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Roman Blinds

About Roman blinds

When it comes to window decoration, roman blinds are popular choices among homeowners for their clean, stylish and classy look. Unlike curtains, a roman blind hangs flat on the window and easily operates through a pull-up chain or remote controller. 

People often confuse roman blinds with roller blinds; however, there are differences in how they look and sit at the top of the windows. As the name suggests, a roller blind rolls up to reach the top, whereas a roman blindfolds up. When pulled up, Roman blinds take the form of soft horizontal pleats that bring an extra furnishing element to your interior. They are known for their cost-effectiveness as compared to other windows deco things such as shades or curtains. You can find them in a range of materials, operating mechanisms and styles. We will unveil everything you need to know about roman blinds to choose the best on this page. 

Everything you need to know about roman blinds

Roman blinds have been with us for not just years or decades but centuries. They hang flat when pulled down and converts into soft pleats when folded up. You can find them in a wide assortment of fabrics ranging from faux silk or taffeta to cotton, linen and damask. The lining is an essential part of blinds that give them the required stability and shape. There is a categorization based on that, such as thermal lining, black outlining, coloured linings etc. Most importantly, these shades come in varying operating mechanisms like basic, cordless and motorized. Let us explore which one works best for you.  

Cordless roman shades

The most basic roman blinds style comes with a cord or string that you have to pull to operate the shades. However, the cords are annoying sometimes when they tangle badly and come in your way. It can be a lot of risk for your kids and pets as well. Cordless shades are best at overcoming this issue. You have to pull the bottom rail down if you want to cover the window and raise it to raise the blinds. With cordless options, you do not have to compromise on both safety and style. You can find them in plenty of fabrics, shades and patterns to suit your interiors. 

Motorized roman shades

Motorized roman shades rise a bit below in terms of mechanism than cordless styles. They operate through a motor and are controlled by a remote controller. The best part about them is that you do not have to walk to your window whenever you want to pull up or down them. You do not just get the facility to operate shades remotely but also to set timers for automatic operation. You can control some models from your smartphone or home automation systems as well. Most of them come with both battery and plug-in operations. So, you have a lot to pick from as per the convenience required. 

Roman blinds with curtains

Combining curtains with soft window treatment like roman shades offer an excellent layered look. While making a combination, try to pick a print for one and solid colours for another. If you are looking for an extraordinary ensemble, you can pick prints for both, but one should be large and delicate. You should choose light filter Shades for daytime and blackout curtains for blocking light at night for versatility. You can also find matching patterns at some stores for a coordinated look. 

Tips on how to buy Roman Blinds

Roman shades/blinds come in a wide assortment of fabric, lining options, mechanisms, and more factors. It is natural to feel a bit overwhelmed, looking at so many varieties. However, by keeping certain factors in mind, you can eliminate this confusion. Here are some tips that would help you buy roman blinds online in the UAE.

  • Type of blinds – There are three types of roman shades you will commonly find in the market- Flat, relaxed and hobbled. Flat varieties are pleated in measured sections. When you draw them, they evenly adjust to the desired length with so much ease. Relaxed styles, on the other hand, makes a soft curve at the bottom when pulled. It offers a cute and unfinished yet decorative look. Hobbled patterns create waterfall-like folds when drawn upwards or down in the window space.
  • Fabric – Shades come in a variety of fabrics. Faux silk or taffeta make crisp and sharp blinds, whereas cotton or polycotton make medium weight fabrics. You can go for wool fabrics like velvets or chenille for winter. Choose the fabric that fits the room’s atmosphere and aesthetics the most. Some of the fabrics you should avoid are upholstery, PVC, faux leather and stretch knit material.
  • Amount of light – The selection of shades also depends upon how much light you want to block. You can go for heavy and tightly woven block-out patterns to block the natural light from coming in completely. You can consider such patterns for bedroom, lounge etc. On the other hand, you should go for light filter styles if you want enough light in the room. You can find their application in living space, studies etc.
  • Mechanism – There are three main ways to operate roman blinds. The first and basic one is to use the cord to pull them up or down. It is an inconvenient method as the cord tangles sometimes and might risk kids and pets. Another type is cordless, where you do not have to use any cord. You have to pull the bottom rail down if you want to cover the window and raise it to raise the blinds. Lastly, there are motorized options. You can control them through remote controllers. They are prevalent these days due to ease of use.

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Question & Answer

Are roman blinds expensive?

Roman shades are expensive than regular roller blinds. If you are looking for ready-made patterns, you can expect the price to be around $170, whereas a DIY kit would be an affordable option. The cost of a roman blind set can also vary as per the choice of material, pattern and size. If you have budget restrictions, you are in the right place. You can compare prices right here on our retail search engine. So, wait no more, and visit an extensive collection on

Where do you hang roman blinds?

After getting the idea of installing roman blinds, the next common question is ‘where to hang them?’. Well, it depends a lot on the architecture of your home. If it is modern with unattractive frames, you might want to mount the shades outside all the way from the top of the walls. On the other hand, you should mount them inside if your room has attractive and classy frames. The place you hang them also varies as per your preferences.

Where to buy roman blinds online?

You can find roman shades at any good home décor store or marketplace. If you want to choose from a wide variety, you can come to us to Here, we have brought together over 500 trusted online stores that sell shades at affordable prices. You do not just get plenty of options but also features like filters, direct searching and price comparison to set your preferences. So, go ahead and have a fantastic shopping experience on our retail search engine.

What fabric is used for roman blinds?

Roman blinds can be made up of various fabrics ranging from cotton, polycotton, silk or velvet. Faux silk or taffeta make crisp and sharp blinds, but you can choose cotton or polycotton to have something of medium weight and more light blockage. Wool fabrics like velvets or chenille are also popular choices among home décor enthusiasts. There is a set of fabrics that you should avoid when it comes to choosing roman shades like faux leather, PVC, upholstery, pure silk and stretch knits.

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