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Royalford Multi Functional Cake Stand-(RF10337)
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Royalford 360° Revolving Cake Stand 28cm-(White)-(RF10866)
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About Cake Plateaus

A cake plateaus or cake stand is a decorative and functional kitchen accessory. However, today it is mostly used for aiding in the decoration of the cake.

But when it comes to bakers themselves, options like rotating cake stand enables the decorators to access all the surface of the cakes and other products they are working on. It makes the decorative process easier, quick and lesser tiring. Generally, these stands consist of a single plate connected to the pedestal. While in some cases, you can find multiple plates in a tower-like hosting object. These stands fall under the category of tableware and are available in various materials like metal, glass, pottery or wood. Today we will speak about the benefits of using cake stands on your special days like weddings.

Benefits of using cake stand at a wedding

Any special occasion is incomplete without a stunning cake. However, a nice cake stand is just as important as the cake itself. These small platforms help in holding and presenting cakes elegantly. Without any doubt, the cake stands set important to showcase your skill and taste on a special occasion – let’s say a wedding. Besides, investing in cake stands come with a lot of additional benefits. Today we are sharing some points on how these stands can help you elevate your cake display’s visual appeal. Here are some of the many benefits of cake stands.

Adding aesthetic value to bakery items

Adding aesthetic value is the core purpose of these special stands. However, these stands are not limited to showcasing bakery products only. They can also display other deserts and food items – let’s say doughnuts and pastries etc. Luckily there is a multitude of choices available for you to choose from. From intricately designed metallic cake plateaus to exquisite crystal glass cake stands, the options are limitless. A nice stand can secure your bakery product as well as add more value to overall table decoration. Therefore people with aesthetic sense pay more attention to the look of the stands.

A secure base for the cake

Besides presenting, designing cake is also an art and demands a serious set of expertise, efforts and precision. And placing a cake without any support or secure base is like welcoming any disaster to happen. Clumsy hands or uneven surfaces can topple the masterpiece leaving it as an unsalvageable wreck. A stand can help you avoid all such mishaps and secure your piece of art for the event. However equally important is finding a sturdy stand, probably made of strong material like metal or strong glass and be sure it can bear the weight of cake for an extended time.

Get dramatic size illusion by using cake stand with dome.

We all agree that a tall cake creates a mesmerizing look at a wedding reception. The wedding cake must stand out among everything else on the venue and table it is placed on. a nicely picked cake stand can also help enhance the height and feel of the cake on the venue. It is essential when the cake is not too big or heightened. It adds all the illumination and height to the wedding cake needed for a luxurious and extravagant look. For instance, you can place a medium-size cake on a stand pairing it with cupcakes and giving it a fuller and bigger look.

Saving space with wooden cake stands

Cake stands impressively help in saving a lot of space on the table. There will be so many decorative elements and food items on the table on special days like a wedding. With such a variety, it becomes tough to set the table with a sophisticated look while presenting every single item on the menu. Besides many other items, cakes and cupcakes take a lot of space if laid out flat on the surface. Plus, they look entirely unappealing. By just adding an acrylic cake stand to your event, you can save a lot of space to enrich and cherish the overall presentation on the venue and table.

Tips on how to buy Cake Stand online in the UAE

A cake stand can not only make your baking experience more presentable but will also help you secure it from damage or hits if you can get a nice cake stand with a cover for sale. From covered cakes to rotating stands, a wide collection of cake stands is available in the market on this date. The available choices make the buying process much more overwhelming and can cause serious stress for the newcomers. Therefore we are here to help you make smart buying decisions when you head to buy a cheap cake stand set in an online store. Here are some tips on what to keep in mind while searching for a stand.

  • Size – Always start by finding what size of the cake stand you will need for the occasion. The cake stand plate should be bigger than the cake itself.
  • The shape of the stand – Just like the size, the shape of the cake is important to consider while buying the stand. If you opt to make a square shape cake, it might not sit well on a circular plate. So buy accordingly.
  • The colour – If you are going to buy a cake for a special occasion, be sure of picking a colour that can match the even theme and other decorative accessories around the venue.
  • Material- Although the stands are made of durable materials like metal or heavy glass, it is still better to reconsider the weight of the cake and make sure the stand can bear the load.
  • The price – Antique and luxury cake stands are always expensive. So if you are looking for something extraordinary, make sure there is a sufficient window in your budget.

A nicely picked cake stand can make a smaller cake look bigger. And if you are on a budget, this is the best way to add more oomph to your cake or any other bakery item presentations. However, in terms of secure and lasting investment, we always recommend buying from brands. A known cake stand manufacturer itself guarantees the product’s durability and the true return of our investment for a Healthy Home and Living item. Plus, one wise and flexible decision can save you from a lot of hassle and stress of buying in future.

Question & Answer

How to make a cake stand at home?

Although there is a wide collection of ready to use and convenient cake stands available in the market, even if you want to make one on your own, watch video tutorials online. When it comes to DIY cake stands, you can use your imagination and creativity in several ways. For instance, you can use glass candle stands with standard plates and glue them one above the other to make 3 or 2 tier cake stands. But what remains important is to use accurate size and shape of utensils to make a useable end product. Otherwise, consulting online experts and manufacturers can be the best idea to avoid all sorts of hassles and embrace movements.

What is the cake stand heels?

A cake stand is basically a stool-like object used to present pastries or cakes in more eye-catching matters. Today, these stands are mostly used on special occasions like elite parties, birthday celebrations, weddings, and stores to display bakery products. At times these stands come with different heights and circumferences to add value, look and feel to the stand and the product displayed. A cake stand heel is basically that base that holds the stand above the surface area it is displayed on.

Which wedding cake stands to buy?

A perfect wedding cake stand is one that matches your wedding theme and other decorative accessories. However, some of the most admired options for any modern wedding include Copley and Pine rustic wedding cake stand, the Juliska Country Estate, and the Prairie Hills Pottery cake stands. People also love to have a Bramblesky triangle cake stand, the Crystal Wedding UK suspended cake swing, or the Godinger copper cake stands to make their day even more special.

Where to buy a cake stand online?

Buying such extensive products online can be the best idea. With online stores, you can find a wide range of branded products for all your home décor and kitchen needs. This is why brings a unique set of top global brands under one banner. Here you can find top names in kitchen accessories for all your contemporary needs. Some brands to name are Utenlid, Wilton, Anchor, Hocking, Danesco, Now Designs, and VILA VITA.

Cakes stand along with plates are important tableware that can make every occasion special. And a cake plate can add more aesthetic value to both cake and the ambience of your event. Therefore, choose your cake plate carefully. I wish you luck in your selection.