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About Curtain Rods

Every section of your curtain purchase needs your undivided attention, be it the curtain rod or fabric itself. So, do not categorise them as primary or secondary items. Instead, spend ample time making the output as amazing as you desire, and for that, products should match and accentuate your home when pulled together.

Curtain rod consists of two parts, which is the rod and the stopper or finials on both sides. Curtain rings and brackets also come within the area of curtain rods, but they can be purchased separately as well. You can also go for some fancy finials, but that is when you want to put the effort in so much customisation. Or these stoppers do not even count when all you want is a tension rod to divide one small area into two sections. Therefore, we suggest you segregate your budget within the parts of curtain rods at this first step of your research. You can follow this approach to grab the best curtain rods to buy and make the best of the window deco .

Single versus double curtain rod

A single rod is simple mounting with brackets on either side and rings to hang the curtain panels. That is it! You can check out some and buy standard curtain rod online in UAE. However, a double rod has a specialised bracket to do the needful. These brackets have another nut in between to insert the second rod, but finials will be mounted on the front rod only to prevent the chaotic look with four finials. The second curtain rod will insert in the hole of one bracket and extend till the other end, which is then secured with a stopper. The other functioning remains the same that follow hanging the curtain rings and then curtains to create a final look.

Curved curtain rod

Curved rods are best for bay windows or shower curtains where you want multi-dimensional privacy. Here is another thing, you can also invest in a bendable rod that is different from curved ones. The former one can be brought as one single rod and later bent to the desired shape. Well, that doesn’t mean a zig-zag shape as every bendable rod has a bendable limit you need to check on product specifications. On the contrary, curved rods come as curved, and that means you need to focus a lot on the angle the product provides. On our retail search engine , you can explore both the features of top-notch brands. We suggest taking professional help while mounting the curved or bent rods as they need more tools and proficiency.

Ceiling curtain rods

If you want drapes to cover the whole wall, there are two methods to fulfil this purpose. One is drilling two hooks on either side of the wall and mount the rod without touching the wall. The hooks should be sturdy enough not to swing while the curtain is hanging. This won’t be a pleasant scene to look. Another method is obviously drilling the holes on the wall and mounting the curtain rod. For the wall rod, do not go for the conventional one rather install traverse rod. You can check some cheap curtain rods with hooks on our shopping platform. Overall, both the appearances look great, and we cannot recommend one over the other.

Wooden curtain rods

Wooden and metal are two materials majorly used in rods. Both have their pros and cons in the making and mounting. Although wooden curtains can handle heavy curtain, they can also snap if the curtain is heaviest. They are also easy to scratch, which makes the pulling of curtain rough. But that’s something even metal rods happens to do when they coat themselves with rust. There is another thing that makes wooden rods apart is that they can blend with your home & living better than the metal ones. Still, it is your choice to select one and the finials to match with the curtains, walls, and even the furniture of the space.

Tips on how to buy Curtain rods online

Choosing home décor can be overwhelming, especially something permanent you screw into the wall like a curtain rod. By selecting the proper size, choosing the right colour and picking decorations to accent the look, you can create window décor you’ll love for years to come. We have compiled fine points for you to decide on your purchase and make it a smart one. It is a worth crisp one to read before grabbing a product.

  • Rod length and diameter – 1-inch diameter is sturdy enough to hold the heaviest of curtains, there are more sizes available in the market. You can choose as per your liking. For length, you need to measure your window length and add six inches to buy because you need to extend 3 inches on either side to cover the window completely.
  • Supporting brackets – Your brackets should separate themselves at each 50 inches distance. If not, you can also mount one bracket in the middle of the rod if your curtain is way too heavy. Just make sure that the brackets do not interfere with the opening and closing of the curtains. Brackets style and design are noteworthy also, which can be bold and different, and due to their small size, nobody is going to notice if you mess up a little with the choice.
  • Be picky with colours – First thing first, a curtain road cannot be too blingy that it outshines the curtain. It can be vintage, or antique-style but take care of the subtle factor. Buyers also do not put much budget into the rods because they are almost invisible when curtains are closed. But the end of the rods or the stops needs to be glance worthy. You can shift your budget to that side.
  • Picking the finial – It can be of resin, glass, metal, or wood materials. Not just that you see the diversity in materials, you will see variants of motifs available in the market. So, if you have a floral wall, you can choose a floral or feather look finials. Likewise, you can follow the approach of matching the wall. If this is going out of the budget, you can always trust a round finial anyways.

Although curtain rings are not a part of curtain rods, they still can make or break the appearance of the rod. You can buy them along with the rod if possible. We think you are now all set to explore and refine the products on One thing that is still left to remember is some of the brand names to look for. These can be Elite d’Art, Kenney, Decopolitan, Ivilon, ECLIPSE, Umbra, Bali Blinds, and many other available on our retail search engine .

Question & Answer

What are the different types of curtain rods?

Conventional, traverse, swing arm, tension, and continental are some major categories of a curtain rod. They have varying diameters and manufacturing materials. Conventional rods are most commonly of wood or metal, installed on brackets with hanging rings. Then, the traverse is a modern approach to provide a motorised version of rods. We have swing arms as well that gets installed on the window itself. If that invention was not enough, manufacturers have come up with expandable rods and quick fix rods used in the kitchen or bathroom to hang the accessories.

What is a standard curtain rod?

Unlike curtains, which tend to come in ready-made lengths, there isn’t a clear-cut size guide for curtain rods. It depends on the window, and many can be adjusted. If you’re not sure how wide you want your curtains to extend past the window frame, it’s best to get an adjustable one. Some of the standard sizes available are 28-48 inches, 48-84 inches, 66-120 inches, and 120-170 inches. It is always good to buy curtains first and then curtain rods to make sure of the size.

What is the proper placement of curtain rods?

First of all, you need to see if you want your curtain rod to be exactly the same length as a window or extend past it. For the latter option, which is also the desired one, you can generally extend 3 inches on either side. You can also extend four inches above your window to hide your window and make it look more full and beautiful. Next, you will be doing is drilling holes for brackets and placing the rod over them. With the right tools, hanging the curtain rod is not a tough job at all. But you can always ask a professional to do it. Right?

What are double curtain rods used for?

If you pull the curtain on the sides to let the room fill with light, you have to compromise with privacy. And if you close the curtains, you miss the dose of energetic daylight. To compensate for this issue, double rods exist. With these rods, you can hang the primary curtain in front and the secondary curtain on the rear side. The second one has to be the light-version like a sheer curtain so that the light-filling mechanism can work. An alternative to double curtain rods is using the blinds on the window frame combine with a single curtain rod. You can choose as per your preference and appearance that got your vibe.

We hope this page has lent extended support on buying curtain rods. With so many options available in the market, it becomes imperative to choose one and trust the same product for a long time. Durability, appearance, and budget is the main parameters of shopping, stand firm to all of these.

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