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Venetian Blinds

About Venetian Blinds

Do you know that Venetian blinds first came up in 1769? It was Mr Edward Bevan who first awarded the patent for Venetian blinds. He discovered that we could place wooden slats in a frame and manipulate the slats to control incoming light in a room. Later John Hampson from New Orleans made adjustments to the design in 1841.

Since their very first existence, these Venetian blinds are allowing people to control the amount of light and privacy in the room. It also regulates the airflow and also blocks excessive sunlight. These blinds are also appreciated for the convenience in use and cleaning that does not require hours of labour in washing and drying. On a material like plastic, a simple duster can do the job in fractions of sections. For the same reason, these blinds have become popular and got an edge over traditional drapes. Since then there is an increasing demand for Venetian blinds around the globe.

Benefits of Venetian blinds for sliding doors and windows

When it comes to decorating and furnishing a room, many people forget about the importance of well-suited window covering. To the fact, a right window treatment can bring the whole room together and add both style and class while helping control temperature and light. Today, Venetian blinds are the most populist treatment option for both home and business owners. There are many reasons for such a liking. Let’s know what benefits set perfect fit Venetian blinds can offer you.

Outdoor Venetian blinds – A control of privacy and light

Most of the time people love Venetian because of the control it gives them over how much light shall enter the room. You can easily angle the blades in a way that allow a lot of light or no light at all. They can also be drawn all the way up to let the full light stream in through the window. And the ease of use makes the management of light easier. If you wish to shut off your windows, or have neighbours nearby and need privacy, these blinds can give you all the privacy you seek.  Besides blinds also help to control temperature and keep the energy expenses lower even if you keep the windows closed during hot sunny weather.

Easy to clean

For sure you can consider traditional curtains for your living or bedroom; the cleaning process will surely be a hassle. But with Venetian blinds, you can do easy cleaning without uninstalling them from their place. However once a year, you will need to take them out of the point and give them a thorough wash. The cleaning process will depend on the type of material the blind is made of. But in most cases, with regular cleaning and wiping down with a cleaning chemical and damp cloth, you can avoid the hassle of their yearly cleaning drill.

The versatility in design

The variety in design, material, colour, size and usage is what makes a Venetian blind a preferable choice over a traditional curtain. There is a wide range of suitable design choices for a wide range of personal styles from contemporary to country and festive tones. You can also choose from materials like wood, PVC, aluminium and get them as per the size of your door or windows. If you choose PVC or wood, you can enjoy the freedom to choose the colour of your blind or just stick to the natural timber with some tasteful finish.


The Venetian blinds are extremely durable and long-lasting as compared to all other types of window covering. If treated properly they can withstand many years of winds, scratches and sun exposure while retaining their gorgeous surface. Even the pets and kids can’t damage these blinds as they can easily do with other shades or curtains. However, the vinyl and faux wood blinds are man-made and are likely to warp or crack after exposure to sunlight and moisture for a while. However, a PVC blind can not only stand the times but will also face the cleaning chemicals, water and heat without getting damaged.  And this durability also makes them an affordable option to consider for your home or office.

Tips on how to buy Venetian Blinds online in the UAE

With the increasing demands, more and more companies are offering French door Venetian blinds for sale with online buying facilities. But as you will not be holding or trying a product before you buy, it is necessary to adopt some additional measures during the buying process. Buying online means you thousands of products to explore and choose from. But in the meantime, it makes shopping an overwhelming process for many of us. Therefore we are here with some pro tips to help you through this online shopping venture. These tips will help you make a smart buying decision when you need the best creme brulee burner at a cheap price.

  • Know your needs – A blind must be according to the size of the window or door you want to place it. Therefore before you head to buy a blind, measure the size of the place where you want to install it. It’s better to double-check and buy the same size.
  • Consider the colour – Blinds come in many different shapes, sizes, colours and prints. As they will be a part of your home or office, focusing on colour is important. You can pick a colour to harmonise with the entire interior or go for contrast – whatever suits you the most.
  • Consider brands – People are trusting brands more than anything else. With the quality of products and services, they are happily willing to spend a few more bucks. Therefore you must also look for branded products to ensure that you get the quality claimed by the sellers. Plus branded products will also save you from repetitive buying hassle.
  • Consider price – When it comes to products like blinds for your home or office, you will see varying models and prices. Features, material, model and brand also make a difference in price. So it’s better to set a budget and look for products within that price.
  • Know your product – It is always a great idea to read your product before you start paying for it. You can go to the product description section to read everything from make and model to the user instruction and care that you may need to consider while using.

When you head to buy Venetian blinds, always go for a product that is convenient to use and matches your needs and interior side by side. A branded product is always an ideal option for the security of the money you will invest in the product. To find a reliable option you need to consider brands with better customer reviews and higher rankings. Such a selected product will not only ensure the safety of your money but will also make you love it.

Question & Answer

Are Venetian blinds easy to clean?

With some techniques, you can easily clean the Venetian blinds. Because of the material and make these blinds can easily get dirty and accumulate debris on them. But the slatted design makes it easier for the dirt to go unnoticed. But luckily, today you can find a wide range of cleaning gadgets for these blinds. You can also use a soft cleaning cloth or towel with chemicals for manual cleaning of these blinds. Explore video tutorial on how to clean Venetian blinds for more assistance.

Can Venetian blinds be shortened?

Yes, you can shorten the Venetian blinds. Shortening of Venetian blinds is really easy and simple. To do so you need to install your blinds in the window and select the slat that is even with the window sill, this will become the new bottom slat of the blind. Now remove the plugs from the bottom of the Slat pull the excess lift cords and cut the cord. In the next step, you will need to slide the Bottom Rail out of the cord and remove all the excess slats. Insert the Bottom Rail Insert the lift cords back into the Plug and tie a knot. Now Trim the excess ladder cords twist the ladder cords slide into the hole of the bottom of the Rail and Insert the Plugs.

How Venetian blinds are made?

A Venetian blind is majorly a slatted blind made of plastic or metal. Whereas sometimes we can also find blinds with wooden slats. But in most cases, the wooden products are known as bamboo blinds or wooden blinds. However, in both cases, these blinds are suspended by strips of cloth generally called tapes. At other times it is also attached by cords by which all slats in the unison can be rotated up to 180 degrees.

Where to buy Venetian blinds online in UAE?

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