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Stefanplast Elegance Basket Moka (L) - SP30952
Stefanplast Elegance Basket Moka (L) - SP30952
Stefanplast Elegance Basket Moka (L) - SP30952__ Silk Touch Inner Finishing__ Multipurpose rectan...
AED 19.95
Stefanplast Stella Oval Superbasin With Handles (Blue, White, Green) - SPPR150M
Stefanplast Stella Oval Superbasin With Handles (Blue, White, Green) - SPPR150M
Stefanplast Stella Oval Superbasin With Handles (Blue, White, Green) - SPPR150M__ Laundry basket ...
AED 38.85

About Laundry Baskets

Laundry is something none of us can escape in this lifetime. Besides daily cooking and eating, laundry (regularly) has remained a part of human life since the invention of clothing and fabric. Hence, the laundry baskets become of core importance. 

With the advancement in technologies and ways of living, there are many new items on the shelves for the daily needs of a common person. A laundry basket is one such essential household accessory. These baskets are in every house. It is a container normally made of plastic. You can use it for holding and transporting household textile and clothes.  Specifically before and after cleaning. Today there is a wide collection of baskets available in the market. These baskets now come in different natural and man-made materials. These include plastic, canvas, or cloth.

Types and uses of laundry baskets

Most of these baskets come from moulding plastic. The round versions come with vertical and horizontal strapping that offers both security and ventilation. Modern baskets are stackable for easy storage and have generous handholds along the rim for carrying clothes. Without this necessity, you might end up throwing your dirty clothes in a pile in your bedroom, and that is just isn’t going to cut it. Before you head to buy a random basket, you need to understand the different possibilities and find which one suits your needs the most.

The wicker laundry baskets

These attractive baskets have fibre strands in tight clusters. These are typically plant-based fibres. Wicker baskets are durable and lightweight and come with helping accessories like wicker hampers. One of the biggest advantages of a wicker basket is its appearance. Although a laundry bag is meant to keep the laundry and dirty clothes, many feel uncomfortable considering the outlook of these baskets. If you are one such individual who cannot avoid the aesthetics, a wicker basket is what you need. However, you must also consider that these baskets are made of natural fibre; hence they will absorb moisture from damp clothes that can lessen their lifespan.

Woven laundry baskets

They are much similar to wicker baskets. But they are thicker with the diagonally criss-cross structures instead of vertical rows. The woven baskets are heavier than their wicker counterparts, but they also provide durability. Due to the look and feel, these baskets are popular in luxury bathrooms. Otherwise, you can also put them under the staircase or even in the corner of the bedroom, and they will look just like a part of your interior without damaging the overall outlook. Due to their available colours and amazing craftsmanship, they can easily fit into any interior. You can also find a woven basket with a metallic frame that adds more life and durability to it in the modern version.

Plastic laundry baskets

These are the most common and widely used baskets, abundantly available in the market. Plastic baskets are the simplest and most economical options that come in various shapes, colours, sizes, and features.  You can buy them according to the height and width that can fit into your laundry room or pick one with or without handles for convenience. They are lightweight, durable and very affordable options with the optimum ease of portability without any loss. You can use the large size plastic laundry baskets for the bulk of clothes. This is the reason why we can abundantly see these baskets in commercial laundry setups.  

Laundry basket on wheels

As we speak of the portability of a basket, it is necessary to mention the baskets that come with wheels. There are very few lucky enough to have the opportunity of having their laundry machine and need to stuff in the clothes they just picked from the bedroom. But if you are like most people, you will need to take those piles to laundry down the stairs or might need to walk a few blocks for it. A basket with wheels is best for such times; these baskets are available with different styles of wheels, handle and loading capacities. So, you can feel free to choose the one according to your needs and drag clothes to laundry rooms without any hassle.

Tips on how to buy Laundry Baskets with lids online in the UAE

These baskets have become an essential household item for several reasons. However, different people have different preferences based on their individual lifestyles and surrounding. When the best laundry carrier with compartments is choices of many mothers finding a suitable option is a real challenge. Besides the fact that online shopping makes it easier to make a purchase, the selection process is overwhelming for many. With that many options, the buyers need to specify their needs and budget to make a smart move. Here are some tips on how they can be a smart buyer for cheap laundry baskets for babies or adults.

  • The durability of the basket – Go for durable options with handles. Remember the basket needs to carry loads of dirty or damp clothes. So, the material must have the ability to bear that weight.
  • The material – These baskets come in different materials like cloth, canvas, or plastic. Plastic is a durable option but will add up weight. Whereas a canvas or fabric basket is lightweight itself, such items’ life span will be limited. So, pick an item as per your preferences.
  • The price of products – The prices of baskets vary precisely based on the brands, material, sizes and features of the basket. To find a viable, durable, and economical option, you will need to search and review options from different brands to find a basket that can suit both your budget and needs.
  • Read buying policies – Although buying from brands ensure quality, but there are times when you might have some issues with the delivered products. In this case, you will need a return or refund for the product. So read the policies before you place the order.
  • Read product reviews – If you are still confused about the product’s performance, consult reviews from previous buyers. The comments of these users will give you a genuine idea about the quality, size, and other specifications of the products.

In the end, it is always a good idea to look for a basket that can match the interior of your laundry room. This is the true beauty of online shopping that while looking for a budget-friendly product, you can find many options in colours and prints. With, you can also enjoy exploring endless possibilities and make a smart buying decision with a basket that can soothe your budget, needs and aesthetic preferences side by side.

Question & Answer

Are laundry baskets recyclable?

Yes, all types of laundry boxes available in the market are recyclable.  Most of the baskets sold on this date are made of plastic that can easily be recycled. However, the baskets made of wicker can be of natural or synthetic fibre. In both cases, they can not be recycled.  So you will need to put them in trach at the end of use. Likewise, the baskets made of cloth cannot be recycled until they are made of natural fibre. You can cut it into small pieces and let it compost in a trach in such a case.

What are laundry baskets made of?

These baskets are made of many different materials. You can find materials like plastic, bamboo, fabric, Woven wickers and reed, mesh, canvas, and metallic ones. The choices of a material depend on the personal preferences of the users. The basket material also plays a vital role in the performance, durability, and life of the basket. Therefore, it is important to look for durable options that can carry sufficient weight of dry or wet clothes.

How tall are laundry baskets?

Just like the material, the shape, width, and height of the basket also vary. You can find these baskets in the shape of a square or octangular boxes or inconsiderable heights of as tall as 25 inches. Some of the tall items you can find in the market are Rectangular Laundry Hamper, the Whitmore Rattique Laundry Hamper, the Sterilite 12238004 Rectangular LiftTop Laundry Hamper, and the Rubbermaid Laundry Basket, 1.6-Bushel.

Where to buy cheap laundry baskets?

At Shops, you can find a wide range of home and living products, including laundry boxes, at economical rates. Some of the brands you can shop for here are Sterilite, DII, Rubbermaid, Handy Laundry, and Songmics. You can use the price comparison tool to find economical options from these brands. This is how you can make a well informed and smart buying decision with just a few taps on your screen.

Buying online can give you the leverage to choose the best from the toughest competition in the market. So you can save money and buy high-quality options easily. Just make sure you are searching and buying from a reliable product search engine.