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About Butter Dishes

Do you want to make your butter handling experience better? Is this is something that you want for yourself or the guest? If so,  you need just two tools: a butter knife and a butter dish.

The butter dish is an integral part of tableware and holds a lot of functional and aesthetic value.  And this is why they are available on the website of every home and living accessory dealer. A butter dish is a rectangular or round dish that often comes with a lid. These dishes are available in a variety of materials including silver, stainless steel, marble, stone, crystal, or porcelain. Mainly these small pots secure butter. Plus. they add value to the aesthetics of any dining. It helps to keep the butter fresh and protect it from air, insects, and bacteria.

Types of butter dishes available in the market

Butter dishes come in different shapes and sizes. Some keep the butter suspended over ice chips while others have slots to hold the butter and hang a butter spreader horizontal to the table. Other options have a simple cover, and then some are simple dishes – no hanging, no lids, and no holders. Besides, butter dishes are available in a variety of materials including ceramic, crystal and types of metals, including gold. Despite butter dishes do not have the luxury status they use to have in the past, they are still in demand – both domestically and commercially. Therefore, we can still find many different types of marble dishes in the market today.

Butter plate with lid

A standard butter container comes in white colour. These containers are generally come porcelain and may or may not have stainless steel lids. Despite the simplest style and almost no fancy features, these pots successfully meet the highest quality standards. Due to their simple style, we can use them to serve all types of butter and cover them with lids for better conservation and hygiene. Today, these standard dishes are available in both microwaves and dishwasher safe material—these features help in easy heating and cleaning of butter in the container.

Marble butter dish

Once you start using a proper butter keeper, there is no coming back. And a marble butter dish is ideal if you do not like to eat hard butter. A standard marble butter dish can hold up to 1 cube of butter at a time. It comes with a base to add warm water that seals out the air to keep the butter sweet soft and spreadable for up to a month. These butter containers are also ideal if you are living in extremely cold regions where the butter get harder easily and quickly. Besides functionality, these pots are aesthetically rich and maintain the natural taste of butter to its fullest.

Insulated butter dish

These are lifesavers for people who want to keep their butter cold yet at an even, easy, and spreadable temperature during the day. Many of these items come with double-walled stainless steel and insulation material or vacuum to maintain the temperature inside the container. The construction of these dishes is much like an insulated cup or bottle. This special construction helps to maintain the temperature and taste of butter. It works in both extreme hot and cold weather conditions. Even if it is left out (in the kitchen) on hot summer days.

Enamel butter dish

Enamel dishes are aesthetically simple, rich, and durable. These types of containers come with wooden caps or lids to cover the butter. You can find enamel butter containers made of porcelain, glass, or china clay. Most of the latest options are microwave and dishwasher safe. The airtight lid on these containers helps to keep air and light away from butter, hence keeping it fresh for a long. These containers are multipurpose and ideal storage containers. So, you can hold nuts, biscuits, crackers, and many more small items in them.

Tips on how to buy Butter Dish online in the UAE

Buying a cheap small butter dish is as easy as counting one to ten. But have you thought of what happens when you try to save some bucks and buy a low-quality item? You will be in real loose as the cheap product will not help you protect that delicious butter. Either you will be changing the spoiled butter, or you have to change the pot. So why not opt for the best butter dish to buy in the first place? Luckily, you can find many economical options without compromising quality. However, many options can make the selection process stressful, which is why here is a set of tips on how to pick the best butter dish for sale.

  • Decide a size – Mostly these containers come in standard sizing. However, you can also find smaller dishes that will adjust almost half of the standard butter bar. But bigger size options are also available in the market. So, before you head for shopping, know what your needs and what size fits in demand are.
  • Choose a shape – Just like size, standard butter containers are rectangular boxes with lids. However, you can also find pot like butter containers that are ideally perfect for keeping melted butter. Once again, the choice depends on how you like to have your butter. And what will be the most appropriate shape according to your needs?
  • Pick a colour – From plain white and off-white options in porcelain to marble grey, Chinese blue, black and shades of aqua, these pots have a whole world of colours. You can pick a colour that matches, if not all, then most of your existing crockery. This way, you can add aesthetics to your dining and make the dish part of your existing collectables.
  • Stick to a material – As mentioned earlier, these containers come in a variety of materials. You must note that each element serves differently and have both pros and cons. The choice must be according to your needs and personal preferences. Households with kids should have durable (steel made) pots to avoid a mess. Otherwise, marble is a classy item for any setting.
  • Brand and price – The price of the product will vary according to brand, size, looks, and additional features (insulation or knife holders). Therefore, if you have a limited budget, look for options from different brands within limits and pick the one that comes with more features, thus versatility in use. Here a product search engine can help you the way nothing else can.

In the end, it is crucial to keep in mind that the functionality of these dishes is far more important than the look and feel. Imagine having an attractive butter dish that can not protect its content from external factors (air, moisture, temperature, or bacteria). The butter will spoil sooner, and you will end up in loss. Therefore, before you pick the outer of the container, dig deep to know about the performance. You can read the customer review section and product description to know everything about the selected item.

Question & Answer

What is the best butter dish?

Every item that you can find at is a reliable and ideal option to buy. However, some of the best-selling items that you can consider buying include Sweese 306.103 Porcelain Cute Butter Dish, Table-craft H124 Clear Glass Butter Dish; and the OXO 11122400 Good Grips Butter Dish. Other options liked by recommended are Progressive GBD-2 Prep-works Butter Keeper; Butterie Flip-Top Butter Dish; DOWAN Porcelain Butter Dish; The Butter Bell; and Sweese 301.103 Butter Dish.

What are the butter dishes used for?

Traditionally butter dishes are meant to secure butter. These dishes help to protect the taste, texture, smell and feel of butter. The lid over the main container helps to protect the butter from getting in contact with air, bacteria, moisture, heat, and other external factors. However, at times you can also use these small containers to hold other food items like candies, nuts, or berries etc. This is why people call them multipurpose kitchen accessories.

Where to buy a butter dish online in the UAE?

It is better to explore a product search engine to find the latest designs of butter dishes and containers online in the UAE. At, you can find products from top global brands like Sweese, Norpro, Now Designs, Le Creuset, OXO, and Bizrate. You can also explore the home and living section to buy additional accessories like butter knives plates etc. Here you can use the price comparison tool to find reliable and economical options from top brands.

Besides, you can explore and choose trending tableware from top shops at a cheaper cost.