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About Corkscrews

A bottle of wine, no matter how amazing or expensive it is, becomes worthless if you do not have the right way to open it. That’s what we say, wine openers or corkscrews are the backbones of any wine bottle. Because, no wine opener means, you need to spend a considerable amount of time fiddling with the wine bottle and trying to find a way to open it.

The corkscrew seems like a pretty simple tool. How complicated can it get –it’s a tool that serves one basic purpose, after all. But you’d be surprised to know how wide and varied the corkscrews are. From electric to old-fashioned ones there are quite a vast collection of corkscrews out there. That said, if you love your wine, then you definitely need to invest in a dependable wine opener and have it with you all the time. So, if you’re looking ahead to buying one for yourself or planning to gift it to some dear to you then read on, as this guide has all that you need to know about corkscrews and a few hacks that’ll help you buy wine cork remover online in UAE effortlessly.

The different types of corkscrews to choose from

Who knew that a small wine accessory like a corkscrew would have so many varieties, kinds and types? But, why do we have dedicated corkscrews in the first place? Well, simply put, it’s the most efficient method to pull out the wine cork without making a mess. After all, you wouldn’t want your precious wine staining all over your clothes. In fact, with corkscrews, you no longer have to worry about how you’ll open the wine bottle. You’ll just need to pop open your wine and enjoy the drink. Indeed, pulling a cork out of the wine bottle seems like a very simple task. But, there are many ways to do it. Below, we’ve broken down the different types of wine openers to give you a better idea about which one will fit you the best.

The traditional wine cork opener

The traditional screw pull opener has the simplest design among the bunch. In the case of these conventionally styled screws, you’ll have a handle at the top of the screw and a curled metal rod at the bottom. People usually refer to this curled part as ‘worm’, probably because of its shape. You need to screw the worm into the cork and then pull out the cork. Unlike other options, they’re small and affordable too. With such features in place, they’re one of the best wine accessories to keep near your wine collection. However, this also comes with its fair share of disadvantages. The only downside of this product is that it requires you to put in a lot of strength to pull out the cork.

The wine keys and waiters corkscrew

The wine key or popularly known as the waiter’s corkscrews, adds a lever to the equation. The product comes with a peculiar design that allows you to rest the wine key on top of the bottle and help you pull the cork out without any hassle. Besides, this model requires far less strength to pull out, when compared to the traditional corkscrew. However, to smoothly pull out the cork, you need to get the worm into the centre of the cork. You must then screw it in with just the right amount of pressure at the right angle. Once you master this skill, then removing the cork will be very smooth. But, if you do it wrong, then there are high chances of breaking the wine bottle.

The winged wine cork remover

This is probably the most prevalent type of corkscrew, and it brings us a step further ahead in terms of ease of use. That’s because, the product has an additional lever, which means one on each side, creating a wing-like structure. This extra lever allows you to stay carefree and not worry about angling anything like the waiter’s wine opener. In this case, as you turn the handle up top, the wings on the corkscrew slowly rise up. Then all that’s left to do is to push them both back down which will pull the cork out of the bottle. The product smart design ensure that you need not spend too much strength or skill to open the wine bottle.

The automatic or electric corkscrew

As we moved through the list of openers so far, they’ve only gotten easier to use. This electric opener is no exception. This product uses energy from either the built-in or replaceable batteries to operate. Since it’s an automatic opener, it’s apparent that it does all the work for you. All you need to do is to place the device on the top of your wine bottle, press the button, and ta-da, your wine cork comes out within seconds. And because it does all the work for you, as you’d expect, these kinds of corkscrews cost more when compared to the others in the market. However, isn’t it still a boon even if you have to spend a few extra bucks?

Tips on how to buy Corkscrews online

Indeed, corkscrews are a simple tool. However, buying them isn’t as simple as said. Several factors come into play when you head out to purchase one online. Therefore, it’s crucial to have set criteria to assess your product before you make the final call. To make things easier for you, we’ve listed those significant factors below.

  • Explore the types – As technology advances, so do the tools. Today, you can find numerous kinds of corkscrews out there. That’s why it’s important to consider and analyse their types. It’s always better to study their features, characteristics, and specifications to make the right choice. Some of the common types apart from the ones mentioned above include twist openers, reverse corkscrew, and many more.
  • Check out the ease of use – Well, the primary purpose of the wine opener is to make sure that it makes your job easier and not the other way round. A difficult to use wine opener is a turn-off, and the investment goes in vain. There’s no point in getting a corkscrew that’s too complicated to use, and that’ll end breaking your precious bottle.
  • Check out the size – Size is quite often overlooked when it comes to wine openers. Why? Because there’s a general notion of it being small. Indeed, it is. However, you must consider their size, as often you might need something that’s either large or compact. For example, for those who want something that’s easy to carry and store, the compact options are great.
  • Assess the materials used – This is one of the essential things to have on your assessment list while purchasing the corkscrews online. This is because the materials used greatly impact its durability and longevity. In fact, it can also affect how easy or difficult it’s to use. Aside from this, it also determines whether you can use it for heavy-duty purposes or not.
  • Look out for additional features – Many wine openers come along with additional features. This includes in-built foil cutters and bottle cap openers. Some even include wine pourers. One of the classic examples is the Ozeri Nouveux II Electric Wine Opener. While these features aren’t a necessity, but having them in your product always elevates their value for the money you spend.

While it can be a bit challenging to determine which one is the best corkscrew for your needs, you can always turn around the scenario by carefully examining the product against these tips and factors mentioned above. We hope that these smart hacks will guide you in the right direction and help you make a wise decision.

Question & Answer

How do lever corkscrews work?

Lever corkscrews have been gaining popularity in recent years, thanks to their ease of use. Most of these openers only require two motions, one forward where you need to insert the worm into the cork. And the next one is where you need to pull out the cork from the bottle. The real benefit of using this product is the amount of control you get on the bottle and cork. Besides, they’re excellent for front-of-house use and feature a compact size to keep hidden.

What is a corkscrew used for?

A corkscrew or the wine opener is a dedicated tool for opening your wine bottles that are sealed with corks. In their traditional form, a corkscrew simply consists of a pointed metallic helix or the worm that helps you pull out the cork smoothly with minimal effort. Today, you’ll find several types of corkscrews out there on the market. From electric to old-fashioned ones there are quite a vast collection of corkscrews out there. So, you will have a lot to choose from.

What are the best corkscrews?

The best wine openers are those that require you to put in minimal effort to pull out your wine cork. This means one of the best corkscrew is certainly the electric or automatic one. However, it still depends on your personal choice or preference when it comes to choosing the corkscrews. But, you can always consider the models from some popular brands like HQY, Le Creuset, Barvivo, OXO, Secura, IPOW, and many more as such.

How much do corkscrews cost?

Wine openers come in various price ranges depending on their quality, design, materials used and functionality. Some of the most high-priced screws include the ones that are automatic or electric. However, you can still find a reasonably priced electric bottle opener for sale in many online stores. That’s why it’s important to set a budget for yourself. This not only helps you to easily sort out your favourite product but also curbs unnecessary expenditure.

Where to buy corkscrews online?

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Wine openers are available in a plethora of types, shapes, sizes, and styles. Whether you want to find the most affordable option or want to get something as effortless as possible or want to pick the showiest possible solution to impress your friends, you must find the one that best suits your needs. Do some browsing on and find the opener that makes sure nothing separates you from your glass of wine at the end of a hard day because you deserve it!