket

Just as we sighted earlier, stainless steel is one of the best materials when it comes to ice buckets. So, if you’re looking out for a stainless steel bucket to add to kitchen arsenal then do not miss out to check out the bucket from OXO. It’s an excellent choice that guarantees to keep the shape of ice for longer. Apart from having a four-quart capacity, the product also looks exquisite with its minimalistic design and stainless steel body. However, one of the notable features of the product includes double insulation. This feature keeps the cold inside for longer while preventing outer condensation. In addition, it also comes with a non-slip base that prevents it from tipping.

The best retro-inspired vintage ice bucket.

Indeed, stainless steel stands at the top, but how about giving a vintage touch to your party table? If you’re in search of such a kind of product, then there’s nothing better than the vintage ice bucket from Jackie Inc. This 4-litre vintage inspired bucket is excellent for entertaining your guests in the best possible way. The product also comes with a removable plastic interior that creates a second wall to keep your ice preserved for long hours. Even though it wouldn’t hold the ice for six or more hours, but it surely does hold plenty of ice when compared to the other on the market. By the way, you also get an ice scoop with the product that completes its look.

The large metal ice bucket or tub

If you’re looking at something that’s bulkier and that allows you to store a lot of bottles, then consider investing in Tablecraft’s galvanised oval beverage metal tub. It gives out that snazzy look for casual events. Needless to state, with its large built, the product comes with a lot of room that allows you to store up to 5.5 gallons of ice and beverage. In addition, the handles on the tub make it easier for you to carry or relocate them anywhere you want. Many online platforms give this product the highest rating and state that it’s a must-have for those who love throwing parties every now and then. Well, thanks to its versatility and size, you can store anything and everything that need to keep your beer chilled.

The perfect small acrylic ice bucket

If you prefer more space and are not picky when it comes to design and materials, then this small acrylic wine bucket from Prodyne is your best pick. It is a simple and straightforward solution to all your chilling needs. Made of acrylic, the product can easily fit in two large bottles inside it. Quite often you could also fit in up to four bottles plus ice, of course. Apart from that, it comes with a sturdy built and is highly functional. This also allows you to put your bottle to an angle to create a bit more space for the ice cubes. Indeed, you can buy acrylic ice buckets online in UAE that’s sleek, simple, classy and serve the purpose of keeping your beverage cool.

Tips on how to buy Ice Buckets online

The first step before you purchases your ice buckets is obviously to make the right choice. But it’s always easier said than done, especially when you have so many options out there. However, we can still conquer this scenario by keeping a few critical factors in mind while assessing the product for the ideal pick. To make your buy breezier, we’ve laid out those essential elements to consider when you head out to buy ice buckets online.

  • Know your preference – How do you like your bucket? Do you want a stainless steel model, or would like to give a retro touch to your table? Are you planning to host a big party or just a small close gathering? How many bottles do you intend to store in an ice bucket at a time? Try answering these questions and purchasing the best one will become a lot simpler. In short, your personal preference and requirements are always the king!
  • Check out the insulation – Many ice buckets offer a peculiar feature of double insulation. This helps to keep your ice shape intact for long hours. Which in turn means, it keeps your beverage chilled for a long time. It’s a great feature, particularly when you have to conduct parties or events outdoors during the summer season. The best part about the product is that, even if you use it just to hold the ice, it does a fantastic job.
  • Look out for the size – Whether you want to throw a barbeque party, or conduct a small casual gathering, you must always pay attention to the size of the bucket when choosing. If storage isn’t a problem for you, then it’s best to pick a large ice bucket like the metal tubs. These fit in multiple bottles and a lot of other accessories like a scooper. However, a small bucket will meet most of your needs but will have less capacity.
  • Consider the extra features – If you find yourself catering to a large number of guests, then it’s always better to choose one that has additional features. Some of the most common features include tongs, ice scoops, and garnish trays. Having additional features in your ice buckets will not only make you look like a pro but will also give you a marvellous product with multiple functions that you can use on several occasions.
  • Check out the capacity – The capacity of your bucket relies on the type of event you’re hosting. If you’re hosting a small innate family gathering of a few members, then the bucket of 0.5 Ltr capacity will be more than enough to cover the basic needs. However, if you’re carrying out a massive event with a large group of people attending the gathering then, go for bigger and bulkier ice buckets like the metal tubs.
  • Consider the price – Buying an ice bucket doesn’t always mean breaking the bank. Depending on the materials, quality, capacity, and other additional features, their price may go up or down. In short, you’ll find one that fits everyone’s budget, provided you must have a set budget. This not only makes your job easier of sorting out the ones that suit your liking but will also save a lot of money. By the way, this also depends on the platform from where you’re buying as several online stores offer ice buckets for sale during seasonal promotions.

Even though they’re one of the most vital wine accessories when it comes to hosting parties, they’re still overlooked to a great extent. We hope the above tips and types will change your idea about purchasing the ice buckets online. Moreover, we hope they help you pick the right one, provided you carefully check out all the factors and take them as the assessing parameter.

Question & Answer

What are the best ice buckets?

The best bucket is one that fits your personal needs. Whether you choose a bulkier one, or a small one that’s easier to handle you can always take some inspiration from our list of top ice buckets out there. Besides, you can also consider the bucket collection at popular brands like OXO, Anna New York, Igloo, Prodyne, Artland, Kraftware, and Mr. Ice Bucket. It is always a good idea to explore different brands and shop before making a final decision.

Which ice bucket is best for the festival?

Festivals mean a get together of a large crowd, and this, in turn, indicates that’ll you’ll have a large number of guests or members of the family at the event. Therefore, always opt for a large and bulkier metal tub that can help you keep several bottles of beverages and wine chilled at a time. You could also go for the ones that come with double insulation to keep them chilled for longer hours. You can explore different options to search and buy reliable ice buckets.

Where to buy ice buckets online?

Do you want to get your favourite ice bucket to withstand? Or perhaps wish to purchase the best glass ice bucket? Either way, you can find them all and more on This superfast product search engine not only offers you a wide range of options from over 500 online stores worldwide but also enables you to compare, sort and purchase your favourite home & living products online. You can also navigate through some of the best-curated collection of ice buckets from online stores that the world trust.

Whether an alcoholic or not, a good ice bucket is always a great addition to your kitchen. Hopefully, this article has provided you with some useful information and tips that’ll you choose a model suited for a particular occasion. So without much ado, start your online shopping spree here!