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About Curtain Rails

It doesn’t matter what pleats or the ratio of fullness you need, curtain rails have a diverse range to fulfil all the needs. It could be a double rail, bendable, electric, motorised, and whatnot – try these subtle looking but sturdy rails for any window section of your home.

Telescopic rod started making their place in households in 1920 despite their invention in 1907. These rods first started as shower curtain rod and changed the interior of the hospitality industry as well. Then, 1928 first showed the traverse curtain rod that has been accepted worldwide. After so many years, we have the best of both worlds. Curtain rods and tracks both the inventions have multi-variant features, and technical aspects to woo their buyers. So, if you are finding the best electric curtain track to buy, it becomes imperative to know all about the product.

Curtain rails versus poles

The preference is not a heated debate, rather a choice you make depending on your home & living choice. You basically go for curtain poles when you want to accessorise the curtain heading. Not just poles, rings, hooks, matching tiebacks all together can take the aesthetics of your room to another level. On the other side, you prefer to purchase tracks or rails because of their minimalistic design. You can’t even see the rail once you close the curtain. They are perfect for bay windows or anywhere you want the curtains to be flexible. About the type of tracks, there are plenty, and we have gathered some significant ones for you on this page. So, give it a full read to prevent yourself from grabbing a second-best option because the best is yet to explore.

Double curtain rail

Two curtain rods separated from each other by 2-4 inches and installed on one bracket one after the other is a double rail. So, you can hang two curtains and add dimension to the window section. A white base net curtain in the middle and a different curtain of bold colour on either side of the window hanging with a tieback is mesmerising. This style is not just for a different look, but it also lets you cover the sunlight as required. If you want sunlight to fill your room but also wants to cover the window, these two curtains can do the needful by sliding only one to the side and let the second one cover the transparency. You can think of different styles that can complement your home accent.

Ceiling curtain rail

Hanging the curtain starting from the ceiling is sometimes the best fit or a trick to heighten the wall. But there is one thing you need to know about ceiling rails is that they look their best in traverse curtain rods. If you use curtain rings, you will incidentally shorten the height instead of desiring for the opposite to happen. On our retail search engine , you can find ceiling curtain rails for sale and see if there is something you like. However, there are some considerations for you to know. You should not fold curtain edges and compromise with the design to make it cover the wall. Also, take care of the fullness of the drape that should be subtle. The curtain, no matter what, should maintain its sheen and clean appearance.

Flexible curtain rail

Flexible rails are the invention of contemporary home interiors that excels in a new design every now and then. The curves in your window are one such beautiful invention due to which rails flex themselves with charm. Not just windows, shower curtains also need flexible rails. Mostly, PVC material is the ideal one for these projects. The curtain rail that can cut easily to the required size and the one that can slide silently are some quality parameters you should check before buying. You can check out the Super More brand which contains versatile products and super features for their customers. There are more brands and more products to explore at and buy flexible curtain rail online in UAE.

Tips on how to buy Curtain rails online

Hanging the curtain track is a simple procedure, but selecting one for your room is troublesome because your room’s final look depends on this. Although curtains play an important role too, the track can be looked up as the heading part of the curtain. You deserve a quality product for smooth transitions, especially if you want arched rails. Therefore, we suggest you invest some time in the research of quality materials. We have also gathered some fine points for your better understanding of the product and hope they will be helpful in your purchase.

  • Choose the material – PVC, aluminium, steel, and heavy-duty aluminium are the choices you have. We have listed them as budget-friendly to expensive. They are also listed as tracks ability to handle the heaviness of the curtain. That means, PVC track is ideal for lightweight curtains, aluminium for medium weight, and the last two are suitable for heavy curtains.
  • Possible customisations – If you are thinking of altering the length of the track once you order it, you are probably right but not for all kinds. PVC or aluminium tracks can easily be cut down with a hacksaw, so there is not much to worry about. However, if you are purchasing heavy-duty aluminium tracks, make sure you measure the exact length you want and then order.
  • Corded or uncorded – Not all types of curtains or tracks require you to spend extra on a corded feature. You can go for a corded track if you have tall or tricky-to-access windows. Also, if your curtain fabric is delicate, and you want to minimise the handling, pulling the cord is the right choice. If none of these factors fit with your curtain type, you can go for cordless tracks.
  • Measuring curtain rails – First, you need to decide if you need the length precisely to the size of the window or extended. It is a usual practice to extend the length of your heavy curtain. So, you can measure the width of the window and add 40 cm to its length meaning 20 cm for both sides. Similarly, you can subtract a few centimetres if you want the curtain to fit that way.
  • Additional accessories –  You may need spare hooks, gliders, and brackets in case needed. Check out if header tape is missing in your curtain as you need it to hang the curtains. Also, an end stop is required for either side of the track. There are other window deco accessories like tiebacks and designer hooks if you would like to invest.

You can assess the quality of the product with points as stated, but a good brand can make this job easy for you. A few exceptional brands that can cater to all your needs include Rod Desyne, BAOYOUNI, Iusun, DIRECT HARDWARE, Melody, Jane, and Super More, among others. For your information, you do not have to switch to their online shops for a product search. Instead, you can hop on to and find all these brands under one roof along so that you can compare and choose in an effective manner.

Question & Answer

How do you hang a glider on a curtain track?

Curtain track is a replacement of rings with gliders or hooks for a smoother transition and subtle looks. So, hanging gliders on a rack is pretty much the same way you put curtain rings on a rod. You need to open the track end and start sliding in the gliders or hooks. You should position them around 8 to 10 cm apart to predict the exact number you need. You can always add more if your curtain is heavy and want additional support. And that’s it! Now, you have to hang the curtains and check the transitioning, especially if your track is cordless.

How to hang curtain rails?

Hanging curtain rails isn’t much of a difficult job if you have the right tools. And, the required tools for hanging rails are a drilling machine, bracket, nails, pen, measuring tape and a spirit level. You need to mark the points using the brackets to drill the nails on both sides of the window. Use a spirit level to place the bracket on the same height. You can also place one bracket in the middle of your curtain is heavy. The next thing is drilling the nails into the marking, placing the brackets over the nails, and hang the curtain rail and finally your beautiful curtains. That’s it! That’s an easy peasy job to do.

Where to buy curtain rails online?

Buying curtain rails want you to go through all the designs and features available in the market, so you better understand your needs. For that, can be that one platform with all the brands with their USP’s all unique. For instance, You can find beautiful designer products at the online shop of Rod Desyne. From classic to vintage and whatnot, they have it all. But if you need an L-shaped shower curtain, BAOYOUNI brand has them of top quality. Likewise, there are brands with bendable rails, traverse rods, and even the rail for your kids’ dollhouse. Not just that, you can also buy all the hardware separately.

Now, it’s time to explore, refine, and grab the product after assessing all the pros and cons we have discussed on this page. As a matter of fact, the product description written underneath the product image says a lot about the authenticity of the shopping platform. It has to be precise yet informative. Take a look at the product enlisted under and you won’t feel a lack of realness in the whole console.

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