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Are you going to aerate your wines? Yes? Good for you. You’ve made the right choice. However, you’ve got one more choice. How do you do it? Well, decanters are your answer. If you’re just starting off your journey with the wines, then probably you’re wondering what purpose decanter serves. Besides, we bet you also want to know their benefits and see if they’re more than just an addition to your aesthetics. Continue reading to know and understand these humble wine accessories.

The first known glass decanters appeared in Syria around 5000 BC. But, the widespread use of these jugs became common only in the era of the Roman Empire. During these days, people used the decanters to store wine. Besides, the very first models came in clay materials. However, people soon realised that the clay versions do not bring any good to the wines. So then they opted for glass decanters. However, after the fall of the Roman Empire, people stopped using glass and instead used bronze and silver ones. The glass wine jugs that we see today made a major come back during the European Renaissance. Today, you can find several types of decanters. Let’s have a look at a few popular ones in our next section.

Let your wine breathe with these decanters and glasses.

Remember, you cannot decant all the spirits in one single decanter. You need different wine jugs for different liquors. However, quite often, you can interchangeably decant in the various wine jugs. These kinds of pitchers are relatively simple in appearance. You need to decant several wines for them to breathe and soften the tannins and remove the sediments. Among those that you could use in any decanter include young red wines, red wines with visible residues, some white wines and vintage ports. Also, the wine jugs do not need stoppers, since its only purpose is to aerate the wine. Also, most wine jugs come in oddly shaped but fashionable designs.

The best overall Le Chateau glass wine decanter

Indeed, you’ll see a lot of decanters that come in simple shapes and designs. And there’s a good reason for it – it works! The Le Chateau is one such wine jug. Their shape is perfect for moving the wine insides. Besides, the design ensures to provide a large breathable surface in the container. This particular model comes in lead-free crystal. Therefore, you never have to worry about impurities getting into your wine. Apart from that, this is a hand-blown version, which gives it an artisan feel. Apart from that, the decanter holds 32 ounces. But, the point isn’t to fill it, but to pour the wine so that it stays at the broader end of the jug.

The scotch decanter

Manny scotch experts say that, unlike decanting wine, you can easily store your scotch in a decanter. That’s because it doesn’t have any effect on the liquor whatsoever. But, even if it isn’t doing much for the taste of your scotch, it’s a great addition to your bar cart’s aesthetics. With the perfect scotch jugs, you can confidently say goodbye to your clunky bottles and opt for these sleek and sophisticated alternatives. Some of the popular models of scotch decanters include Rosanna, Cathy’s concept, Bormioli Rocco, Kathy Kuo Home, Ralph Lauren, and many more as such. Each of these scotch jugs has different designs and features.

The crystal whiskey bottle and decanter

We’ve seen earlier that the most common reason to use a wine jug is to remove sediments. However, this isn’t true in the case of whiskey. The main reason to use the whiskey jug is for style and appearance. Usually, a whiskey can hold up to 750 mL of whiskey. Today you can find several types of best whiskey decanters. For example, the James Scott Whiskey Decanter and Set are one of the most affordable options. They come with four old-fashioned double glasses and a mirrored serving tray. Similarly, Iceberg Scotch Decanter Set by Ashcroft is the most user-friendly jug for decanting whiskey. Not only are they lead-free, but also safe in dishwasher, freezer and microwave.

Tips on how to buy Decanters online

Do you still think that decanters are relatively simple wine accessories ? Well, if you do, then you’re at the worn end, my friend. You’d be surprised how much there is to take into account when you have to buy the best decanters online. Here are a few quick tips that’ll help you get through the search and secure yourself the best wine jug out there.

