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They say the proof is in the pudding, but the dish you serve them on also has a significant role to play. Whether it’s a plate for your potatoes, or a stand-out bowl to enhance your party snacks, what you present your food on makes a big difference to the impression it makes. And out of all the dishes, it’s always the serving bowls that are up to your table aesthetics. 

Whether you’re starting out in a new place or stocking up your first kitchen arsenal, it’s essential to choose the right tools. And arguably, one of the vital tools to have in any kitchen is the serving bowls. Although it’s a piece of basic equipment, you’ll find them in several types and varieties. So where do you start? Which one do you choose? Should you select fancy ones for your party? Or just go for the ones with straightforward designs? Well, in this article, we shall look at some great serving bowls for various occasions and a few smart hacks to choose the right one among the right variety. So keep reading!

Unique serving dishes for different occasions and purposes

Generally, you use a serving bowl to hold various kinds of food. Thus, you’ll find serving bowls in all kinds of shapes, sizes and materials. In addition, many embellished containers make them more suitable for certain special occasions like parties. But remember, not all dishes are appropriate for all events and occasions. Besides, each type of bowl serves a different purpose. Indeed, all this makes selecting the ideal one a bit challenging. However, you could always turn around this scenario if you have ample information about the product you intend to buy. Keeping this in mind, we’ve laid out some unique serving bowl types below.

The platters and serving bowls for parties 

Hosting a dinner, a get-together or an extravagant party can be stressful, particularly when it comes to serving dishes. Undeniably, having the right pots and platters turn around your table environment with just the snap of your fingers. Take, for instance, the Tala Stoneware Bowl. It’s a bright red bowl that doesn’t fail to add colour to any spread surface. Besides, it fits at home in numerous locations. Additionally, you could also use it as a fruit bowl. Similarly, you can find several serving bowls like a shallow wooden bowl from John Julian, snack bowls, and more that offers effortless elegance to your table at various events.

The soup serving bowls 

The best way to see off chilly days is to eat a bowl of soup at the comfort of your home. The soups not just chase away cold but also come with a lot of healthy benefits. But wait a minute, where do you plan to serve your piping hot soup when it’s ready? This is where the soup serving bowls come in. Specially crafted in toxic-free and FDA-approved materials, these soup dishes come in the right sizes and sets. One of the classic examples of high-quality soup bowls is the one from DOWAN. It comes in a pack of four. Therefore, you can readily use them for family gatherings, restaurants, or any large gatherings. By the way, you can use many of their models to decorate your home as DIY materials too.

The salad serving bowls 

So, have you resolved to eat healthier? Great! Now, we do not need to highlight the fact that tossed salad is a great side to any meal. Or even the meal, if you’re talking about a serious salad. However, while the ingredients of the salad are the star, the bowl that you serve them in, comes in a close second. It seems we’re overthinking, but a salad bowl is more than just a vessel. Ideally, the serving dish must be large enough for you to mix and serve the salad without any spills. Besides, their wide mouth also helps with serving and presentation. Most people indeed serve salads on platters. However, individual salad bowls add a nice extra touch, particularly if you’re making the salad as a meal.

The ceramic serving bowls 

Many people worldwide favour ceramic pots. Why? One, because they’re indestructible and second they’re definitely a bit more sturdy than your average glass option is. Besides, a really nice ceramic bowl can be very visually appealing as well. That’s mainly because they have a distinctive look that’ll look beautiful on your dinner table. Apart from that, these dishes are excellent because they’re handy in every situation. Additionally, you can use them for serving any type of food that you want to put in the bowl. Further, they’re microwave safe, and you can easily toss them into your dishwasher without worrying about the damage. With all these features in place, this is going to be your everyday type that you’ll use for several purposes.

Tips on how to buy Bowls online

No kitchen is complete without the best serving bowls and platters set. But with their sheer number of choices out there in the market, how do you choose the ones that are best for you? Well, the good news is that the buying process isn’t that complicated as it looks likes. All you need to have is adequate information about the products and a few smart tips to evaluate your product. To make things easier for you, we’ve listed down those tips below.

