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French Press

About French Press

A French press is also called press pot, coffee press, coffee plunger or cafetiere. This is a special type of coffee brewing tableware device that you can use for other tasks as well.

The device was invented by two French names Mayer and Delforge in 1852. Officially this coffee press came to the market in August 1942. Over the past, this small coffee device has gone through many design modifications. However, the very first patent was much more like the modern style with a metal or cheesecloth screen fitted at the end of a rod to press ingredients in a pot containing coffee and hot water. A French press worked by putting pressure on the coffee and water mixture, pushing the coffee grounds to the bottom of the container after brewing, capturing the concentrated flavours. As a result, you can get a deep, dark, and full-flavoured coffee in its purest form.

Benefits and uses of fresh press mug

It is long experts mentioning the endless health benefits of coffee and tea, more specifically for the neurological and cardiovascular systems of humans of any age. A French press design helps to extract the raw coffee grounds and leaves after direct contact with water. With the introduction of no third ingredient, the fresh Press allows all the essential oils of tea or coffee to diffuse into the water. As a result, we can end up enjoying the purest form of coffee rich with ingredients like nutrients and antioxidants instead of just coffee flavours. Besides such health benefits, a coffee press mug comes with many other benefits, some of which are discussed below.

Economy and ease of use

Many believe that coffee is an expensive habit, but in some cases, it is not. You might be shocked, but the fact is that if you are looking at the right place to shop, just like, you can easily find a high-quality branded coffee press mug for as low as dollar 20. And if even that is hard on your budget to enjoy the endless health benefits of pure coffee every morning, you can go to the price comparison tool to find even cheaper items. And if you calculate, you will find that the cost is much lower than what you otherwise pay like 5 dollars per coffee every morning you head to work.

Simple cleaning and storing

Besides endless economic and health benefits, the fresh Press brings a lot of comfort to your life. Unlike many other coffee makers and brewing machines, a French press is much easier to clean and store after use. This is mainly because of the simplest co0nsturction with no complicated nooks and corners that will hide the coffee ground to create a mess later. Additional they are incredibly compact and are easy to keep in even the smaller corner of your cabinet or kitchen drawers. No matter how durable they are, they are always lightweight and easy to manage.

The quantity

If you are living with a coffee lover, along with yourself, opt for a bigger model of French Press. With bigger sized mugs you can make enough coffee for your friends and family in one run. However, even with the smaller mugs, you can still make multiple cups at a time. Besides the French Press are so simple to use that you can make an entire pot of coffee much faster than a traditional drip maker. And this is another reason why more and more coffee lovers are opting for this simple yet incredible coffee maker for their home and work.

Tips on how to buy French Press online in the UAE

Today every kitchen demanded some added efficiency and convenience in even the smallest chores. And this is why many chefs and home- based cooks agree on the advantages that come with the best coffee grinder for French Press. However, what remains a problem is the selection of the right type of product from the shelf. As today we have dozens of brands offering a wide range of products online, choosing the right one is a major question. This section of our article will share some quick tips on how you can easily buy a cheap salad spinner online.

  • Know your needs – Although every French Press works the same way the size and capacity of the gadget have an impact on the performance. Decide if you are going to use the French Press in your home or will it be a part of a commercial kitchen for multiple cups of coffee.
  • Choose a brand – Today, the market is loaded with brands and manufacturers that claim to offer the best products. But not all of them are reliable for consideration. So, ask your peer or read a review of the customer about the brand. Choose the one trusted by many.
  • Consider pricing – French Press is not an expensive investment. Still, the price of available products may vary based on the size of the Press, the model, brand, and additional features if any. It is always better to set a price cap and look for an item that fits within that price limit.
  • Read the product – No matter how strong recommendations you will get for any brand or item, reading a product description is essential. It explains answers to every possible question that you may or will have related to the use, cleaning, or maintenance of the Press.

In the end, while choosing the right French Press, the important thing is to invest in quality products. This one-time investment might charge you with few extra bucks but will also secure you from reinvesting every year or two. And the only way you can make a secure investment is to buy from reliable brands only. These brands themselves are a surety of economy and reliability. You can explore to find all the topmost manufacturers and sellers. Use the price comparison tool and save your time to reach a budget-friendly, trustworthy option.

Question & Answer

How do I make French press coffee?

At first, you need to position the pot on a dry flat surface and hold the handle firmly before pulling the plunger out. Now start by adding a measure of coffee into the press mug and add a sufficient amount of coffee to make a thick mixture now pour hole water into the mug. Make sure the water is not boiling hot. Stir the coffee continuously while adding water.  Now carefully reinsert the plunger into the pot. Stop just above the water and ground coffee level in the pot. Let the mixture stand for about 3 to 4 minutes. Now press the plunger downward, exerting steady pressure.

What is the best French Press to buy?

Some of the bestselling items you can find online are Frieling Double Wall Stainless Steel French Press which is ranked higher overall – for performance, economy, durability, and advanced features. In contrast, the Idyllic Homes KONA French Press Coffee Maker is appreciated for its durability. The Bodum CHAMBORD French Press Coffee Maker is ranked best for its design. And the Best budget options have Bodum BRAZIL Coffee Maker on top of the list.

Where to buy French Press online?

The best idea is to go online and look for the latest options at retail search engines. This is how you can find thousands of possibilities from dozens of brands available online. Explore as many brands as you want and choose what inspires you the most without causing any damage to your budget. offer you the most variety of global brands selling kitchen accessories online. Some to name are Bodum, SterlingPro, Coffee Gator, Frieling, Secura, and Le Creuset

Besides finding top global brands for home and living items, you can also explore products from shops that the world trust to buy from.