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It’s one of those things that you wouldn’t think about till you buy it. Well, we’re talking about the pedal bins. And if you’re on this page, it means you’re out on a spree looking out for more information on how to buy these humble elements perfectly. Well, if you do not have the slightest idea on where to start and how to go about it, then, fortunately, we’ve got your back here. We’ve compiled all that you need to know about the pedal bins right here in this article. So, enjoy reading!

Remember, there’s a bin for every space in your room. However, pedal bins are the kind that suits any type of space in your household. Be it your kitchen, or your bathroom they sit well in all those spaces where you have something or the other to throw. And the best part, you do not even have to touch them to dispose of your waste. Quite, impressive, isn’t it? But, here’s the thing, with the progress of technology you can today find a plethora of their options out there on the market. Of course, it’s an asset to your purchasing process, but it also does make your job a little challenging. Sorting out the best one among a wide range is quite tricky, particularly if you’re aware of their various options. Therefore, to make things easier for you, we’ve segregated a few trending models from the lot. Check them out.

The various kinds of kitchen pedal bins to choose from

How glamorous can the pedal bins get? After all, it’s just a waste bin, right? Wrong! You find them in different styles, designs, shapes, sizes, and materials. Apart from that, you can also find a few that incorporate high-end technology like infrared sensors and so on. However, it’s always important to explore the best trending models to get the perfect one and not miss out on any possible options that you can invest in. However, always makes sure that you pick a product that best suits your needs. Besides, also crucial to consider their features, benefits and other characteristics. We’ve laid out a collection of such trending models of pedal bins below.

The best sensor pedal bins with infrared technology

If you’re looking at an all-around pedal bin that’s available to you in several vibrant colours, then consider investing in the chroma sensor bin from Morphy Richards. Its unique infra-red sensor technology makes it an ideal product for those who frequently have messy hands while in the kitchen. Apart from its peculiar technology, the product features a contemporary design that’s available to you in a choice of black, cream or stainless steel colours. Each of these colours perfectly fit your kitchen or any other space décor. Apart from this, the product usually comes in two different sizes that suit both small and large households alike. In short, it’s the best kitchen bin that you can spend your money on.

The perfect compact and tall slim pedal bins

If you’re looking out for space-saving pedal bins, then nothing beats the intelligent waste titan trash compactor from Joseph Joseph. This model is a real winner as it holds up to 90 litres in a footprint of a 30 litres bin. Its trick is quite amazing. All you need to do is to pull out and up on the integrated handle and push down on the seemingly full bin to compact the rubbish. This feature and action make three times more space. Besides, it also ensures that it doesn’t stretch or tear your trash liners. Apart from that, the product also has replaceable odour filters. They make sure to stop the unpleasant smells reaching the rest of your home. Therefore, we can confidently state that this model is compact, convenient, and smart.

The best-coloured pedal bins

If you’re someone who prefers colourful home décor, then the pedal bins from Brabantia are your best pick. You can always trust this brand when it comes to pedal bins as it comes up with a top-quality item. Well, this 30-litre model isn’t an exception. Made of durable materials, this model comes in several vibrant colours ranges like yellow, purple, black, blue, and many more. Its unique structure guarantees longevity and durability. Additionally, its removable stainless steel lid makes it easy for you to replace your trash bags. Apart from that, the silent and soft-touch pedals are added bonuses. Therefore, we can confidently say that this model is a substantial investment.

The bathroom pedal bins

If you want something that’s looks elegant, makes disposal a cinch and requires less maintenance, then it has to be Simple Human. This brushed stainless steel bin sure does look very elegant in all manner of bathrooms and kitchens too. However, it’s their simple design of hiding bags feature that makes your life more efficient and convenient. Apart from that, the product comes with fingerprint-proof and silent lid closing features that make it an ever-loving bin. Additionally, it also has a non-skid base that keeps the product steady when in use. Also, its ingenious inner bucket for drip-free disposal enables you to dispose of your trash in a mess-free manner.

Tips on how to buy Pedal Bins online

Waste bins are one of the essential items that you must have to keep your household tidy. Indeed, you have several options to choose from. But, only making the right choice will help ease your kitchen, bathroom, or any other space woes for years to come. However, purchasing the pedal bins for any space isn’t that simple. There are several factors to consider if you want to buy a pedal bin online effortlessly. Below, we’ve compiled a few ways to narrow down your search to the perfect bin for your household.

