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About Curtains

Curtains play a big role in your home aesthetics, especially the living room where guests arrive first. Plus, the accessories you can adore them with can take the speculations to another level. So, make them look the way you want, and for that, it is imperative that you research well about heads, rods, blinds, fabrics, and everything else.

Curtains are those hanging fabrics that serve the purpose of blocking or obscuring light and provide privacy. They can either be pulled to sides manually or electrically. You can choose to have lighting or privacy or even both by choosing the kind of fabric. For example, sheer fabrics are specially used to fill the room with light yet leaving the window in style, but blackout curtains can do the opposite. Likewise, different fabrics can set their tone in separate ways. If you are looking to buy curtains and blinds online in UAE, we suggest investing some time in research to find the best of products.

Drapes vs curtains

Both of the terms pronounced interchangeably still have minor differences that set them apart. One visible difference is their length, and out of both, drapes are longer than curtains. A curtain can hang a few inches beyond the window sill, but drapes can touch the floor or even extend to lay there on the floor. Having panels in drapes is your choice because their signature look is the one pulled to one side and tied with a tieback. On the other hand, their counterparts should have two or more panels to cover the window completely. Another major difference is that drapes are more formal, and often seen hanging around the dining area or high-end restaurants. We hope all these differences would have made you more clear with your purchase.

Curtains and blinds

Or should we say curtain along with blinds? You can make the window deco section a statement piece with blinds in the back and curtains on the front. But remember to match the attributes of two different products, or they will end up looking trash. Timber and aluminium are two materials for blinds, and both can combine with curtain fabrics pretty well. Always try to go high and wide either they are double rod or blind plus curtains. Another critical factor is to combine correct pattern like print with a warm colour. The point is either of the two has to take e back seat with the other being a focal point. You can then decorate the combination whichever way you like.

Bathroom curtains

Viny and polyester is the most demanded material for bathroom shutters or shower curtains. They come in a variety of design, patterns, and price range. Other than that, faux wood blind and honeycomb shades are also a good alternative to vinyl. Faux wood prevents mould and mildew, whereas honeycomb shades can stand up to the heat and humidity of the bathroom. You can check bathroom curtains for sale on our retail search engine and see if you find something suitable. But before you grab something, try to balance anti-heat and anti-humid features with the looks of the product so that it can be a focal point of your bath area.

Soundproof curtains

Let’s be logical here – sellers use soundproof as a marketing term only. Besides, these fabrics are just a thick and tightly woven material. It does control the sound of outside traffic or neighbour’s dog but up to a certain extent. To make soundproof more effective, try to cover the sides of the window by making it wider and longer. Also, you can buy four panels instead of general two to provide more density between fabric and window. However, we suggest going for the term acoustic curtain, not soundproof if you really want to cut the sound completely. For them, you need to have a flexible budget, which is way more than buying a cheap small window curtain.

Tips on how to buy Curtains online

From head to toe, everything in the curtain purchase is worth noticing and observing as it affects the end-look. You need to measure the length, decide the heading, choose the colour, and lots more other things. Your work does not finish here because adoring your curtains with accessories is the next step, or they will look incomplete. But first, we have compiled some significant points for you to consider while buying curtains. Do give them a good read.

  • Choosing the fabric – This step wants you to consider two things, and these are your budget and purpose. You can pick any natural fabric like silk, velvet, linen if your budget is flexible. If not, you can choose synthetic fibres like polyester, or affordable cotton. Your purpose can also alter the decision like thermal fabric for the chill climate, opaque fabric to block out the sun completely, and lace curtains for an airy feel.
  • Determine the length – The length of the curtain that you choose can make a difference to your interior. If you invest in a wider rod than the window’s width and put it slightly above, it can make your window look bigger. You can make more difference with the length that can go beyond the window sill. If you have a corner window, your curtain can even touch the ground.
  • Rings or without rings – The fullness of your curtain may decide this for you. You can also hide the fullness with a beautiful valance. If not rings, you can go for traverse rods and the matching pleating. However, everything comes down to the sturdiness of these accessories. Whether a traverse or a rod with rings, they can handle the heaviest of curtain if only the hooks, rods, racks, are sturdy enough.
  • Readymade versus customise – Window sizes have fixed measurements which is why ready-to-hang curtains of exact length are available in the market. However, customised window treatments are a thing nowadays. You can make your window look bigger, and thus, the overall room look spacious. It is purely your choice to invest time in customising or quickly buy and hang.
  • Select curtain heading – Choosing the pleats is an important decision to make while buying curtains. You will get maximum fullness in pencil pleat and deep pencil pleat where folds are gathered closely together. There is another pleating with fewer folds, which is double and triple pinch pleat. It has proper space between two pleats and looks more refined. Third and last is eyelets, which are in a swirl decoration.

That has been a lot more information to digest. But worry not because you can quickly identify your needs once you start exploring the products. Whether your preference is durability or looks, you can explore a wide range of products at with affordable to expensive labels. Some of the brands you will see here include Elite d’Art, Ddecor, Swayam, Cortina, Export Hub, Deco Window, and more. Not just brands, you can even find genuine customer reviews to decide on your purchase.

Question & Answer

Are curtains old fashioned?

Curtains can never go out style, but some trends are certainly outdated. For example, using valances or net curtains are so not a contemporary fit. For those not aware, valances are short curtains covering one-fourth portion of the window curtains starting from the top. They are made of heavy jacquard material and looks vintage. Therefore, some fabrics are not in trend, but curtains have still their footprints strong in every household. However, the office space is the one where curtains seem informal. Other than that, big heavy and stylish curtains are a thing during weddings or any festival.

How are the curtains measured?

The length and width of a window are two things you need to measure for a customised curtain. Let’s start with the width where the thing to consider is your preference for the curtain’s fullness. You measure the width of the window and multiply it with two if you want standard fullness, and multiply it with two & five-tenths or three if you want more layers in your curtain. Next is the length that can be the same as the length of the window known as sill length. If you want it to be hanging more, consider apron length that is longer than the window sill, or floor-length, or extra long that touches the ground.

Why are curtains better than blinds?

There are five reasons for curtains to be called better than blinds. The primary two reasons are that they match most of the home interiors and cover the sunlight better than blinds. Although blinds can control the sun rays by tilting the slats as per your liking, they still do not provide coverage as much as curtains. The third factor surrounds affordability. If we compare the two products, we will see fabrics are always cheaper than woods and plastic. So, curtains are again ahead of blinds. Other advantages are that curtains are easy-to-maintain and control sound better than its counterpart. Hence, the verdict goes for curtains.

Where to buy curtains online?

Curtains have been dressing up your bare windows for decades, and the style changes every season. Therefore, the varieties you can see in the market are endless. Considering that, we recommend Dubai’s one of the best product finder that is wherein top brands, authentic shops, and a seamless shopping experience awaits you. Be it the interesting patterns of d’décor patterns you want to invest in, or deco window’s unusual patterns – you will find them all under one roof.

You have contemplated all the pros and cons of curtains now, and it’s time you start exploring the fabric you have loved so far. Take your home & living into consideration, begin with and unfold the brands, shops, reviews, feedbacks, and price range to find out your perfect item. It’s not just the curtain, you will find accessories, rods, tracks, hardware, and everything related to window deco.