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About Blinds

Window blinds are a type of window covering that is much different from traditional curtains in look, feel and operations.

Today we can find many different types of window and door blinds with varying controlling systems. A typical window blind consists of many long horizontal and vertical slats. These slats can be of different types of hard materials like metal, plastic and wood. These slats are held together with a cord that runs through holes near the edges of the slots. The window blinds can be manoeuvred with either a remote or manual control system that works by rotating them from an open position to a close one. A blind is technically different from a shade that consists of a single piece of slat. Today we will discuss some common types we can see in the market and in the world around us.

Different types of blinds

While they lift up and down with a cord on any other specific lifting mechanism like shades do, they differ in that they are not a solid length of fabric. Rather commonly, we can find them made of bamboo, wood, vinyl or aluminium slats. These slats are also known as louvres that tilt open to let the light in and close for privacy and shade inside the room. Standard blind depth is about ½ inches to 1 inch and is called mini blinds. Whereas a 2-inch blind is generally known by the name of Venetian blind. While mostly horizontal styles are common, there are also available in vertical hanging slats. Some of the commonly used types are as follow.

Custom blackout roller blinds

They are made to fit your windows décor. Many companies are manufacture blinds typically offer customer blinds according to the needs of the individual customer. Here you can also choose the material, size, colour and theme or print if you wish for something exceptional. You can get inspiration from social media or use your own creativity to make your home or café a unique place to live. Otherwise, the custom styles sellers do offer their own catalogue to choose design and colours from. You can explore different local and international brands for such services.

Motorized blinds

They are operated by remote and have become increasingly popular. They come with a motor mechanism that allows them to be opened, tilted or closed at the touch of a button. These added features make them ideal for use in homes with elderly people. Besides these are also a good option if they are installed in a heightened place where it is difficult to reach or are bigger in size. Motorized styles in a hall or heightened place will make the management easy without causing any damage to the installation. They are also safer around kids and pets as the cords won’t get tangled and cause no hazard.

Door or living room blinds

They are really important on doors, specifically patio doors which can be a conundrum. In such cases, vertical styles are a good option as they open and close in the direction of a door. A three-inch slat width is the most common size for these doors although you should choose the width on the basis of the width of the door itself. If you own a French door, consider buying the one with them installed into the windows. It will eliminate them on the outside and will create a clearer look. For such cases, you can also choose mini-blinds that are about two inches wider than the window itself.

Wooden window blinds

They fall under the category of Venetian blinds and consist of horizontal slats. You can lower or raise these slats as you wish. With such flexibility, they offer maximum control over light and privacy in your room. Besides a fine quality wooden blind allow you to coordinate your wooden interior furnishing. Besides varying wood colours they are also available in different sizes and qualities of wood. They are the ideal solution for the areas with higher moisture and areas like bathrooms and kitchens. These types come with coordinated cords.

Tips on how to buy Blinds online in the UAE

When it comes to finding the best variety of sliding door blinds for sale, the online retail search engine is the best place to look for it. Such portals allow you to explore hundreds of options from global brands and unlimited products to choose from. However, so many options often make the buyers confused about choosing the product they actually need. Therefore we are here to share some words on how one can find a reliable product according to their needs, taste and budget. The below-given tips will help you to find the best door curtain panel for sale in any online store.

  • Know your place – Although they are ideal in most cases, there are times when you need to go for traditional curtains. Even if they are an ideal option to consider, you must explore what look and feel will be ideally perfect for your location.
  • Take measurements of the window – Every window has a different size – width and height. Before you head to buy panel curtains for your window, know the actual measurement of the window. Always consider the surrounding installations before finalizing the final size for the curtain.
  • Decide fabric and colour – As said earlier, curtains come in many different types of fabric and infinite shades and combinations of tones. You must consider your personal preferences, the theme of the room and other needs to decide a specific colour and fabric of the curtain.
  • Installation and features – There are different styles and installation mechanisms for setting drapes in your room. You can consult the seller for options or explore the internet to decide what types of installation you will prefer to enjoy in your place.
  • Consider brands – Panel curtains are a considerable investment. Therefore prefer buying from experts only. Make sure the brand you choose has positive customer reviews and loyal customers. It will ensure the quality of the product and the security of your money.

Maybe such gadgets do not hold importance in the eye of many users there play a crucial role in building or destroying the look and feel of any place. Therefore it is always important to pay attention to every minor detail that you can find in the product description section of each product. This section will explain to you about the cleaning and care of the fabric you are about to purchase. Besides, it will also explain your points to consider before, during and after installation. This is how you will be able to make smart decisions about a healthy invested product that will stay in your home for years to come.

Question & Answer

Can blinds be longer than a window?

No, aesthetically they do not look good. Horizontal styles that are too long look really bad. Besides they also create a serious safety hazard for kids. This is because of their construction and material of them. Fortunately, shortening them is pretty much easier. You can custom cut the length of them using a common kitchen scissor and a screwdriver. But better is to look for customized size as per your needs to avoid loss of money of the extra big product.

Are blinds better than curtains?

Yes, now a day’s people believe that they are better than curtains. This is because they improve the look of the room, they are durable, easier to clean and install. Plus they are cheaper and available in a variety of colours and styles to mix and match different types of interiors and settings. Besides adding aesthetics to the surroundings there are also effective in blocking the lights and visuals in the room. Moreover, they look better in smaller rooms and apartments with lesser space.

Which blinds are the cheapest?

Some of the best-selling options available in the market are Achim Home Furnishings Corded Morningstar 1″ Light Filtering Mini,  Levolor NuWood 2 in,  Faux Wood, the White Cordless 1 in. Some other options available in the market are White Cordless Vinyl Mini, Levolor Premium 2 in 1 Wood, and Veneta Classic 2 in. You can explore retail search engines online to buy any of these relevant products online.

Where to buy blinds online in UAE?

If you wish to buy quality items from brands like Bali, Redi Shade, Chicology, Foiresoft, DALIX, and NiceTown, is the best place to do your hunt. This is where you can find a wide range of home and living products. Besides you can use the unique price comparison tool to compare the products from different brands and make economical and smart buying decisions for all your home and personal care needs.

Moreover at you can find products for home décor and live from global stores that the world trust to buy from.