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About Net curtains

Net curtains have been popular since antiquity due to their numerous benefits like allowing enough light, fresh air, easy to clean facility and effortless installation. The best part is that they come in a wide range of options for various needs. Come on, let us explore!

Net curtains are a beautiful addition to your living space. Their thin and translucent material helps you get enough privacy. At the same time, allow sunlight and fresh air to regulate the room’s temperature. When the windows are open, they let the air in but create a barrier for mosquitoes, dust and other debris. You can find them in various materials, usually silk, cotton, polyester, and other netted fabrics. While Voile is the most basic one, net curtains also come in many other varieties. One of the excellent types is Jardinière, through which you can enjoy outside’s view. But the outsiders cannot look inside through the curtains. Furthermore, net curtains come in plain white or cream ensembles and patterns like net blinds, mosquito doors, and lacy and colourful patterns.

A brief guide on plain and coloured net curtains

We put curtains to serve many purposes. They may range from setting up a beautiful home décor to preventing sunlight, dirt, mosquitoes and other debris. Lace curtains are popular among all varieties due to their numerous benefits. The best part is that they come in a wide assortment from lace patterns to net blinds, mosquito doors and fancy curtains. Each has its own set of advantages and a few shortcomings. So, on this page, we will unveil everything you need to know about those varieties. Also, you will find some guiding tips that would help you choose an appropriate set towards the end.

Lace net curtains

In your first thought, lace curtains might remind you of some doilies or your grandma’s. However, let us tell you that they have made a huge comeback from floral detailing to tiered fabrics; what not you can find in these beautiful lacy patterns. You can find lacy curtains in various colours, drops and patterns depending on your preferences. They offer an excellent window treatment with classic white, cream, and many other soft colours like beige, salmon, pale chestnut brown, grey, etc. Lace ruffles are another form that looks adorable in the bedroom, especially your little one’s room. You can even try your hands on thick floral or leafy designs that do not look too netted and, at the same time, not too solid.

Net blinds for windows

Net blinds are another form of net window treatment made up of many horizontal or vertical slats. You can open or close them manually or through remote control. Net blinds offer you better light control than regular curtains. The bonus point is that you can close it to any level that you want. Netted blinds can be a good option if the surrounding is dusty as they are more hygienic and easier to clean. They are best at completing small rooms or the room with many windows as regular curtains offer an overwhelming look if put in many spots in one room.

Mosquito door curtains

Mosquito door curtains or mosquito screens are of high-quality polyester. They keep the mosquitos and other bugs out and come with easy to install, automatic closing, and walk through hand free facilities. If you put a regular mosquito sheet over the door, it might be tough to open and close it, again and again, every time you pass. You might even forget sometimes, and that is the time mosquitoes enter. In contrast, high-quality mosquito screens have a perfect magnetic seal that automatically closes. It is great for everyone, especially if you have kids or pets.

Tips on how to buy Net Curtains

Curtains have a great impact on how your home looks. The right set of curtains would enhance the beauty of your home, regulate the temperature and keep the bugs out. However, not any variety can suit your requirements and living space. So, if you will purchase a set for your home, you have to keep certain factors in mind. Let us look at some tips that would help you buy net curtains online in the UAE.

  • Consider the room – Curtains should always complement the room you put them in. If you have a large French window in your living room, you can go for layered curtains. On the other hand, it is essential to choose darker and heavy curtains for the bedroom where you do not want much light to enter. As curtains create a homely atmosphere, it is fine to consider blinds for the kitchen. They are easy to clean moreover.
  • Curtain’s purpose – You can consider curtains for several reasons: home décor, light protection, mosquito protection, etc. There are different curtains for each purpose. Like, for home décor purposes, lace curtains can be the best choice, whereas, with blinds, you can better control light. Mosquito screens are the best window treatment for mosquito protection with excellent holes that allow air but not mosquitoes and other bugs.
  • Colour – Colour of curtains hugely impact the overall ensemble of the room. It should complement the other colours in the room, which means the colour of walls, floors and other furnishings. If the other colours are bright and strong, then you can go for neutral-coloured curtains. Moreover, if your room has a lot of light, you should avoid bright colours as they fade with time.
  • Size – Ready-made curtains are available in three standard widths: 112 cm, 167 cm, or 228 cm. You can choose the width according to the width of windows or doorways. Speaking of drops, they are available in three different drops: 137 cm, 183 cm, or 228 cm. You can choose one as per the height of your windows or wherever you want to put the curtains. You can also ask for alteration from the seller to customize width or drop.

Now that you have known many net curtains, you must be eager to get a beautiful set for your home. We hope that the above guide steers you towards the right purchase. If you are unsure of where to start from, log on to You will find a wide array of curtains on our product search engine ranging from lace patterns like Jardinière, blinds, mosquito door curtains, cheap handmade voile curtains, and kitchen net curtains for sale offered by over 500 online stores. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and grab the best-suited styles while stock lasts. Also, find other homes & living products right here.

Question & Answer

What is the difference between net and voile curtains?

Nets are typically made using a knitting process in which a thick and coarse thread is used compared to voiles. Manufacturers use the weaving process to create voiles. They use fine threads so that the curtains can attain a silkier fabric with fluidic movement. However, both are different. You can find many varieties of both things in the market. There are many brands and reliable sellers that offer them. You can find both in many colours, materials, and more.

What are net curtains made of?

They come in various construction materials, including cotton, polyester, silk and other regular net fabrics. There are two main types of netted patterns: Net and voiles. Manufacturers use a thicker thread to produce net in comparison to the manufacturing of voiles. In the product of voiles, the weaving process is carried out with silkier and other thin threads. So, you can choose from any materials like cotton, polyester, silk, and more.

What is the purpose of net curtains?

Net curtains are an excellent variety of curtains that allow enough light and fresh air while restricting dirt, bugs, and other debris from entering the room. Many netted patterns even allow you to enjoy the outside view, but outsiders cannot take a peek of the room. Also, they are simple, easy to install and offer a clean look. So, you can go for them in you are looking for minimalistic designs. They are just like wallpaper for the windows, which gives them an even brighter look.

How do you wash net curtains?

Net curtains are incredibly delicate, which is why you have to wash them in a delicate cycle using soft laundry detergent. It is also recommended to pre-treat the stains that you think are stubborn before washing. You can use some specialized stain removers for this purpose. Read the set of instructions on the product you use and try it on a small area first. If it gives good results, then you can use it throughout. Once stains are removed, you can put the curtains in your washing machine on a delicate cycle. After washing, remember not to tumble dry them as it may damage the curtains. Instead, let them dry naturally.

Net curtains are an excellent choice for a simple yet elegant look. Due to their wide assortment of styles, you might get confused about which one to go for. However, the above guide will steer you towards the right purchase. If you are wondering where to start, come to us on Here, you will find an extensive net curtains collection offered by famous brands like Mengersi, Shatex, Yotache, Yosoo, Outsunny, and Conthfut. You can browse through the collection effortlessly. If it is overwhelming for you, use filters to narrow down the searches. So, waste no time and pick the best window deco products you miss onto amazing deals.