  • Keep an eye on the size of the product – Most wine jugs come in designs to fit one bottle of wine. However, you’ll undoubtedly find some versions that are larger than the others. These fit in more than one bottle of wine and are best for serving more people. For most of you, the wine decanters that fit a bottle of wine will do. Smaller wine jugs are also best for those who wouldn’t finish a bottle at one go. Remember, if the wine sits in the decanter for too long, it turns into acid.
  • Get yourself the ideal shape – Just like sizes; you’ll find the wine jugs in different shapes too. Therefore, one of the top concerns you must have is to consider what shape works best for you. This determines how much surface area you have to aerate your drink. Many come in designs that have a broader area to spread out your wine and decant it properly. Additionally, you also need to think about whether its shape will make pouring the wine drip-free.
  • Pick a stylish model – Speaking of looks, many high-end wine jugs have visually stunning designs. Of course, the choice is yours. You can buy a purely functional decanter, or you can seek one that’s both a work of art and an excellent aerator. Also, note, even simpler models look appealing, especially once you fill them with deep red wine. But, if you want to get a visually appealing model, then spend some time browsing the collections online to pick the model that looks best.
  • Go for the best materials – Wine jugs, pretty much always come in glass materials. That’s because most of the other materials pose the risk of adding some unwanted flavour to the wine. Apart from the glass models, you’ll also find some high-end versions of decanters that come in crystal glass. Remember, these tend to be a little pricier when compared to the other models. Besides, they might also break easily. However, they’re also very ornate and decorative than others.
  • Consider the wine types and age – Generally speaking, decanting your wine in any decanter is better than not doing it. That’s because some are ideal for specific types of wine. You can often find wine jugs for merlot, cabernet, and Syrah, to name a few. All of these models are perfect to use with any kind of wine. However, if you specifically tend toward one types, then it might be worth seeking out for the wine jug designed explicitly for that type of wine in your mind.
  • Check out the ease of cleaning – Often people insist not to clean the jugs with the usual dishwashing liquids. Remember, if you do not do an excellent job of thoroughly rinsing your pitchers, then the soap will affect the taste of your wine. Instead, you can go for a special type of glass cleaners. They’re typically brushes that fit through the neck of wine and stretch smoothly to reach the broader base. One of the easiest ways to secure an ideal cleaner is to consider the shape of your wine jug.
  • Look out for the ease of pouring – Every time you use the wine jug, you’ll be pouring out the wine. If your wine jug is hard to pour, you may end up feeling that it isn’t worth the trouble. Therefore, when you’re browsing, make sure to look for one that doesn’t appear very complicated to pour from without spilling or dripping.
Remember, decanting wine is not just for sommeliers and connoisseurs. This wine aerating act can improve the flavour of wines at all price points. Besides, it makes you look more sophisticated as a host. In short, they can become a piece of art for your home. Provided you choose them wisely. We hope the above tips will guide you in the right direction while shopping for them online.

Question & Answer

What is the use of a decanter?

A decanter is a vessel that you use to hold the decantation liquid like wine, scotch, whiskey, or even juices that may contain any sediments. You’ll find decanters in several shapes, designs, and sizes. However, typically they’re made of glass or crystals. Also, make sure to be careful while decanting the old wines. You should decant older wines only for 30 minutes and not more than that.

How do I identify the best decanter?

The word ‘best’ differs from person to person. The carafe that suits you might not sit right for others. One of the easiest ways to pick out the best from the wide ranges of decanters is to assess their quality and affordability. Also, consider their materials and ease of use. Brands like LSA, Dolce & Gabbana, Bormioli, Rocco, Godinger, The Wine Savant, James Scott, Prestige Decanters, and Culinaire offer you some of the best collections.

What is another word for decanter?

You can refer the decanters as jug, bottles, or carafes depending on their shapes and sizes. However, note that their function remains the same. And that’s to decant or aerate the liquid you pour inside them. Also, most of them come in similar materials like glass or crystals, regardless of what you call them.

Is it safe to store liquor in decanters?

This depends on what kind of liquor you store in them. In general, storing spirits in decanters isn’t advisable as it’s only best to aerate them and serve. Storing the liquors in these jugs for longer periods might result in the lead in leaching into the spirit. And this isn’t safe to ingest. Therefore, in short, you can serve, pour out and decant into these carafes but not store them.

Where to buy decanters online?

With online shopping being a trend these days, several online stores offer high-quality carafes online. But, if you wish to have a hassle-free shopping experience, then check out This shopping search engine brings you a comprehensive collection of cool decanters of sizes, designs, and styles. Besides, you can also check out a few decanters for sale on popular online stores like Bloomingdales and Ounass . In short, you can discover, compare and shop for your favourite products. Finally, remember that appearance is the most important when it comes to these containers. Whatever you decide on must match your style and taste. Your drink ware assortment must be a reflection of what makes you happy. Therefore, choose wisely. We hope this guide will help you pick a decanter as such. So, get started and shop for the best wine jugs from And do not miss to explore various other home & living products right here!

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