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Pleated Curtains

About Pleated Curtains

According to studies, it was the time between early 3100 BC to 3rd century BC when the Great Egyptians invested curtains and used them throughout their rule.

As per historians, the very first curtain was made of animal hides. These hides were hung in the doorways with the help of ropes, hooks and heavy structures like stones. However, as time passed and Egyptian got used to the technology of spinning textile from lined and flax the idea of curtains also changed. In later years silk, cotton and wool also became part of the curtain making fabric family. Today, at the time when we have a lot of fabric verity for making curtains, there are different styles of weaving and stitching these fabrics. As a result, we can find a wide range of pleated curtains to choose from and use in our homes for window deco.

Types of pleated curtains you can choose from

Curtains vary in length, colour and fabric. Plus it is important to compare curtain styles and pleases styles when shopping for your treating your window.  The type and stitch of pleats affect how the curtains hang on the rod and how they fall or drape across the windows. Besides, different curtain styles serve unique functions. Some curtains can help with blocking out the sunlight while others might just serve as a decorative element. Therefore selecting the right curtain style for your home or room is a challenging process and demand serious considerations. As we know choosing a curtain is a stressful experience, we have compiled a comprehensive guide on different types of curtains. So here you go with some basics.

Pinch pleat curtains

These curtains are decorative heading for the valances and curtains. They can be used on all types of curtain poles or tracks. Pinch pleat heading is much more gathered than other curtain headings with pleats sewn in to give a luxurious and permanently gathered look and feel. These are the most popular type of curtains. They are stitched at pinched at the top, allowing the folds of fabric to flow below and from an elegant and formal look. These curtains range from two-finger pleats to five-finger pleats. Having more pleats can give the curtain a fuller appearance. These curtains are commonly used in sitting rooms, entertaining and bedrooms.

Pencil pleat curtains

It is also known as the Tape Top or 3 tape curtains. This is a common and classic type of pleat in curtains that create a simple and casual look. These pleats work better on fabrics that are neither too thick nor too thin. These pleats are generally 3 inches deep with 2.5 times the fabric suggested for the fullness. These curtains usually consist of three rows of stings threaded through them. It creates a position for three hooks to suit all types of poles and tracks. Comparatively these pleats are more casual than box pleated or goblet curtains. Because of their casual feel, they are more appropriate for living or bedrooms where there is no need for much formality.

Grommet and goblet pleat curtains

Grommet style is also known as the eyelet style curtain. These are simple and causal style curtains and are popular for a long time. These styles allow you to adjust the width of the curtain as you wish. You can also find plastic grommets that are removable and quiet while smoothly sliding the curtains. Whereas the goblet pleats are curtains where the upper latter comes with a row of goblet-shaped designs at regular intervals. These styles are specifically suitable for curtains with longer drops. They are luxurious and formal which makes them a nice option for megastructure, big halls and commercial areas.

Gather of a pleat style curtain

More or less, every pleated style of curtain needs some gather. Without gathering, any curtain will be just a flat piece of fabric across the window. Generally, two times the width of the pole or track is the usually recommended amount of gather. This is the minimum amount of material that allows the curtains to gather up when hung. However, the amount of gather also depends on the type of fabric used in making the curtain. A lighter material will always need more gather to create a look, feel and drape whereas a heavier fabric material like chenille will need lesser gather to offer the desired look.

Tips on how to buy Pleated Curtains online in the UAE

When it comes to buying living room pleated curtains for sale, one can find a massive range of products from global brands online. An online retail search engine is where you can enjoy exploring hundreds of products from dozens of stores ad make a remarkable choice for your home. However, many options often make buyers exhausted and overwhelming. Therefore we are here to share some words on finding a reliable product according to their needs, taste and budget. The below-given tips will help you find the best door curtain panel for sale in any online store.

  • Measure the window – Every window has a different width and height. Therefore you must start your buying with measurement of the window- frame to frame. Always consider the surrounding installations before finalizing the final size for the curtain.
  • Decide fabric and colour – As said earlier, curtains come in different fabrics and infinite shades and combinations of tones. It would help if you considered your personal preferences, the theme of the room and other needs to decide a specific colour and fabric.
  • Installation and features – There are different styles and installation mechanisms for setting drapes in your room. You can consult the seller for options or explore the internet to decide what types of installation you will prefer to enjoy in your place.
  • Consider brands – Panel curtains are a considerable investment. Therefore I prefer buying from experts only. Make sure the brand you choose has positive customer reviews and loyal customers. It will ensure the quality of the product and the security of your money.

Besides these major considerations, you must pay attention to the details of the product. To do so, you can explore the product description section to read about the product. This section will explain everything about the cleaning and care of the fabric you are about to purchase. Besides, it will also explain your points to consider before, during and after installation. This is how you will be able to make smart decisions about a healthy invested product that will stay in your home for years to come.

Question & Answer

Are pleated curtains out of style?

No, they are definitely not out of style. However, with times, there came variations in the rod and height they are hung along the wall. You can hand them from rings on pole-mounted above the window frame to make a pretty look. Or you can think of other hanging styles that can hide the rod with added flayer and layers of fabric. With a lot of variations, these curtains are highly in demand and offer versatility, sophistication and style in all types of interiors.

What are pinch pleated curtains?

A pinch pleated curtain is a highly decorative heading that draws together lots of fabric into a strongly gathered and stitched bunch at the top of the curtain. These collected items are permanently sewn in pleats that make for a smart finish. Besides, this stitch also offers elegant folds flowing from top to bottom. You can also pinch pleat curtains with either a pole or a track. These curtains are highly decorative and you can use them either with a track or a pole.

Can you use curtain hooks on rod pocket curtains?

Yes, you can use curtain hooks on a rod pocket curtain to hang them on any existing rod on your walls. However, the idea might not generate sophisticated results in all cases. Therefore it is better to consult curtain experts to know if your existing type of curtains could maintain their look and feel while used with curtain hooks on a standard rod or not.

Where to buy pleated curtains online?

If you are looking for endless possibilities, an online retail search engine is the best place to find the possible material, size and other options in penal curtains. For better search and buying top global brands, you can explore the Home and Living section of Here you can find top brands selling panel curtains online. Some to name are Ellis Curtain, NICETOWN, Utopia Bedding, ChadMade, and the Curtainworks. You can also use tools for quickly searching for products fitting in your budget.

Moreover at you can find products for home décor and live from global stores in just a few clicks.