  • Explore their types – One of the first and foremost things to do before you purchase the bin is to explore and understand their models. Knowing their specifications, characteristics, unique features, and other straits help you to be well-versed about the product before you buy them. This enables you to make an informed decision. Besides, having adequate knowledge about the product always helps you narrow down on your choice and make a perfect buy.
  • Check out the material – Depending on your trash’s nature, you must check out the material of your bin. Some of the common materials of the bins include metal, stainless steel, plastic, and wood. Remember, plastic bins are usually cheaper than metal ones. Besides, they’re lightweight and easy to clean too. However, the only issue is that they can get little dents and cracks with regular usage. If you want long-lasting and sturdy pedal bins, then go for metal ones or stainless steel.
  • Look out for the shape and design – Even though this isn’t a crucial aspect for several people, however, those décor fanatics might want to look out on design, shape and colour. Bins come in several shapes that include oval, half-round, round, rectangular, and square. Round shaped pedal bins usually look great in bathrooms where you might have a little extra space. And if you have little to no space, then you can always squeeze in the square-shaped bins.
  • Check out the various sizes – Apart from the conventional shapes, it’s also best to consider their width, i.e. whether they’re tall, short, long, and so on. That’s because not all sizes may suit all spaces. Just as mentioned above, different shapes and sizes fit different kinds of shapes. For instance, the round-shaped bin fits the best where you have more space. Whereas, when you have space constraints in your kitchen or even in bathrooms, it’s best to go for rectangular or square bins.
  • Check out the technology – With the advancement in technology, even the pedal bins aren’t left alone. You can find bins with sensors, infra-red technology and more that help you handle the bins smoothly. Besides, the ones with sensors enable you to keep your home aesthetics squeaky clean without any hassle. Therefore, it’s important to consider the technology and advanced features of the bins before you buy them.

No matter whether you cook all the time or it’s just a room where you keep your coffee machine or microwave, no home is complete without a pedal bin. While it may not be the most exciting element, it certainly is essential. Therefore, make sure that you carefully assess each of its features and characteristics before you buy heavy-duty stainless steel pedal bins or grab on to any other models. We hope the above tips and tricks will help you pick your perfect one without any hassle.

Question & Answer

What size is a normal pedal bin?

As seen earlier in the article, pedal bins come in several sizes to fit your needs. However, you must always consider your requirement and check out the available space before you purchase one of their models. Remember, you usually measure the bin sizes in litres. And in general, we recommend you go for the largest size that you can accommodate in your space. Typically, a 30-40 litres capacity pedal bin is suitable for small households that do not produce too much waste. However, if you have a bigger family, then it’s best to go for bins with 50+ capacity.

How do you use a pedal bin?

In general, we all know that you use bins to collect various wastes. However, we all know that technology never leaves a single subject untouched in these modern times. And therefore, even the waste bins aren’t an exception. Hence, the – pedal bins. You can very efficiently operate these bins. All you need to do is to press down on a pedal to open the bin’s lid and throw your garbage into it. In short, it enables you to dispose of your waste without even touching the bin. This, in turn, keeps your hands and environment hygienic.

How do I install a garbage cover in the pedal bin?

Remember, every model of the waste bin has a perfectly matching trash bag. Thus, the pedal bin to have one for itself. Now, depending on your trash bag, you may find a band or a tie at the top. While some others do not. Usually, the pedal bins come along with a secondary trash can that you place inside the bin. In such cases, you need to take the secondary can out, put your trash bag on it and securely tie them on the sides. This way, they wouldn’t slide off even when you slide them into the bin.

Where can I buy a slim pedal bin?

Be it the best pedal bins for the kitchen or the top-quality clinical waste pedal bins you’ll find them all on In short, our product search engine brings to you some of the highest quality waste bins from popular brands like Hailo, Elite d’ Art, Brabantia, Blomus, IKEA, Wesco Menu, and House Doctor under one roof. Besides, you get to explore, compare prices and shop various other home & living products from over 500+ online stores.

So, are you ready to get your perfect pedal bin online? Wait, do you have all that you need to make an ideal buy? Well, we suppose you do now. So, why not start exploring the various options has to offer you? Check out the numerous pedal bins for sale and pick out the perfect one that fits your space.