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About Placemats

A placemat or table mat is a pad or covering designating an individual place setting. It is different from the giant tablecloth that covers the entire surface.

The core function of these mats is to protect the dinner table from food stains, watermarks and heat damage. Besides, they also serve as a decorative element. Placemats are made of many different materials. The variations come based on the purpose; to decorate, protect, advertise, or entertain. A decorative placemat is generally made of silk, the lace of a combination of both. The material and production methods also range from mass commercial production to traditional and local makers. In the modern world, these mats also hold great commercial and economic importance and are used as a tool for marketing and publicity.

Benefits of using dining table mats

Despite losing their popularity and demands in the modern world, these mats are still important in certain areas of life. And we can find mixed opinions of the usefulness of these mats in the contemporary world. And above anything else, cloth mats are considered the most necessary tableware in any home and living or corporate dining facility. Besides, they also demand some expensive upkeep as compared to the surface of a table (that is much easier to clean). On the other hand, plastic placemats have drawn huge criticism due to environmental issues. Despite the debates, there are some undeniable benefits one can earn from these placemats.

Protection with a cloth & wooden placemats

Furniture is a serious investment, and everyone loves the furniture they own. During the meal, the chances of spillage are higher than at any other time of the day. A fine quality placemat comes of great help at such times. A cloth mat can work as a barrier between spilt food and the finely polished surface of the table. Whereas, a wooden mat can help you avoid direct contact of heat with the table. So, you can serve hot smoking food without worrying about the material and polish of your table. These mats are equally beneficial for wooden, glass and all other types of furniture.

Entertainment and decoration with placemats

To earn such advantages, you will need to put in a little more effort. If you want to use these mats are as a decorative element on your dining, try to find washable placemats that match with other accessories. You can either look for a perfect match or find something to create a subtle contrast. Even on their own, many placemats are amazingly captivating and soothing to the eyes. But if you are looking for decorative mats, prefer material like silk or lace. Here the aesthetics will be more obvious than the performance of the table mats.

Noise reduction with cork backed placemats

Wooden dining tables do look good, but they can easily become a home held orchestra if there is no placemat on the top. Even the slightest drag or drop on these tables will make a lot of sounds. Therefore, you should opt to find quality cork backed placemats. They will work as a silencer to all those noisy incidents during the meal.  And just like that, you can use them in conference rooms where a mere noise can be disturbing and annoying. Luckily, at a product search engine, you can find a wide range of colours, styles, and shapes of these mats for your domestic and commercial needs.

Business promotions using personalized placemats

Advertisers are mastering to use every basic stuff for delivering their brand message and selling the goods or services. And a placemat has long been on the list of their acquired items. We can widely see restaurants printing deals, menu items, and advertising their local business on the placemats in dining areas. You can also see high-quality synthetic mats used by hotels and corporate organizations for meetings. Here these mats also serve as a cushion for writing.  And this is why you can find a variety of round table tables for corporate events and commercial occasions.

Tips on how to buy  Placemats online in the UAE

We know presentations matters a lot. And the best placemats with a table runner can do wonders nothing else can. Therefore, if you are one host that needs to welcome guests quite often, you will need to have a collection of cheap placemats for round tables and buy paper placemats online in the UAE for outdoor occasions. No matter what you decide to buy (reusable or disposable placemats) Choosing one from dozens of options online is a daunting task. This is why we are about to share some tips on how you can make the process stress free and efficient.

  • The ideal size – Before placing an order, know what the perfect size of the placemat is and if your selected product is according to that or not. The mat should be 14 inches wide and 20 inches long. It is sufficient and suitable for many different uses and occasions.
  • Choosing material – Next comes the material of the placemat. Here consider the common ways you will be using the mats. For special occasions can pick silk or lace mats. For parties, disposable items are convenient. But for daily use look for durable items like bamboo.
  • Natural Vs synthetic– Natural (cotton, jute hemp or linen) mats are easy to wash and come with lesser chemicals. Whereas synthetic (Nylon, Acrylic or polyester) mats are durable, less expensive, easy to wash but can be harmful. So, make a wise choice for your family.
  • Choosing the style – Placemats are available in a variety of styles including; vinyl; cotton; quilted; or woven placemats. Each has its pros and cons. Better is to consult an expert for a suggestion or follow the existing flavour of your dining decor and crockery.

Besides such a wide range and variations in placemats for corporate or home dining times, you can also find special placemats for babies. These mats come with cartoon characters and fun colours and textures to excite the little ones. But here you need to avoid buying expensive items. You can find all these items on any product search engine and offer the best and secure dining time to your family, tablecloth, and furniture.

Question & Answer

Can placemats overlap table runners?

Yes, a placemat can undoubtedly overlap the runners. But you need to make sure that the combination does not look clustered. Today people appreciated the minimalistic approach. And the combination of two vibrant prints or colours along with that much tableware (spoons, forks, plates, bowls, knives, and glasses) will create a noisy feeling on the dining table. Therefore, if you want to use both runner and placemats, make sure the combination is not compromising the contemporary approaches.

Are placemats out of style?

Yes. We can say that these mats have lost the charm and value of what they owned back in the day. Just like fine china and formal dining rooms, the placemats have also become an exception. This is major because of the minimalistic approach of the modern world. Besides people tend to have a more casual table setting. People now believe that they are nothing but just an unnecessary addition in stores, to set out, to wash and then put away again – for no good reason.

Are placemats machine washable?

Yes, mostly placemats are washable. The difference is based on the type of material they are made of. For instance, placemats made of plastics or vinyl will need an entirely different cleaning process than placemats made of cloth or fabric while other materials like wicker, cork, or bamboo will need a bit more careful and gentle cleaning, hence not recommended for a machine wash. And even if you are about to do a machine wash to your silk or cotton placemat, put them in a separate run. Also, use mild detergent for washing and make sure the water temperature is neither too high nor too low. Only this way, you can manage the actual look and feel of the mat for a long.

Where to buy placemats online?

It is better to search for a product search engine to find all the top-quality products from top global brands. This way, you can have the opportunity to explore and buy the best possible option in the material, size and look of a placemat for your table. At you can find a plethora of options from trusted brands like DII, Benson Mills, U’Artlines, SICOHOME, HEBE, Togas, Telki, Raj, Adore, Kashida, and Pauwer. Here you can also use the price comparison tool to find economical options offered by these brands easily.

Further, you can explore to find what is available in global stores to make the best buying decision in few clicks.