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About Panel Curtains

If you are a person who pays attention to your surroundings, you must have noticed that many other objects replace the window curtains over time.  A panel curtain is one such type ideal for door and window decor.

Panel curtains bring the real difference from the traditional fabric curtains covering our windows and doors for centuries. A panel is a length of fabric with a ham at the bottom. It hangs in the front window and is more a decorative item these days. It can sometimes be a tab- or-tie topped; be one of two panels from a set of curtains that cover the window, or have grommets. They are an entirely different part of the window covers. Technically and purposefully, they differ from the cover drapes and fabric window treatment.

Different types of flat panel curtains

With so many room darkening curtains available in the market, choosing a custom drape or curtain style for your indoors can be challenging. The process is undoubtedly overwhelming for many. Whereas when it comes to weighing the importance of functionality and aesthetics of curtains, there are many points to consider. When you head to a shade store or visit a curtain manufacturer and sellers website, you will see a wide range of style and fabric options. Besides these majors, you will also need to decide the panel curtain’s texture, colour, shaded contrasts, and other details. Here are some of the common sliding panel curtains that you can find in the market for your initial brainstorming.

Rippled fold drapery

When it comes to standard curtains, these are the most commonly used and best selling drapery styles. They are sleek with a contemporary touch and functional at the same time. Plus, it is easier to manage and operate them. These styles are ideally perfect if you plan to open close drapes every single day. All you need to do will be to glide them effortlessly along the track. With the fine movement along the track, they are famous options for sliding glass doors. In sheer linen curtains, you can pair them with other heavier drapes to create a unique look and feel indoors. In this way, you can add more depths and dimensions to your room and important visual appearance.

Tailored pleated panel curtains

These are another bestselling drapery design available on all top brands offering window and door decorative items. These styles are fuller and have optimum elegance. They are widely famous for their waterfall-like pleated design. These pleats stay stiff with a buckram stiffener. It allows the drapes to remain in shape, functional and easy to operate. Like ripple fold style, these panel curtains are available in many different colours, materials and patterns. So if you are looking for a lighter material, a linen pleat curtain can be a good solution for your interiors. Alternatively, you can go for something substantial to help block a drafty window with material like wool.

The pinch pleat panel curtains

To many, these are classically beautiful styles matching many interiors. Commonly these curtains have pleat pinch 4” from the top of the drapes. Hence, this unique style creates a stunning yet straightforward shape similar to the tailored, pleated panel curtains. Just like many other options, these styles stay stiff with buckram fabric. Indeed, the style is aesthetically soothing and easy to operate, making it highly functional and acceptable for use in common areas like living rooms, etc. You can also add a layer of sleek fabric over a heavy base to make it a unique look and feel in the room. These curtains are ideally perfect for homes.

Goblet and grommet curtains

A goblet drape style is one of the most sophisticated styles of panel curtains in the market. Moreover, it comes with larger goblet pleats along the top of the panels. The construction here is much similar to the inverted pleated drapery. It is ideal for decorative purposes. Besides, it is also suitable for frequent use. Whereas a grommet drapery hangs from a rod via grommet rings. Here you can have many colours and material selections at your fingertips. Also, if you are a fan of chrome, brass with polish, black, satin nickel and antique brass, a grommet drapery is meant for you.

Tips on how to buy Panel Curtains online in the UAE

Online stores are an ideal spot to find the best drapery panels to buy. This is where you can enjoy exploring hundreds of products from dozens of stores ad make a remarkable choice for your home. A comprehensive retail search engine is always the right option for newcomers or those looking for cheap sliding glass doors panel curtains. However, so many options often make the buyers exhausted. Therefore we are here to share some words on finding a reliable product according to their needs, taste and budget. The below-given tips will help you find the best door curtain panel for sale in any online store.

  • Measure the place – Every window has a different size – width and height. Before you head to buy panel curtains for your window, know the actual measurement of the window. Always consider the surrounding installations before finalizing the final size for the curtain.
  • Decide fabric and colour – As said earlier, curtains come in different fabrics and infinite shades and combinations of tones. It would help if you considered your personal preferences, the theme of the room and other needs to decide a specific colour and fabric.
  • Installation and features – There are different styles and installation mechanisms for setting drapes in your room. You can consult the seller for options or explore the internet to decide what types of installation you will prefer to enjoy in your place.
  • Consider brands – Panel curtains are a considerable investment. Therefore I prefer buying from experts only. Make sure the brand you choose has positive customer reviews and loyal customers. It will ensure the quality of the product and the security of your money.

Besides these major considerations, you must pay attention to the details of the product. To do so, you can explore the product description section to read about the product. This section will explain to you the cleaning and care of the fabric you are about to purchase. Besides, it will also explain your points to consider before, during and after installation. This is how you will be able to make smart decisions about a healthy invested product that will stay in your home for years to come.

Question & Answer

What are the two-panel curtains?

A two-panel curtain is generally a large size standard curtain with widthwise division in two sections. These curtains are perfect for wider windows and can help you easily move, and manage the curtains to allow or block light in the room. Besides easy management, these curtains are also ideally recommended for their aesthetic abilities. You can add more layers with these types of curtains and make the room look fuller and more elegant.

How to hang panel curtains?

Each curtain style comes with different types of hanging or installation mechanisms. However, in general, there are some points you need to be careful about. At first, you should never go too narrow while hanging the curtains and make sure to use enough fabric that can cover the window, plus a bit of wall from all sides. It is also important to focus on choosing an accurate fabric according to the altitudes you are living it. You must also use a template for hanging the curtains and can ask experts’ advice or suggestions to decide.

What are panel curtains made of?

 A coated panel curtain consists of a vast majority of fabric used in curtains and is composed of tightly-woven fabric. Typically they are appreciated in materials like polyester, cotton or a blend of both. This is because both these fabrics are opaque and work perfectly during the daytime. Today however you can find these curtains in many types of fabric including silk, syndetic fibre and a blend of two or more fibres. Each fabric varies in performance, look and feel therefore choices depend on varying factors and the personal needs of the users.

Where to buy double panel curtains?

It is better to look at an online retail search engine to find the possible material, size and other options in penal curtains. For better search and buying top global brands, you can explore the Home and Living section of Here you can find top brands selling panel curtains online. Some to name are United Curtain, Country Snuggles, Cololeaf, VOGOL, Vango, and MIUCO. You can also use tools for quickly searching for products fitting in your budget.

Moreover at you can find products for home décor and live from global stores in just a few clicks.