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About Translucent Curtains

Treating your windows with sheer curtains can take your room’s aesthetics to the next level. If not translucent, you can also have transparent or opaque curtains depending on the lighting and privacy you want to maintain. Or if not single curtains, you can have two hanging in the same window without looking a burden to the rod. All you need to do is think of a complementing design, colour, and style for your home.

Sheer curtains are also called inbetweens when hanged in the middle of traditional heavy curtains. Talking of versatility, you can create a spectacular look with ruffled curtains, netted ones, or even plain white fabric is enough to give your room a subtle look. All you need to do is select the right fabric for it. Other than being versatile, some of the fabrics like cotton and polyester are machine-washable, but silk and net are either hand-wash or dry-clean fabrics. If you want less of a fuss, take care of the material you choose. From lighter to thick and economical to expensive materials, there are plenty of curtains available in the market. Therefore, it becomes imperative to spend a little time on research to find the one suiting your needs.

Make the most of white sheer curtains

Here, we are listing different styles to hang sheer curtains to make your dreamy ideas come true. Starting with the favourite one, you can balance the privacy and lighting in your room with inbetweens. You can also add multiple panels of transparent curtains of different colours to add depth. If you do not want to fill the window with many curtains, just have a stylish window scarf. These sheer white fabrics are also perfect for poster beds, canopy, or just decorating the wall. Check out and buy the best white sheer curtains online in UAE. You can never run out of ideas with sheer fabrics. You can even decorate your vision board with some string lights and a white curtain, and it looks motivating.

Voile curtains

The fabric materials of voile inbetweens are a blend of cotton with linen and polyester. You can even call them a modern take on the traditional net, still with a different personality. Their outlook is more fine and robust as they are woven not knitted. this kind of construction makes them apt for embellishment, often with coloured yarns. Also, the voile types can match the accent of any place, but some of the best placements include french doors, bi-folds, or even sheer curtains for sliding doors to look best. You can just have them or hang classic fabrics alongside.

Ikea sheer curtains

The Ikea brand houses some of the elegant pieces of sheer curtains you must explore. They are simple, functional, and enough to elevate the overall look. You can easily block the annoying glares on TV and computer screen and still feels cosy inside. The minute details on the fabric, beautiful patterns or even carved lines are to invest for. So, if you are looking for sheer curtains for privacy yet wants to feel connected with the outside world, Ikea is the must place to visit. You can find this one particular or even more brands under our dedicated section of window deco . You can explore more variants here.

Sheer kitchen curtains

You may not visualise kitchen curtains to be lavish but blending with the kitchen style should be done to the utmost. Things will change if you have an open kitchen, a closed one, with a sliding door, or in a compact space. Considering everything, you need to choose colour, fabric, length, lighting, and overall cost. And as the kitchen can be a dangerous place for airy fabrics, you can have them as inbetweens so the side blinds can hold them in place. You can also put weights in them to keep them in place, otherwise, the kitchen may face mishaps. Keep these unusual things in mind when looking for the curtain placement, be it a kitchen, living room, or bedroom.

Tips on how to buy Translucent curtains online

When it comes to sheer curtains, window treatments become experimental. Some of you might try dressing your bare windows with the sheer curtain as a secondary curtain with a heavy blackout curtain as primary. Or some of you go only with the sheer fabrics. For both choices or any purpose, it becomes imperative to understand and research a little about them. Here, we have compiled some tips for you related to the purchase you might consider.

  • Fabric selection – You can choose between transparent, translucent, and opaque materials depending on your preference and budget. For example, you can buy chiffon if silk goes out of the budget because the former looks similar to silk. Likewise, you can select cotton, linen, net, velvet, lace, and many others.
  • Privacy and lighting – You cannot maintain complete privacy if you want the room to be filled with light and vice versa. So, keep the particular room in mind while purchasing. If you are buying for the living room, you can emphasise more on lighting. However, look for opaque fabrics for bedroom curtains.
  • Placement ideas – If you are thinking of redecorating any of your section, you can consider having sheer curtains, especially in the living room. You can divide the two sections with a transparent or translucent curtain. You can also adore these curtains on a decorative wall with memories, souvenirs, and lots of other things.
  • The ideal size – This is the great thing about sheer curtains that they won’t look unpleasant with the shortest or longest size you want. You can cover the wall, or you can make a valance out of it. They will pull the look stunningly. Also, you can think of putting weight on the bottom of your curtain if you don’t want them moving all the time.
  • Hanging style – There are three styles you can choose from. One is when you can hang a single panel sheer curtain inside the window frame. The second is when you hang them within the same rod of your other curtain. The third is separating the curtains and install double rods for them.

We hope the tips would be helpful in your purchase. You can now commence your shopping drive on our platform, It is Dubai’s one of the best product finder with top brands like Deconovo, Elegant, Comfort, WPM, Steiner, AliFish, and Eforcurtain, among others. If not brands, then you can also start your shopping from our discounted section where you will find sheer curtains for sale in the UAE.

Question & Answer

What is a translucent curtain?

First of all, translucent fabrics are materials with semi-see through visibility. You can see a design pattern in these fabrics responsible for making the fabric semi-see through. These fabrics can be fishnet, lace, hessian, rubia, fine silk, lame, and others. So, any curtain made of translucent fabrics is obviously translucent curtains. They are also called semi-opaque and should not get confused by transparent and opaque materials.

Are sheer curtains transparent or translucent?

Sheer curtains are transparent, not translucent. And these curtains are used for decorative purpose only. Some of the transparent fabrics are chiffon, georgette, organza, fine mesh, and netting. They look fabulous with double curtain rods or tracks wherein the rear rod can adore sheer curtains. So, when you pull your front curtains on the sides with tiebacks, you can let sheer ones visible. They can fill your space with sunlight and provide privacy at the same time.

Where to buy white transparent curtains online?

You know an authentic product can save a lot of time looking for a perfect product. have all the brands under its roof to buy those white transparent curtains. You can check out the brand Deconovo, which is a well-known brand having beautiful patterns of sheer curtains. Another brand WPM put elegance on top while making sheer curtains, and you won’t be able to resist buying one. Along with these, there are brands like Alifish and Steiner that provides quality products. You can easily find all of them on our retail search engine .

Don’t you think sheer curtains have always been underrated as just decorative curtains? Sure, they do come in various amazing looks, but they can be classy and versatile at the same time. If you hop on to right now, you will see brands with sheer curtains of different fabrics. And all these fabrics serve different purposes. You get the privacy, and they do not even block sunlight. What more you can expect from inbetweens. Explore now under our dedicated section of Home & Living .