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Olive Branch Nut Dish
Olive Branch Nut Dish
Michael Aram's Olive Branch Nut Dish is a simple design with an extraordinary sculptural expressi...
AED 515.-
Golden Orchid Candy Dish
Golden Orchid Candy Dish
A refined choice for special occasions, Michael Aram's Golden Orchid candy dish will bring an ele...
AED 640.-
Anemone Covered Candy Dish
Anemone Covered Candy Dish
The Anemone Covered Candy Dish showcases the naturalistic design that is a hallmark of Michael Ar...
AED 950.-
Butterfly Ginkgo Nut Dish
Butterfly Ginkgo Nut Dish
Add a poetic touch to your next drinks party with this statement nut dish from Michael Aram. The ...
AED 1250.-

About Serving Dishes

Serving dishes are committed to turning your life more convenient, and your dining tables more spectacular. Delicious food on an interesting platter is the only thing you deserve to be on the tabletop. So, invest your time buying these dishes and make sure you tick all your preferences before grabbing a product. 

Serving dishes are made versatile these days. As a result, they can be used inside an oven for baking, heat the food, and some are even stove-friendly. Well, you need not invest in all your serving dishes to have this versatility. Only a bowl set with or without a lid would suffice. The rest of the product should do one thing: serve your food. If you can think and segregate your need before buying, you will definitely end up buying the best serving dishes and platters. 

List of materials for unique serving dishes 

The most popular Bone China tableware has to be the first we discuss. These are the blend of porcelain and bone ash that gives them durability for years. The same strength you can get from ceramics as well, and they are less expensive than bone china. Meanwhile, you can also consider glass and melamine as both of them are spectacular and a choice for hotels and restaurants for different purposes. We cannot miss stoneware and earthenware products that are similar to porcelain but more affordable. If you are searching to buy serving dishes online in UAE, this page can be a good start for your research. 

Serving bowls with lids 

Do not buy a serving bowl with a lid just because your current dish doesn’t have it. For that, you can always buy a separate bowl lid and don’t have to worry about the fitting. You can have silicone ones that go with every dish, or measure the number of servings and then buy the lid. Moreover, if you are searching for a bowl with a lid or a casserole, you can go to Kovot’s online shop. It has antique-style accents ideal for pasta, stews, and so much more. These are oven-safe up to 400F, dishwasher, and microwave-safe too. You can check out some serving dishes for sale and see if you find something suitable. 

Porcelain serving platter set 

Porcelain has been favourites among the buyers due to its spectacular quality. And the fact that they are not too lightweight and too heavy makes them your first choice. Porcelain serving ware purchased from a good brand like Lifverhome can be a perfect combination of convenience and fashion, and that is through simple designs. In addition, these material do not absorb odours, flavours, and colours, which extends their stay as serving ware for long. Porcelain is also perfect as a gifting option. You can always gift a bowl, dip set, or creamer set without a second thought.  

Serving platter set 

Serving platter is an exciting product you must have. If you are more into snacks, investing in the dip tray set is a wise investment. You can also have a dip and bowl set where the dip gets to the middle of the bowl with snacks on the sides. Corningware is a good brand for these platters. Coming to some interesting designs, a floral tray, server with four sections, wooden egg tray, and many more can be found out at Mud Pie store. Likewise, there are other brands and more home & living products to explore on our retail search engine

Tips on how to buy Serving dishes online

Before you move further reading the tips section, let us clarify the kind of audience for your serving ware and separate their needs. If you have kids, you can get something fancy for them because the attractive looking plate empties faster. You can think of the different taste of all family members considering colour, and designs, and include a unique product for them too. But the things you need to consider while shopping for these products is what we have compiled here.

  • Consider your space and storage – No doubt, big and fancy platters are eye-catching that you end up buying them. But you will be more frustrated when these couldn’t fit your dishwasher or the cabinet. So, the ultimate tip to not end up dissatisfied with any product is to consider your own kitchen space first.
  • Yes to customisations or not – You can always go for the five-piece or 12-piece set for bowls and trays, and other serving dishes too. But if you are more into customisations, make sure to invest time into it. You need to match the materials, colour coding, size, servings, and overall looks. Your one dish cannot be completely different from the other unless it is for a specific occasion.
  • The dilemma between the materials – Ceramic is classic, beautiful, and looks substantial. But what if your furniture in the dining area follows a glass approach and a minimal look. At this point, maybe you will be inclined more towards glass dishes. However, if you have a wooden home accent, the same can go with your tableware. Well, it is indeed essential to watch your interior either to match the kitchen and kitchenware or to complement it by being different.
  • Buy more than the required quantity – Just like spare hardware parts you put in storage, you should have replacement kitchenware also in your storage. Other reasons are guests or a gathering if it happens. Yes, you might have a separate serving ware for such gathering, you don’t have to pull those if it is a small gathering. At that time, buying a few extra dishes will prove a blessing for you.

With great tips, it looks worth spending money on products like dishes. is a great place to commence your shopping. Here, you can find almost everything: plain white-rimmed plates, fancy platters, caddy for snacks, reasonably priced bowls, and whatnot. Brands you can see here include Kovot LIFVER CorningWare Mud Pie Le Creuset AIDEA and many others.

Question & Answer

How to keep serving dishes warm?

The best way to keep the serving dish and the food inside warm is by using an oven. For that, your oven should have a warm setting of 170 to 200F. If not, then you can also set it to 200 to 250F.  If you are placing any deep-fried items inside, make sure you cover it up with a foil, not a lid to prevent sogginess. Another better alternative is using chafing dishes or warming trays. These can keep the dishes warm till serving time.

What are serving dishes?

As the name suggests, the dish used for serving purpose not cooking is known as serving dish. They conveniently transport your food from the kitchen to the table. These can be butter dishes, casseroles, fruit bowls, ramekins, platters, trays, gravy boats, salad bowls, and many others. Anything that you use to serve by placing them on the dining table is a serving dish. They certainly make food serving easy, clean, efficient, and pleasant looking.

Where to buy serving dishes online?

What is your style of kitchenware? Do you like ceramic, metal, wooden, or any other material. Well, you can get them all on inclusive of top brands with out of the box elements. For instance, you can buy a fancy metal caddy with three bowls from the Kovot brand, and this is perfect for serving snacks. You can also go for melamine wood products of Corningware. Likewise, there are extraordinary or regular products available for you to explore and buy.

Are ceramic serving dishes expensive?

One of the premium brands of ceramic items, Lifverhome sells four-piece platters at AED91. We can say the price label in the mid-range of budget-friendly or expensive. Talking of the specifications of this product, they are non-toxic, lead-free, has an intimate design, and easy-to-clean. They are perfect for serving appetisers, dessert, sandwiches, sushi, or other snacks. If we consider the features, the product doesn’t look much expensive to buy.

That’s all about serving dishes! They have to be sturdy and spectacular both to make their way to your shopping cart. showcase these products under their various authentic online shops. You can compare the products, read the reviews, and the precise specifications list to finally decide on your purchase.