  • Know your requirement – You can use the serving bowls for various occasions, events, and purposes. However, before you lay your hands on the ideal one, you must understand that each option serves a different purpose. For instance, there are specifically crafted dishes that are suitable for serving soups, salads, and so on. While there are also ones that serve as ideal home décor. Therefore, always make sure to know your preferences and requirements before you purchase one for yourself.
  • Explore their type – Once, you know your requirement, the next step is to explore and understand their various types. Also, you need to study the specification and features of the model thoroughly to pick the best one among the lot. Besides, it’s always a boon to your purchase process, if you’re well-versed about the product you’re going to buy.
  • Consider the size – You’ll find serving bowls in a variety of sizes. However, cooks and experts in the field use dishes that are proportionate to the amount of food that they serve. For instance, certain foods have a lot of volumes, such as salads and pasta. In such cases, you must opt for larger ones to serve them. By the way, you could also consider buying sets as they include both large and several small pots.
  • Check out the design – Just like any other kitchen utensil; you can also find an option in different designs, shapes, and types. For instance, there are ones that have embellishments all over. While many others come in shapes like heart, square, rectangular and so on. You can use each one of them for different occasions. For instance, an embellished one is an excellent addition to your party table. Therefore, it’s best to check out their design before you purchase the right model.
  • Look out for materials – Several materials are used to create the serving bowls. Some of the common ones include glass, ceramic, wood, plastic, metal, and copper. Your choice must depend on the kind of food you intend to serve in them. For example, if you’re looking at serving a cold salad or fruits, you could always opt for glass bowls. Whereas, if you want to serve soups or any other hot dishes, then go for ceramic or copper ones.

With so many varieties of tableware out there, choosing the best comes down to one’s personal preference. However, always makes sure to consider the above tips and tricks. It’ll make your buying process a breeze, as you’ll have the right parameters to assess your product ready in your hand. We hope this guide you in the right direction while buying any kind of serving bowl.

Question & Answer

What are serving bowls?

Serving bowls are serveware essential that’s typically a round-shaped dish. The interior of the container has a shape like a spherical cap with the edges and the bottom forming a seamless curve. This unique design makes it an ideal dish to hold liquids and loose foods. Further, the size of the bowls vary as well they come in different designs. Historically, small ones were an ideal dish to serve tea.

How big are serving bowls?

These dishes come in several sizes. You’ll find large and extra-large items that are ideal for holding salads and pasta. Most of them range from 8 to 12inches. There are also small ones that you can use to serve soups and other foods. Most of them range from 3-5inches in size. The size of the bowl you purchase must always depend on the purpose and the food you intend to serve in them.

How to pack large serving bowls for moving? 

You must be extremely careful while moving your fragile items like ceramics, particularly if you have glass and ceramic. However, you do not need to worry much as there are several smart methods to move your items. For that, you need to first prepare a box for packing with a stack of wadded blank newsprint paper bottom. You can use this to offer your ceramic the adequate cushioning you need. Also, make sure that you place the pots on edge in the moving box. Do not put them on edge. Close the box and mark it as fragile.

Where to buy serving bowls?

You can easily find attractive options online. Lenox, Regent, Sasha, Charlotte Reid, Corelle, Dine well, Adore, The Pioneer Woman, US Acrylic, Gibson, and Elite d’ Art are some of the renowned brands. However, it’s always a challenging task to run through each site and pick the perfect product. Well, that’s long gone, with in place. Our super-smart product search engine allows you to buy ceramic serving bowls online in UAE & offer fantastic chips serving bowls for sale. Also, it enables you to explore various cheap party items to buy all on a single platform and helps you to ease your online shopping woes. Above all, it allows users to filter, sort and buy from the best picks after considering 500+ online stores in minutes!

That wraps up our guide to purchasing the best serving bowls online. Remember, there are plenty of options available in the market. So, choose one that you feel is the right addition to your kitchen arsenal. Explore some great options of home & living products here!

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